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Very pleased. Noticed it's effectiveness within 2 days. Everyone should have one.


The most coveted EMF bracelet of 2023

Pure Light Cuff - EMF Bracelet
Pure Light Cuff - EMF Bracelet
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Beautiful EMF Bracelet

Product Details

  • Defends and protects your health from EMFs radiating into your body coming from modern-day technology, including 5G
  • 18k gold plated, silver-rhodium plated, hematite plated
  • 4mm, 7mm (XL)
  • One size. Adjustable to fit
  • 14-karat available here

EMF protection has never been more important because we’re surrounded by EMF emitting devices no matter where we are:

  • Outside your home: power lines, cell phone towers, smart meters, and electric cars
  • In your home: microwave, TV, WiFi router, laptop
  • Your gadgets: cell phones, 5G, wireless earbuds, smart watches, fitness trackers 

The Pure Light Cuff is an EMF bracelet made with our dual-level EMF protection technology that's proven to work. 

You’ll love wearing it everywhere. It can go from the coffee shop to work meetings to date night. You’ll wear it because it’s beautiful, yes, but you won’t ever want to leave home without it because you know your body and health are getting the best EMF protection from dangerous EMF radiation of all kinds - including 5G.

Pure. Powerful. Stunningly elegant EMF protection bracelet. 

Learn more about EMFs and how the Pure Light Cuff protects you.

Once you have your Pure Light Cuff, get Guru Tips here.

Where will harmony take you?

At Life Harmony Energies, we're dedicated to harnessing the power of Life Force Energy in our products so we can give you better health, balance, and joie de vivre that comes when you harmonize your home and body with high-vibrational energy.

From our customers


I have heard and read about the effects of emf's on the body, so I really wanted to protect myself. As soon as I put the bracelet on I felt an immediate difference! I felt more energetic and overall better!!! Its amazing what we become accustomed to feeling and its supposed to be "normal".

Pure Light Cuff - EMF Protection Bracelet

As most I was skeptical but I noticed that just after the first day, I was less tired and achy. I was having an issue with my hand tingling after holding my phone... That is completely gone!

Carbon+ EMF Harmonizer Chip

This bracelet is perfect for work or play. You forget that it’s even on your wrist because it’s so comfortable. Since wearing it, I sleep so much better and have more energy during the day. My moods are more balanced which says a lot considering the state of the world today. I don’t feel the tingling from the EMF radiation that I used to. Definitely worth the money.

Heath & Harmony Bracelet

I was feeling ungrounded, overly emotional, poor memory, etc. I decided on this bracelet. I have definitely noticed a difference. It's unmistakable. I'm back to my normal ability to take things as they come and my memory is better too!
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ highly recommend!

Be Still & Know Bracelet

"I have been wearing my necklace for a week now and love it! I notice I'm more calm and don't wake up with headaches anymore. Everyone always comments on how beautiful it is."

Pure Light Pendant - EMF Protection Necklace

What our products do


2023 LHE Gift Guide

Harmony makes the perfect gift.
watch the video of the Life Harmony Energies Story to learn how the magic happens
EMF Car Harmonizer
EMF Harmonizer Chip

"Simply magical."

Create a peaceful Zen-like atmosphere at home.

Energy is our specialty.

We've been bringing pure, positive energy into people's lives for over 2 decades through a cutting-edge holistic technology mastered in Europe. Now it's available to you.

Customer Reviews


Since getting it, I feel very happy in my home; it looks like my plants and pets are happier too. I do feel the bio resonance energies creating such a peaceful Zen-like atmosphere which is what I desire. I couldn’t be more thrilled. I have several other products from LHE and plan to get a few more. Just like Tesla said… if you want to understand the universe you need to think in terms of energy, frequency and vibrations. 5- star quality & service - wholly recommend! Very happy 😊

Harmonizer Pyramid

It's hard to explain the difference these products make but THEY DO! I LOVE the water bottle - I purchased the pearls to use along with it and it has become so much easier to get my water in and stay on track with my health goals. I have used the harmonizer on several of my household items, jewelry and even food and truly believe it is making a difference. Thank you for such amazing products! I'm a fan for life!

Kitchen Kit

I've been feeling much more peaceful since using this on a daily basis. It's a little morning ritual where I envision a protective field around myself as I'm spraying the energy spray. It's boosting my mental clarity and strength too! I'm noticing some real positive changes on my personal path since using this spray. Plus, it smells amazing - very light and airy! And the smell dissipates after, so you don't have to worry if you don't want to smell it all day long. I love this spray!

Aura Protection Spray

This really surprised me. I put it on my iPhone and couldn’t hold it for awhile. I could feel the energy in my hand and wrist. It actually hurt but that let me know this works. Since then, I haven’t felt numbness in my fingers or tingling in my hand. Be safe and buy one for your cell phone.

Carbon+ EMF Harmonizer Chip

What a beautiful piece of healthy jewelry! So thankful to have something so lovely to help protect me from the daily emfs that bombard us. We have been longtime customers & this is just the latest purchase. Lovely enough to give as a gift and has so much more meaning if it also protects your loved ones.

Pure Light Pendant - EMF Protection Necklace