2022 LHE Holiday Gift Guide

by Angela Swanson

1. For You.

We believe taking care of yourself energetically is one of the most important things you can do for yourself - and ultimately for everyone else in your life, too. When you're balanced, happy and healthy, it creates a ripple effect, sending positive life-affirming energy out into the world. The implications are huge! Despite what you may think, it isn't selfish to take care of yourself - it's an act of love. Here are four must-haves:


2. For your tech-addicted friend.

Love it or hate it, technology makes the world go 'round. While giving up technology isn't practical, protecting one's energy from the harmful EMFs modern devices emit is absolutely necessary - and 100% doable. Give the gift of EMF protection with our new Pure Light Cuff and Pure Light Pendant. It's cool enough to wear anywhere and be protected while staying connected.

3. For the one with big dreams.

Most of us long for success and work tirelessly to achieve it. But then there are those people who seem to manifest success with ease. How do they do it? Their energy is aligned with their vision of success - and everything flows from that. We created the Success Bracelet to make this whole thing easier. Give one to the big dreamer in your life so she'll have what it takes energetically to bring about the success she longs for.

4. For the entertainers.

Some people just have the gift of gathering. Give them something that'll make their home feel extra good when everyone's over for the holidays. Our picks are: 

5. For students of enlightenment.

The beauty of our products is that they truly elevate your energy, lifting you up out of the lower energy levels into higher, more positive, peaceful, and creative realms. Those on a spiritual or personal growth path are already tuning up their energy by virtue of their practices so giving them something that'll enhance what they're already doing is a perfect idea. 


6. For the SPOs (Super Picky Ones)

Gift Card Life Harmony Energies

A gift card is a win-win. You'll be happy because they'll be happy (and it was so easy) and they'll be happy because a Life Harmony Energies Gift Card is a super cool gift. 

Available in $25, $50, $100, $250, and $500.