Energy and Your Health: 5 Tips You Can Put Into Practice Immediately

by Martin Grosjean
5 tips to improve your health with energy

Cold and flu season is upon us, so take a dose of these Guru Tips to help you stay healthy and thriving!

Most people think that health is a purely physical issue. Like germs, medicine, nutrition, exercise, etc. This is true to a large extent, but it’s important to realize there’s a huge energetic component to your health as well. Everything in life manifests from energy, including your physical and mental health.

Many holistic health practitioners will tell you the physical symptoms of your health (or lack thereof) are manifestations of your underlying energy. They see it all the time in their patients. Energy healing, then, is the ultimate example of how mental and physical health can be influenced by the focused use of energy.

Energy healing is all about directing Life Force Energy (also known as Chi or Prana) into the patient’s personal energy field. Since Life Force Energy is positive, high vibration energy, it’ll help fix energetic disturbances within the body and mind that cause ill health.

But you don’t have to go to an energy healer to influence your health using energy. With focused intention you can make your energy better or worse, more positive or negative, vibrate higher or lowerall ways of saying healthier or unhealthier.

So, yeah. You’re not a passive blob of matter after all just waiting for the next germ to come along and give you a virus or cancer out of the blue. You’re a being made from energy. And the state of your personal energy (known as your biofield) has a huge impact on your likelihood of getting sick.

Two people of similar health may be exposed to the same germs. One may get ill and one may not (of course we see this all the time with colds and flu and other viruses). Or two people may have almost identical genetic predispositions and environmental exposures but one may develop cancer and the other not. The difference is energy.

No doubt, the energy of your biofield is a complex matter. You can’t just say that people who get sick have bad energy and those that don’t have good energy. It’s not just a bad versus good issue. Your energy is influenced by the space you live in, the people around you, the thoughts in your head, even the energy of your city or town.

So how do you change your energy to be healthier?

1. Do your best to keep negative energy out of your life. 

This means negative people, places, and things. One of those negative things most of us are too connected to are screens – the ones on phones, computers, iPads, TV’s, etc. Most of the energy that comes through them is negative, so the more time you spend in front of them, the more bad energy you absorb.

2. Use thoughts intentionally to bring good energy into your biofield. 

There are many practices in our Guru Tips series to help you do that. The more positive the energy of your biofield, the less likely the negative energy of an illness will be able to impact it.

3. Eat healthy natural food. 

Not because your mother told you to, but because it has good energy! Fresh, organic, local food is full of positive energy that gets absorbed into your biofield. Highly processed junk food is full of artificial ingredients that contain negative energywhich also gets absorbed into your biofield. You are what you eat energetically as well!

4. Don’t be afraid of germs and getting sick. 

Why? Because fear is bad energy. The more fearful you are the more likely you are to actually get sick. This is real. Of course take precautions (no kissing your significant other when they have a cold). But don’t be paranoid. Germs are actually a normal and healthy part of your life, and without them your gut flora won’t be healthy, which leads to illness. With good energy, germs will help you and make you stronger, not hurt you.

5. If you start to feel sick, slow down and focus on strengthening your energy. 

Ask the Life Force Energy to help you. If you visualize good healthy energy coming into your body and overcoming the bad unhealthy energy causing your illness, it will. A lot of illnessphysical and mentalis caused by energy which is blocked or stuck in your being, so moving energy through your body and around any areas with symptoms will help. (This is the point of acupuncture. Ha! The point. Get it?)

So there you have it!  Five powerful tips to put into practice immediately. And by the way, there’s one more thing you can do that helpsadd energy improving products from Life Harmony Energies into your life! We have products for your body, your home, your food and drinks, and your personal biofield that’ll greatly increase the positive energy in your life. Give them a try, we have a 60 day money back guarantee!