2021 Holiday Gift Guide: 'Good Energy' Gift Ideas for your Favorite People

by Angela Swanson

1. For Moms who need more Zen

Moms want their home to be healthy for their kids. The Harmonizer Pyramid makes the air in the home more energetically balanced which gives it that peaceful and calm feeling. Moms don’t want their homes to be a place of negative, chaotic energy. Help her smooth out that janky energy with the Pyramid that brings good energy into the whole home. She’ll love a home that feels, “Ahh…” Also? The Harmonizer Plate makes the whole family’s food energetically harmonized and vitalized, bringing whatever you place on the plate back to its highest energetic state. It makes a world of difference in both taste and health benefits!


Also for Moms… what Mom doesn’t want a little extra help recharging her batteries? Give a Mom a dose of good energy that she can wear. Yep. Wear. Our Energy Jewelry is loaded with targeted energy that helps where she needs it the most. Better sleep? Get the Sound Asleep Energy Necklace. Reclaiming her individuality? My Way Energy Necklace is the right way to go. Wanting to lose baby weight? Right Size Me Energy Necklace is the perfect fit. 

2. For your Yoga-loving friend

She spends a lot of time on the mat. She meditates and has a bookshelf full of books about spirituality and personal growth. Help her make the most of her practice and passions with one of the Energy Stories Pendant Necklaces. Give her a pendant necklace that’ll help her manifest her intentions more easily and then add in an extra wood medallion or two so she can customize the energy when she’s ready to manifest something new. Give her one or all 6 of the interchangeable Energy Stories!

3. For the business woman on the go

Busyness is no friend to health. That’s why our Harmonizing Water Bottle, Energy Discs, and Energy Pearls are perfect for the business woman who’s on the go. She doesn’t even have to think about it because she knows the water in her water bottle is perfectly harmonized (so she drinks more water during the day!) and her intentions and goals are supported by all that good energy she gets from the Energy Disc and Pearls. Give her health support, peace of mind, and energetic oomph. Done, done and done. 

Shop the Energy Therapy Kits: 

In the Zone Energy Disc

4. For your BFF

The best gift is one that’s meaningful, elegant, and elevating. You want the best for your BFF so why not give her the only bracelet of its kind - the Health & Harmony Energy Bracelet. You’ll be giving her a beautiful accessory loaded with 4 energetic frequencies so her health and wellbeing are not only supported and protected, but elevated. Even if she doesn’t yet know about the power of good energy or the dangers of EMF radiation… it’ll help her anyway. Just by wearing the Health & Harmony Energy Bracelet, she’ll get energy that calms her worries so she can sleep better, boosts her immunity, and replenishes her energy all day long, PLUS EMF protection from all sources. It’s the gift you’ll LOVE to give because you know it’s more than good, it’s the best. Also available in a Pendant Necklace.

Health & Harmony Energy Bracelet in White and Gold Energy Bracelets with Magnetic Clasp by Life Harmony Energies


5. For the Super Picky Ones

Gift Card Life Harmony Energies

You want them to love your gift, right? But they're so hard to buy for! No worries. Just give them one of our Gift Cards and let them decide. You'll be happy because they'll be happy (and it was so easy!) and they'll be happy because a Life Harmony Energies Gift Card is a super cool gift! Win-win!

Available in $25, $50, $100, $250, and $500.