Manifesting an Amazing New Year is Easier Than You Think

by Martin Grosjean

life harmony energies blog how to manifest an amazing 2022 new year

New Year, New You? Blech. Instead of the same ole New Year’s resolutions (which probably include some kind of diet or exercise plan) how about using the power of Life Force Energy to bring some magic and sparkle into your life? The Energy Gurus here at Life Harmony Energies want you to know that by aligning your intentions and energy with the Universe you can manifest the joy-filled life you’re meant for.

Putting yourself in alignment with the energy of the Universe may sound daunting, so it’s okay to start small, with a few subtle changes. Before long, it’ll start to feel like an effortless practice. These small changes will put wind in your sails, taking you to happier, more joyful shores. 

Three Small Things

Start by creating good energy. When you create good energy, good energy comes back to you. It’s a law of nature. It’s how the Universe works. Here are a few small and easy changes to get you started:

1. Be kind to Mother Earth

Mother Earth nourishes you, provides you with food and shelter, and gives you the air you breathe and the water you drink. So show some gratitude to our beautiful planet.

  • Eat organic & local – When food is grown organically and locally, Mother Earth is happy. She isn’t sprayed by chemicals or devastated by over-farming and industrial emissions. Yes, organic food is better for you, but it’s also better for the earth. And organic food has much better energy than conventional food. Remember - you’re putting that energy into your body!
  • Be sustainable – This one isn’t difficult. Get some reusable shopping bags. Avoid plastic. Wear your clothes until they’re worn out. Recycle and compost. Drink from a water bottle and not plastic bottles (like this one). All these simple things send an energetic message that you’re aligned with Mother Earth – and she’ll definitely return the favor.

2. Be kind to others

Being kind to others has huge immediate benefits for you. If you recognize the Life Force Energy in all beings – no matter how hard it may be to find – you’ll have no problem being kind. Which of course creates good energy, which of course comes back to you!

  • Smile at strangers – When you pass people on the sidewalk, look them in the eyes and smile. When you’re checking out at the store, strike up a conversation with the clerk. When the grumpy person at work walks by, say hello. Regardless of how the other person reacts, the Universe will reward you!
  • Be kind to animals – Okay, that’s easy with puppies and kittens, but we’re talking about all beings. That means don’t kill the spider, trap it in a glass and take it outside. Don’t poison the mice, get an ultrasonic repeller or a trap where they stay alive and take them out to the woods. Oh, and speaking of eating local, eat grass-fed, free-range, humanely raised meats. They’re tastier, have better energy, and of course the animals live much better lives!
  • Be kind to plants – What, plants? Oh yes, plants have energy for certain! Talk to your house plants and give them some love – they will thrive. Stop and say hello to the beautiful trees when you’re walking in the park. Pulling out some weeds or chopping down a tree? Apologize and wish them well in their next journey. Their energy goes on, and it goes on better with your blessing.

3. Say grace at mealtime

Saying grace may seem old fashioned, but we’re not talking about the standard stream of words your grandma used to say. We’re talking about heartfelt, sincere gratitude to all the beings who brought the meal to you. As you thank them, visualize them in your mind, sending them a little love. Something like this:

“Thank you beautiful cow for giving your flesh for this wonderful pot roast. Thank you beautiful broccoli and rice plants for giving your fruits for this meal. Thank you to all the beautiful people who helped to bring this delicious food here. Thank you bountiful Mother Earth for bringing us this nourishing meal. Thank you Divine Energy of the Universe for making it all possible. Please bless this delicious meal and all the beautiful beings that helped to bring it here – especially that beautiful cow.”

Say it out loud or silently in your mind. Always give thanks to those who bring you the nourishment that helps you thrive. You’re sending good energy out into the Universe, and you know what happens when you do that!

One Big Thing

If you want to take it to the next level, give a little attention to your own energy in 2022. If you do this consistently you’ll be a much happier person by the end of the year – that’s a promise! 

1. Practice receiving unconditional love

There’s only one thing that every sentient being is after - unconditional love. Deep down, everything we do is an effort to get unconditional love. Negative people want unconditional love but they’re just going about it in a more difficult way. Positive people also want unconditional love and may not even be aware of it, but it’s the very reason they’re positive. The good news for positive people is that they’ll get what they’re seeking because the Universe rewards positive energy with love. (It rewards negative energy with lessons.)

The kind of love the Universe gives is unconditional. The Life Force Energy from which you manifest doesn’t care what you look like, how much money you make, or how many people follow you on Instagram. It loves you unconditionally, all the time. All you have to do is tune in and receive it.

How? By being still and having a daily practice of reconnecting to the Life Force Energy within you. You needn’t “do” much of anything at all. Just close your eyes and focus within yourself. You can focus on your body, your breath, a mantra, or the warmth of your soul. Once you’ve focused your mind, allow your awareness to open up to its source in the heavens. Spend a minute or so feeling the light, love, and healing energy flowing through you. Just that. Just feel it.

That’s all! Just a minute or two, two or three times a day, to recharge your energy with unconditional love and shift into a higher vibrational state. The higher your energy vibrates, the more the Universe works with you. Good things happen to you effortlessly, and joy becomes your natural state of being.

Give it a try, you’ll be amazed at how good unconditional love feels!