Your Energy & Your Soulmate

by Martin Grosjean

Your Energy and Your Soulmate

In romance we all want to find our soulmate. The term conjures up images of the perfect connection with a person you’re so compatible with, it’s bound to lead to happily ever after. Who doesn’t want happily ever after?

Of course, if there’s one thing in your life that’s deeply affected by energy it’s the relationships between you and other people. Especially the people closest to you – such as a potential romantic partner. So let’s take a look at the energy at work behind finding a soul mate to give you a little insight into how it works.

We’ll use the body’s chakra energy system as the basis for our discussion. Not because there’s a direct connection between the chakra system and soulmates, but they’re related for sure and it makes a good framework for the discussion. The chakras are the seven energy centers running vertically through your body from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. Each one has its own unique energy.

Root Chakra

That first connection. The Root Chakra is the elemental, base energy center at the bottom of the spine connecting your personal energetic system to the stability of mother earth’s energy. This is where you’ll feel the first connection with another person, aka possible soulmate. If you turn your head to look at this other person, you’ve got a root connection going on. A little resonance here is what makes you look twice instead of just walking by as you do with so many others. If they got your attention, then there’s definitely a hook here. Good start, let’s keep going…

Sacral Chakra

There's plenty of attraction. The Sacral Chakra energy center is a few inches up from the root chakra and is about sensuality, sexuality, and desire for pleasure. Yes, you’re going to want all that if you’re looking for a soulmate. So if you feel the hormones kicking in and a bit of that je ne sais quoi pulling you in the other person’s direction, that’s a good sign you’re resonating here as well. But a soulmate is about waaay more than physical attraction, that’s only the beginning…

Solar Plexus Chakra

Spending time together is fun and easy. The Solar Plexus Chakra is your source of personal power, where your energy determines your place in the world, your destiny, and your happiness. If you’re resonating with another person here, life is easy and comfortable around them. When you’re with them you feel calm and confident, and it just seems natural to be together. You don’t know why, but everything feels right when you’re with each other. Yes, you could see spending some time with this person…

Heart Chakra

Love is blooming. As the name implies, the Heart Chakra is where the love happens, which is of course what you’re looking for with a soulmate! When you’re resonating with someone here, you’re feeling warmth and deep affection – a pull in the heart that makes you really care about them. It’s like whenever you see that person someone puts a warm silky blanket around your shoulders and your heart goes boom-boom-boom and you break into a smile automatically. There’s a lightness of being when you’re together and nothing else seems to matter much, all your cares just melt away. Now we’ve got some love going on…

Throat Chakra

In sync with each other. The Throat Chakra is the energy center for communication. When you’ve found your soulmate and you’re resonating here, then it’s all so simple. Simple as in you hardly need to communicate verbally, because your energy is so in sync that you pretty much always know what the other person is feeling and thinking. You can look at them and the twinkle in their eyes tells you all you need to know. This is where we move from simple crush to soulmate, from physical attraction to spiritual connection. If it’s there, then you’re on your way…

Third Eye Chakra

Easy and effortless coupling. The Third Eye Charka is the center of our intuition and awareness  where we leave the physical world behind and are purely in the realm of the spiritual. If you’re resonating with your soulmate at this level, the dominant feeling is effortlessness. Think of words like natural, automatic, easy, comfortable. We’re talking no friction, no sharp edges, no questions or doubts about anything.

When your third eye energies are resonating, it’s as if the possibility of conflict doesn’t exist. Your interests, values, goals, and desires are so in sync, disagreement seems virtually impossible. And that’s because with this type of connection you’re really not two – spiritually that is – because your energy is resonating together.

Things feel smooth and effortless and you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but with this person, and you’re so content you don’t really care where you are as long as you’re together…

Crown Chakra

It's meant to be. The Crown Chakra is where your energy connects with the Life Force Energy of the Universe. When you resonate with your soulmate at this level you’ve got this deep-down feeling that it was the Universe that brought you together. It was no accident. There’s no question of whether it’s right. You just have this knowing that everything you’ve done up to now was working to bring you and your soulmate together.

And by the way, when you’re resonating with someone here, it’s probably not the first time you’ve been together. You’ve likely been with each other in previous lives / bodies as well. What? Yes, the ancient spiritual traditions tell us that as we move from life to life over the eons, we encounter other beings over and over. Both souls are part of each others’ journeys. So your connection in this life is just another beautiful coming together on the long voyage of your souls…

Ah, that all sounds good, doesn’t it? Well you might have some questions:

Um, I already have a significant other and we’re not resonating all the way up?

Not to worry, it’s not always Romeo and Juliet from day one. That’s more the exception than the rule. The good news is, you’re on an energetic and spiritual journey through your life and you change and grow as you go. A big part of your journey is your relationship with your romantic partner, and it’s completely in your power to change the nature of that relationship. As you grow on your journey you can improve the resonance with your lover and move up the soul mate levels as high as you want. And if they are your soul mate, they'll move with you…

Can I have more than one soulmate?

Oh yes, you already have more than one soulmate! Your BFF, your parents, your kids, and even your dog are your soulmates. As we mentioned, our souls move through lives over eons, and in that time we connect with a lot of other souls along the way. If you’ve got a strong connection with someone, romantic partner or otherwise, the chances are pretty high that this isn’t the first time your souls have met.

In terms of a romantic soulmate, it’s definitely advisable to take them one at a time. 😊 But can you have more than one in a lifetime? Of course, when that’s appropriate. Your life is an energetic and spiritual journey, and your only obligation is to live it well and stay connected to the underlying love of Life Force Energy every step of the way. If you do, the Universe will definitely bring you a soulmate to make the journey more enjoyable.

How do I find a soulmate?

You don’t find a soulmate, the Universe brings one to you. Frantically searching and trying to hurry the process is not going to help. Setting your intentions and letting the Universe know that you’re ready for a soulmate will help. Make yourself spiritually and energetically available – but in an open, patient fashion. Then just live your life, tune into the Life Force Energy, and wait. If you’re aligned with the good energy of the Universe, your soulmate will arrive – probably when you least expect it…