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    It's always the right time for Love. These gifts emit high-vibrational energy so you're giving more than just a pretty accessory, you're giving the gift of harmony, which works like magic in your daily life.

    Here's to more love, everyday - Angela

    9 products
    energy necklace for stress relief
    Anti anxiety stress relief energy jewelry necklace
    No Worries Energy Necklace
    from $19.00
    Energy Life House Harmonizer
    Creating Positive Energy in Your Home
    Harmonizer Pyramid
    EMF protection energy jewelry necklace for Health
    EMF necklace energy jewelry necklace
    Health & Harmony Energy Necklace
    from $19.00
    Harmonize Water Bottle
    Harmonizing Water Bottle
    Biofield Therapy for Happiness
    My Way Energy Therapy
    from $19.00 Regular price $87.00 Save $68
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    Harmonizing Plate and Water Harmonizer
    Kitchen Kit
    Sale price $229.00 Regular price $258.00 Save $29
    Being Well Energy Disc
    Zen Vibes Bundle
    Sale price $779.00 Regular price $886.00 Save $107
    Sound Asleep Energy Pearls
    from $29.00 Regular price $87.00 Save $58