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    Browse our selection of bio-resonance energy bracelets. Shop bracelets for EMF protection, better health, spiritual growth and more.

    18 products

    We offer a wide selection of energy bracelets as part of our jewelry collection. Whichever type of bracelet you choose, you can wear it with confidence knowing that you are benefitting from our proprietary resonance technology.

    The following are some of the questions we receive most often before our customers make their purchase. If you have additional questions not answered here, please contact one of our customer service representatives for more information.


    The bracelet has been designed and manufactured to be an infinite source of energy. It will not expire nor require any sort of replenishment. Just slip the bracelet onto your wrist and you will be receiving its energetic benefits for as long as it remains on your body. The best way to ensure that you are always enjoying the full range of protection, healing, and stress relieving advantages from the energy within the bracelet is to continue wearing it at all times.

    No. The energy contained within the bracelet is a proprietary energy technology that has been energetically charged into the materials with which the bracelet has been manufactured. Be it stainless steel or silicone rubber, your bracelet has been embedded with an infinite source of protective or healing energy. The bracelet is not an electronic device and does not require charging or connection to an electrical power source of any kind in order to be effective and beneficial.

    The bioenergetic frequencies emanating from the energy bracelet do not create an invisible barrier or protective field around the body. But instead, the energies flow into the biofield of the individual wearing the bracelet. Every one of us has a biofield and an internal meridian system through which our life force energies flow, distributing those energies throughout the body. The energy emitted from the bracelet enters the meridian system through an entry point in the wrist. This is why the individual wearing the bracelet is the only one who can benefit from the positive forces of the bioenergetic frequencies coming from it.

    Many of our customers will often purchase more than one energy bracelet when they shop our site. For some, it's a chance to clear the negative energy from their life while others will choose a bracelet that reduces the harmful impacts of EMF exposure. Since many of our energy bracelets have different purposes and offer different features, we recommend that you wear more than one at a time to gain the maximum support and protection from the energy contained within these types of jewelry.

    The energy bracelets in our jewelry collection provide a range of special energies for various health and wellness purposes.  The advantages of these energies include the following: 

    • Clear away negative energy
    • Stimulate soothing relaxation and stress relief
    • Provide balanced and stable energy levels
    • Provide body protection and grounding energy
    • Enhance well being and immune system support
    • Boost confidence and focus
    • Provide protection against EMF radiation in and around your home or office
    • Reduce anxiety and stress
    • Promote happiness and long-term success

    Follow these simple tips to ensure that your energy bracelet is not only functioning properly but maintains its beautiful and elegant aesthetic for as long as you wear it. The most important thing to remember is to always remove it before you go swimming or take a shower, this will protect it against harsh chemicals and body care products.

    When you want to clean the bracelet, a soft polishing cloth is all you need. When you're finished cleaning, use a soft paper towel to dry the surface.

    Finally, in order to preserve the condition of the bracelet, keep it away from sunscreen, cosmetics, perfumes, and stringent chemicals such as household bleach and rubbing alcohol. These can damage the surface of the materials and decrease the lifespan of the bracelet.

    All Life Harmony Energies products are covered by a one year warranty for any manufacturing defects under normal use conditions. If your energy bracelet is defective within that year, we are happy to replace it for you, free of charge.

    In addition, if you purchase one of our energy bracelets and wish to return the item, as long as it is unused and in new condition including the original packaging, you may send it back within 60 days of purchase to receive a full refund.

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