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Right Size Me Energy Necklace

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When you wear the Right Size Me Energy Necklace, you can:

  • Feel empowered to make positive changes
  • Say goodbye to the struggle
  • Feel healthy and beautiful -- inside and out
  • Know you’ve got the power everywhere you go

And you can swap out the Energy Medallion with our 6 other energy stories for a different effect!

Right Size Me Energy Story

Do you struggle to maintain the body weight that you desire? Do you have trouble eating healthier? Do you feel like you should eat less but can't find the motivation to do so? Well, we have something to help. Here's the story:

I eat in a healthy and balanced manner so that my weight remains at a level that is appropriate for my body.

The Right Size Me energy story assists you in your efforts to maintain a healthy weight through appropriate eating habits. Both the emotional and physical aspects of healthful eating are optimized to support your goals. Having an open and balanced flow of energy through both body and mind facilitates the appropriate mental attitudes and habits for good weight management.

This is not a diet pill to suppress hunger, or a new nutrition plan with rules and restrictions. This is a way to change your personal energy so that it is in harmony with your goal of maintaining the appropriate weight for your body. Your body is beautiful no matter what - that's a given - and the right weight is that which makes you healthier and happier.

Your habits manifest from your energy, so by changing your energy you can change your eating habits. Our unique bio-resonance process transmits beneficial energetic frequencies into your own personal energy field - called your biofield - that will transform it in a positive way.

It's a simple process based on age-old healing techniques that have been around for thousands of years. Real change happens at the energetic level, which then shapes your body, mind, and spirit - and in the case of Right Size Me shapes them into a more healthy, attractive you.

The Necklace

The Right Size Me Pendant Necklace graciously spreads its beneficial energy throughout your being as you wear it. As it encircles your neck, the energy it contains is spread into your meridian system and is therefore circulated throughout your body. The energy pathways of your meridian system penetrate throughout every corner of your body, and are in fact the same pathways used by acupuncture healing.

The pendant in the necklace contains a beautiful symbol etched into a medallion made with wood from ash trees grown in Europe. The ash tree is infused with yang energy and relates to the fire element. It is associated with change, growth, and health and symbolizes the need for a healthy diet and exercise, good sleeping habits and a stress-free home life.

The necklace itself is made of attractive but durable and hypo-allergenic stainless-steel. It is water resistant and very comfortable – you can even sleep with it on. We recommend that you do!

The wood Energy Medallion can be taken out and changed with the other pieces containing the energy stories from our Energy Therapy Collection. You can choose your energy story day by day depending on your needs, and watch as the power of harmonized energy transforms your life!

The chain is 23.5 inches in length and the medallion is 1.25 inches in diameter and about 3/16 inch thick.

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european quality & craftsmanship

Our bio-resonance process is hand-crafted in a specialized workshop in the foothills of the alps, not a factory.

our bio-resonance process

proven results

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