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In the Zone - Energy Therapy
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Energy Therapy for Focus

In the Zone - Energy Therapy

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Life Force Energy

You've no doubt heard of or even experienced yourself the concept of an athlete, artist, or other performer being "in the zone"? Everything but the task at hand disappears from the mind and all physical and mental resources are focused on achievement. How would you like more of that in your life? Here's the story:

I live my life with focus, clarity, determination, and ability - both mentally and physically.

The In the Zone energy story helps both your mind and your body perform to their fullest potential, focusing your personal biofield energy that is all around you to support your every endeavor.

On a mental level it activates an intensity of concentration and creativity supported by motivation so that you are more effective and productive, helping you make the right decisions at the right time. On a physical level it promotes coordination, balance, and strength by directing by your innate power so that you perform at your very best.

At work and at play, through your mind and through your body, optimize your performance with the support of In the Zone energy behind you. Whether it's concentrating at the office, working out at the gym, bringing more creativity into your life, or just being more focused and less distracted in general - with your energy in sync it will all unfold at its peak potential!

Your mental and physical activity manifest from your energy, so by changing your energy you can change how you perform. Our unique bio-resonance process transmits beneficial energetic frequencies into your own personal energy field - called your biofield - that will transform it in a positive way.

It's a simple process based on age-old healing techniques that have been around for thousands of years. Real change happens at the energetic level, which then shapes your body, mind, and spirit - and in the case of In the Zone shapes them into a more focused, creative, and productive you.

Pendant Necklace

The Being Well Pendant Necklace graciously spreads its beneficial energy throughout your being as you wear it. As it encircles your neck, the energy it contains is spread into your meridian system and circulates throughout your body. The energy pathways of your meridian system penetrate throughout every corner of your body and are in fact the same pathways used by acupuncture healing.

The pendant in the necklace contains a beautiful symbol etched into a medallion made with wood from elm trees grown in Europe. The necklace itself is made of attractive but durable and hypo-allergenic stainless steel. It is water-resistant and very comfortable – you can even sleep with it on. We recommend that you do!

The wood Energy Medallion can be taken out and changed with the other pieces containing the energy stories from our Energy Therapy Collection. You can choose your Energy Story day-by-day depending on your needs and watch as the power of harmonized energy transforms your life!

Energy Pearls

The energy that makes the In the Zone energy therapy work is embedded in small pearls that you dissolve in water and drink throughout your day. As you drink the water the energy from the pearls resonates with the energy in your biofield, making subtle but powerful improvements that will change your life.

Just 15 pearls per day is enough to make a profound difference. You use our special Harmonizing Water Bottle to dissolve the pearls, ensuring that the water is vitalized and harmonized, which adds to the effect. One bottle of pearls is enough to last for six weeks.

But don't forget, you must use the Harmonizing Water Bottle to make it all work! Harmonized water carries energy well, and the good news is that it also tastes better and hydrates better. Try the Starter Bundle that includes the pearls and the bottle to begin your journey.

Energy Disc

Another way to receive the In the Zone energy is with the Energy Disc - a small stainless steel "coaster" about 2 1/2 inches in diameter. Whatever you place on the disc receives the energy - including food, water, supplements, jewelry, you name it!

The possibilities are endless - carry it in your pocket or purse, keep it in your jewelry box, place it under your plate while you eat, use it as a coaster for your coffee, tea, water, etc. In only 30 seconds the focusing, motivating, performance-enhancing energy is transferred, and then from there into you!

The disc slips perfectly into the bottom of the neoprene sleeve on our Harmonizing Water Bottle, so it's an excellent complement to the Energy Pearls - with either the same story you're already using, or add another story into your life! And if using the pearls just doesn't fit your lifestyle, then it's no problem to just use the disc instead.

Save with Kits

Ready to go all in on the In the Zone energy story? Then try one of our pre-bundled kits and save up to 25% over the price of the individual items. Choose from these handy kits:

  • Starter Kit - 1 Bottle Pearls + Harmonizing Water Bottle
  • Advanced Kit - 1 Bottle Pearls + Water Bottle + Pendant Necklace
  • Premium Kit - 1 Bottle Pearls + Water Bottle + Pendant Necklace + Energy Disc

Try It, You'll Like It

Using the Life Force Energy from which all things manifest - including yourself - is the most direct way to making deep and lasting change in your life. Trying is believing. If you aren't satisfied that you are feeling more focused and productive after 30 days of using the In the Zone energy story, we will gladly refund your purchase price.

In the Zone Guru Tips

Guru Tips

There is one sure way to speed up and enhance the effect of your energy therapy, and that is to follow the advice on the Guru Tips page. There you will learn how to use intention, attention, and affirmation to magnify the positive changes in your life.

You will also find detailed instructions and FAQs on the Guru Tips page. You can find it all here.

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