Healthy Home Bundle

Healthy Home Bundle

Healthy Home Bundle

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You get:

  • Harmonizing Pyramid
  • Energy Clearing Spray
  • Happy Plants Spray
  • Home Water Harmonizer (S/M size)
  • Magic Harmonizing Water Bottle

For your space. The Harmonizer Pyramid smoothes out the janky energy in your space, so your home feels like a zen sanctuary. It makes your home the place you love to be and your guests love visiting. 

For room and objects. Clear out the negative energy people leave behind in your home, on objects you bring into your home, and any negative energy already present in your home.  Spray the Energy Clearing Spray to restore balance and harmony all around you. 

For your plants. Plants make your home healthier, no doubt. Keep your plants happy and healthy with the nourishing, protective energy of the Happy Plants Spray.

For your home water. Restore your water's crystal structure which supports your body's cell structure, cell density, and metabolism. Opens up energy flow between mind, body, and soul. Our Home Water Harmonizer makes your water more beautiful (literally) for a more beautiful you - inside and out.

For your water on the go. A best-seller for a reason. Water tastes better, goes down smoother,  and is more bioavailable so you get higher quality hydration and you stay hydrated longer. You'll find yourself taking the Magic Harmonizing Water Bottle with you wherever you go.

Harmonizer Pyramid.
+ Put the pyramid in the largest room in your home where you spend the most time, and the closer to the center of the home the better.
+ Pyramid spreads harmonizing energy through an area up to 2,500 square feet. If your home is more than 2,500 square feet you may want to consider a second pyramid.
+ Perfect for the office, too.

Energy Clearing Spray.
+ To apply to yourself, spray once each on the back of your neck, your forehead, and your solar plexus (about midway between your heart and belly button). Apply to objects so that the mist gently falls on all parts of it.

Happy Plants Spray.
+ Every time you water spray 3 to 10 times (depending on the size of the plant) into the water before watering the plant, and also spray the leaves at least monthly so that the entire plant is covered with a fine mist.
+ If your plants look they need some extra TLC or you're seeing some pests around them, then definitely give them a good spray more frequently.

Home Water Harmonizer.
+ To install the Home Water Harmonizer simply use the included plastic straps to attach it to the main incoming water pipe into your home/apartment. There will always be a shut off valve for the water service, and this will be on the primary water pipe. This pipe will then feed into your water heater and all the other pipes that run through your home.
+ Position the Harmonizer so that the silicon crystal balls are facing the pipe. In some cases you may be able to simply position the Harmonizer next to the pipe without needing to use the straps, which is fine. The silicon crystal balls just need to be touching the water pipe for it to function appropriately.
+ The Harmonizer is weather proof, so it is fine to place it outside if your main water line feeds into the house/apartment from outdoors.

Magic Water Bottle.
+ Fill the bottle with water. Within 30 seconds your water is harmonized, vitalized and restored to its natural energetic state.
+ Temperature resistant up to 140° Fahrenheit.
+ Use only water in the bottle, don't put other beverages in it. To harmonize other beverages and food use our Harmonizing Plate.

Harmonizer Pyramid.
+ American Chestnut wood with Swarovski crystal on top. The spiritual qualities of American Chestnut include abundance, relieving worry, and transforming karma. Inside the pyramid are two ceramic elements to carry the energy to the crystal on top, which then projects it out into the home.
+ Size. 7 inch square pyramid measuring 13 inches high.
+ Care. Clean with natural surface cleaner or wood polish. Don't use harsh chemical cleaners.

Energy Sprays.
Pure spring water treated with bio-resonance energy, essential oils, alcohol < 1%

Magic Water Bottle.
+ High-quality, extra-clear, lead-free Borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is a sustainable material that doesn't emit pollutants to the liquid inside. Hand wash with a natural dishwashing liquid. Don't put in dishwasher.
+ Volume. 21 fluid ounces.
+ Lid. Stainless steel and food-safe rubber. BPA and PVC-free.
+ Energy. Proprietary bio-resonance energy. The energy lasts indefinitely and doesn't wear out or need to be recharged.
+ Sleeve. Neoprene cover protects the bottle and insulates the water temperature. Wash by hand or in washing machine with a natural detergent. Air dry.

Water Bottle Care Tips.
+ Depending on the quality of your water, the inside of the bottle may get residue accumulations. To remove these, simply take a wet, soapy dish towel and slowly twist it down into the bottle, then twist it back out and rinse the bottle.
+ To remove lime scale or other tough stains from the bottle, fill with water and 1 to 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and let it sit overnight, then wash thoroughly with a dish towel as described above.

Home Water Harmonizer.
+ Small/medium size.
+ Stainless steel with ceramic filling and inlaid silicon crystal balls.
+ 6.7” long x 1.3” diameter.
+ Weather proof. It's fine to place it outside if your main water line feeds into the house/apartment from outdoors.

All Products.
+ Energy. Proprietary bio-resonance energy. The energy lasts indefinitely and doesn't wear out or need to be recharged.

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