Kid's Electronics Bundle
Kid's Electronics Bundle
Carbon+ EMF Harmonizer Chip (Count)
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Play safe.

EMF protection for video gaming systems and wireless devices

Product Details

  • Trusted EMF protection for your kid's wireless video game controllers, headphones, earbuds, handheld games, iPads, tablets, phones, and more
  • Neutralizes dangerous EMFs coming from wireless gaming devices
  • Simple to install, set it and forget it
  • For additional 24x7 EMF protection for your kid's bodies, try the Kid's EMF Band

How many do you need?

The Kid's Electronics Bundle comes with 3 Audio Stickers and 1, 3, or 5 Carbon+ EMF Harmonizing Chips. Select the kit size that meets your needs.

Wireless tablet (iPad, Fire Tablet, Kindle, etc.):

  • 1 Carbon+ EMF Harmonizer Chip

Handheld game:

  • 1 Carbon+ EMF Harmonizer Chip

Wireless controllers:

  • 1 Carbon+ EMF Harmonizer Chip per controller if it fits.
  • Otherwise, 1 Audio Harmonizer Sticker per controller

Wireless headsets:

  • 1 Audio Harmonizer Sticker per ear

EMF Harmonizer Audio by EMF Harmony

EMF Harmonizer Audio by EMF Harmony comes with three small stickers.

  • Use 1 sticker per wireless earpiece or wireless controller.
  • Be careful not to cover any buttons or openings.

If the earpiece or controller has a charging station, place a sticker on the charging station as well.

Carbon+ EMF Harmonizer Chip

  • use 1 per phone, tablet, handheld game, wireless controller (if it fits)
  • Adhere to device by removing the adhesive backing on the chip and placing the chip on the back of device. You can also attach it with tape which may allow you to more easily remove and repurpose it.
  • If the wireless device has a case, for example on an iPad or tablet, it's ok for the chip to be covered by the case. It will not interfere with the effectiveness of the Carbon+ EMF Harmonizer Chip.

Audio Harmonizer by EMF Harmony:

  • Size. 1/2" x 3/8” with adhesive backing
  • Materials. Small and discreet in a white color. Flexible to fit the curved surface of a headphone or earbud or controller.
  • Care. Wipe gently with soft cloth. Can be removed and reused on another device.

Carbon+ EMF Harmonizer Chip:

  • Size. Thin 1.2” diameter with adhesive backing
  • Materials. Lightweight, durable, scratch-resistant, and grounding carbon. Made with dual-protection bio-energetic technology.
  • Care. Wipe gently with soft cloth. Can be removed and reused on another device.

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