How to Manifest a Green Thumb

by Angela Swanson

How to manifest a green thumb 8 tips

I recently moved and decided to give my green thumb another go because my interior designer-friend told me a space is incomplete without "books, art, and plants." Lo and behold... she's totally right! But how to keep those plants looking lively? 

I consulted Marty - our Chief Energy Guru and Fearless Founder - who has some of the most beautiful plants I've ever seen. "How do you do it?" I asked.

Here are his best tips: 

  1. Take your plant and put it in an area that gets some sunlight. Window sill – good! Bottom drawer of your dresser – bad!
  2. If the pot doesn’t have a hole in the bottom for water to drain and a dish to catch the water, then go to Home Depot and get one. It helps because then you can’t overwater it.
  3. Name your plant. Lulu? Alice? Frederico? If you can't come up with a name, ask your plant what it would like to be called and notice what name pops into your head.
  4. Welcome your plant to your home, smile and bow graciously to it, send it love, tell it how happy you are to have it there! 
  5. In the beginning stop by every day to stroke its leaves and send some love to it. After a couple of weeks you can reduce the frequency. But love it at least once a week!
  6. Water it every two weeks. Put it on your calendar! Every other Saturday perhaps? Water it until it starts to drain out the bottom into the pan. Then stop.
  7. If leaves or buds start to turn brown and look “dead” then trim them off. Many plants, especially those that bloom, will need pruning of old dead leaves / buds so that their energy can be concentrated on the newer and healthier ones.
  8. When it starts to look crowded in the pot, transplant it to a new one about twice the size of the old one:
    1. Go to Home Depot
    2. Buy the pot
    3. Buy a small bag of organic potting soil
    4. Gently pull the plant out of the old pot and move it to the new one
    5. Easy peasy
  9. Did I say give it some love? Plants love love, like everyone!

There you have it. Are you ready to fill your home with that good energy from Mother Earth and her beautiful plant beings? Just follow these tips and watch them grow! Thumb schmumb, your whole hand will probably turn green!

Till next time,

Chief Energy Fairy

ps: Bonus tip - we developed this special plant spray that helps a lot, too. Just add it to your watering can and also spritz the leaves now and then.