EMF harmonizers for cell phones, WiFi routers, home, cars, and you

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    We're the leading makers of anti-radiation EMF protection products. We've been making powerful, easy-to-use neutralizers that protect your health from dangerous EMF radiation for over 20 years throughout Europe and the U.S. Our EMF Jewelry protects your body wherever you go and Carbon+ EMF Harmonizers work for your cell phone, wireless devices, car, and home. 

    19 products

    EMF Protection for Cell Phones 

    We're the leading makers of anti-radiation products. We've been making powerful, easy-to-use neutralizers that protect your health from dangerous EMF radiation for over 20 years throughout Europe and the U.S. 

    Our EMF Jewelry protects your body wherever you go and Carbon+ EMF Harmonizers work for your cell phone, wireless devices, car, and home. It's become more important than ever to find good EMF radiation protection to reduce the harmful effects that today's advanced technology is having on our health and wellness.

    Whether it's in the home, the workplace, the car, even the city centers where we go to enjoy a night out with friends, family, and loved ones, we are exposed to a significant amount of EMF radiation from a nearly endless array of sources. The cell phone, wifi router, laptop computer, tablet, you name it, nearly all of the electronic devices that have become such a critical component of our normal, everyday lives represent countless hours of long-term, increased exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

    Scientific studies are still compiling data to determine the damaging effects of EMF radiation on the human body and how exposure to certain types of rf radiation can put your good health at risk.


    All of our products are infused with bioresonance energies that offer two levels of protection for safeguarding you against the dangers of EMF radiation. This dual level technology works to both neutralize the negative energy of EMFs from the most common external sources around you while fortifying your cellular immunity against the oxidative stress that comes from electromagnetic radiation. These are categorized as Direct and Adaptive technologies. 

    Direct Technology

    The potentially harmful effects of EMF radiation are harmonized to decrease their potency. The bioenergetic frequencies emitted from our EMF protection products meet the damaging frequencies of the electromagnetic radiation and neutralize their toxic capacities for causing the short and long-term symptoms that are felt due to significant periods of EMF exposure. 

    Adaptive Technology

    As the devices that give off negative EMF radiation energy are impacting our health, the Adaptive level of our proprietary technology is designed to fortify your well being at the cellular level, increasing the immunity of your biofield to ward off the negative impacts of electromagnetic radiation. Your cells can become stressed, reducing their efficacy to function properly and interrupt their natural processes for healing, recovery, and renewal. The Adaptive qualities of the bioenergetic frequencies essentially strengthen your body’s cells.

    No. These products are not designed to, nor will they, block EMF radiation entirely. That would require the particles in our bioenergetic frequencies to have a much denser structural integrity. The particles in our bioresonance energy lack that density and so they only harmonize the negative energies in the EMF radiation that is emitted from all of the wireless devices and other sources of electromagnetic radiation around you. 

    Besides, you don’t want these products to have the capability for blocking EMF radiation because that would render your iphone or every other wireless device ineffective. They would no longer function properly on any level.

    EMF exposure can be extremely hazardous to your health, so it's important to find a highly-effective method of neutralizing the electromagnetic fields that are all around us. That means using EMF protection products that do more than just simply block the radiation but neutralize its harmful effects to keep you safe.

    There has been a variety of studies into the effects of extremely low-frequency EMF radiation exposure on the human body as well as the potential short-term and long-term consequences of these impacts. 

    This research has linked EMF radiation exposure to intense headaches, anxiety, fatigue and mood swings. Further investigation into the effects of EMF’s have also suggested that neurological damage, carcinogenic illness, decreases in white and red blood cell counts, shifts in reproductive health, permanent changes in hormone levels, along with decreased immunity and stark changes in behavioral patterns are all potential effects that can be associated with prolonged exposure to EMF radiation.

    It’s no secret that your cell phone is a primary source for EMF radiation. But what has some people confused is the question of whether or not the device is always emitting these potentially harmful negative energies or only when the phone is in use. No matter whether or not you are using the phone, it is always a source of EMF radiation. The rate at which those by-product frequencies are being emitted increases when the phone is being used, so no matter if it’s up to your ear or in your pocket, your cell phone is always giving off those damaging frequencies. 

    That’s why it’s so crucial to ensure you have the best possible EMF protection for cell phones, especially for those of you who are always using a phone each and every day.

    Take your pick, choose from our beautiful cuff, pendant necklace, or bracelet options to make a fashion statement while you protect your health and well-being against the pervasive influence of EMF radiation that is coming from your cell phone and so many other electronic devices that have become part of our everyday lives. 

    This line of wearables provide some of the most effective protective measures against EMF radiation from some of the most prevalent sources around us. 

    Among the many questions we often receive about the effect of wearable protection from EMF’s that come from cell phones is clarification as to who can benefit from this jewelry. Do these wearables give off bioenergetic frequencies that create a force-field around the individual wearing them or do they benefit only the wearer? 

    The answer is simple, when it comes to EMF protection jewelry, it’s the person wearing the bracelet or pendant who stands to benefit from the bioresonance information embedded into the product. That’s because the bioenergetic frequencies from the pendant necklace or wristband are designed to intermingle with the biofield of the person who wears the product. The bioresonance energy enters the body through a meridian in the wrist and becomes distributed through the meridian system of the body that distributes the individual’s natural biorhythmic energy. It does not emanate outward towards other living individuals in the surrounding vicinity. 

    For those who want EMF protection in a wearable form, they must be wearing the product to get the most benefit from the bioresonance energy contained within.

    Your cell phone is always giving off EMF radiation, regardless if you’re using it or not. So that’s why we offer Harmonizers that you can attach directly to your phone and keep you protected from the harmful electromagnetic radiation that comes from it. You don’t have to be on a call for the phone to be giving off EMF radiation, you can be texting, scrolling through your social media feeds, or checking something on Google. Simply put, if you are engaged with your phone in any capacity, it is a constant source of EMF radiation and you are exposed to those negative, potentially harmful energies. 

    But with our Carbon+ EMF Harmonizer you can keep yourself protected by attaching it directly to the outside of the phone to reduce the impact of that EMF radiation and protect your body at the cellular level. Anytime you have your phone powered on (and let’s be honest - that’s 24/7, all year round for most of you), you are subjected to EMF’s. When the Harmonizer has been placed on the phone, those energies emitted from the device are neutralized, decreasing the potency of their damaging effects on the body. 

    The Harmonizer works all on its own and it fits perfectly to almost every device.. You never need to worry that you’re not getting the maximum protection against EMF radiation as the bioenergetic material in the carbon adhesive is an infinite source of protection. You don’t have to recharge it and the bioresonance never expires. So you are always protected - as long as the Harmonizer is attached to your device. Therefore, it makes sense to keep it attached at all times. The only time you might think about removing it would be to replace the Harmonizer or if your phone has been powered off for any length of time which is the only time when the phone isn’t emitting EMF radiation.

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