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    Energy Harmonizer Kit Bundles

    Whether you're looking for EMF protection from cell phone towers and wireless devices or you want to create a holistic skincare routine to give your skin more vitality and a radiant glow, Life Harmony Energies has the products to safely and effectively preserve your overall health.

    We offer a full spectrum of products that are infused with positive energy in the form of bioresonance frequencies, a proprietary technology that works to protect the body at the cellular level and transform chaotic energy found in electromagnetic radiation that is constantly emitted from all kinds of wireless electronic devices.

    Our exclusive bioresonance technology contains harmonizing information to neutralize negative energy and fortify the cells of the body to reduce the harmful impacts from EMF radiation and reawaken aging mitochondria in the cellular structure of the human body. 

    With our energy harmonizer kit bundles, you can enjoy all of the benefits of our bioresonance technology in a wide range of products that offer an increased ability to protect your health and well being in this modern world.

    So how do our products keep you and your family safe amidst so much environmental toxicity? What are the optimal conditions under which our skincare line can give your skin an energizing boost?

    It's all about bioresonance energy healing. This is not a new technology, in fact, it's been one of the fundamental tools incorporated into a variety of healthcare applications and equipment throughout Europe for over two decades. Now we're bringing these healthy frequencies to the United States because they can be used in so many different ways.


    The harmonic natural frequencies found in our bioresonance energy are designed to work on the cellular level. That means the particles of this energy are infinitesimal, so incredibly, immeasurably small they can only be detected at a quantum level. But when they interact with the body's natural biofield, this energy can take on all kinds of tasks, when properly applied for the most effective results.

    The bioresonance energies contained within our products offer dual-level support categorized as Direct Technology and Adaptive Technology. Each provides you with the sufficient amount of energy healing properties that work by manipulating the biofield and harmonizing the chaotic electromagnetic fields that are found in our smartphones, laptops, wifi routers, even large power lines and cell phone towers.

    When you use our home and office harmonizer kit, you receive a set of carbon plates that you attach to your fuse box and various other rooms to establish an inside perimeter within the home or office. The bioenergetic frequencies emitted from those carbon plates prevents chaotic frequencies from the EMF radiation outside that perimeter from impacting the health and well being of you, your family, your colleagues, anyone who remains within the perimeter.

    When the negative energies from EMF radiation intermingle with the bioenergetic frequencies of your harmonizing kit, the potency of the damaging effects in these EMFs are drastically reduced. That's because they have been harmonized, which greatly decreases their frequency.

    Every living thing has a biofield, these are the natural energies that flow through the body, distributed along a series of meridians. We all have a biofield and manipulating these bio-energies for medicinal and healing purposes has been the foundation of traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. Acupuncture, reflexology, massage, all of these (and others) have been relied upon as ancient healing techniques to restore balance in the body and help in healing and recovery. These techniques initiate stabilizing influences in the body's energy flow to provide relief from a variety of conditions, ailments, and discomfort due to inflammation, surgery, and more.

    The Adaptive Technology of our bioresonance energies works in very much the same fashion. The bioenergetic frequencies that emanate from the carbon plates (and all of our products) enter the body through a meridian located in the wrist. Those energies flow through your meridians and work to balance the energies in your biofield for the explicit purpose of strengthening the cells in your body and fortifying them against the oxidative stress that occurs when exposed to EMF radiation.

    Stress is not just put upon your cells through electromagnetic fields radiation. It can also occur as we get older and the natural repair and recovery processes of our cells don't function like they once did. When that happens, you can rely on the Adaptive Technology of our proprietary bioresonance energy to give your mitochondria a much needed energetic boost.

    Before you buy, it's a good idea to accurately measure the space you want to secure against the level of EMF radiation that exists around you. Our kits can be used in residential and commercial areas and while we recommend that the main carbon plate is attached directly to your fuse box, even if you are unable to attach it to the circuit breaker panels of your space, you can still get the full advantage of the harmonizer kit you select. The office harmonizing kit is ideal for use in larger spaces, workplace environments and office venues where the fuse box or circuit breaker panels are not easily accessible and can still be made safer when EMF radiation exposure is a constant threat.

    Once you've determined how much space you need to harmonize to protect yourself and others, you can select the home harmonizing kit level that provides the sufficient amount of protection necessary.

    No. Our proprietary energizing process that goes into the EMF jewelry and harmonizer kits we offer are not intended to, nor will they, block the electromagnetic radiation that comes from your electronic devices. This is because the particles in the bioenergetic frequencies are not strong enough nor structurally dense enough to act as a shield or barrier against EMFs.

    Instead, the bioenergies harmonize the damaging frequencies of the EMF radiation and reduce their potency to decrease the impact on the human body. If these products had the increased ability to block the EMF's completely, then your wireless devices and electronic networks would cease to function properly and this would make an EMF protection product obsolete.

    When you purchase any Life Harmony Energies product, you can rest assured the bioresonance energies contained in that product will never become depleted or expire over time. The bioresonance technology is an infinite source of positive energy. When it comes to the energy harmonizer kits or the EMF protection jewelry, you have a never ending source of protection that will always keep you and your family safe from the damaging impacts of EMF radiation.

    As for the skincare products, the creams and oils that have been carefully formulated using natural, vegan ingredients and bioresonance energy will always provide your skin cells with the energetic boost to reawaken the mitochondria and kickstart the natural repair and recovery processes that help to renew and rejuvenate your skin.

    When you are using the Ageless Skin Care collection, the bioresonance frequencies in these products can start giving you smoother, healthier, more radiant skin in a short period of time. The bioenergetic information on our skincare products help to amplify the all-natural ingredients like Vitamin A, Vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and more, increasing their efficacy.

    The energy harmonizer kit, water harmonizer, and EMF protection jewelry contain the same bioresonance energies but not everyone feels an immediate change in their health and wellness after using the products. However, you can be sure the bioenergies are working and protecting you from EMF radiation.

    Those consumers who highly sensitive to the health symptoms associated with electromagnetic fields radiation energy may feel a marked improvement in their well being, as common symptoms like fatigue, migraine headaches, dizziness, anxiety, and nausea, which were previously unexplained but nonetheless very real, tend to subside and become less intense.

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