Energy Jewelry Gift Guide 2024

Pure Light Cuff

1. /Pure Light Cuff

Give the ones you love the most coveted EMF bracelet of the year. It's a perfect gift because it's minimal and modern - AND offers the best EMF protection you can wear. The Pure Light Cuff is the most elegant way to mitigate the threat of EMFs no matter where you go. It directly neutralizes all EMFs you come into contact with and at the same time adapts to your body's energy, helping your body manage the stress of EMFs of all kinds, including 5G.

2. /Pure Light Pendant

The elegant Pure Light Pendant is perfect for anyone on your list. It provides EMF protection from all radiation from all sources, and looks great with whatever you're wearing. It's minimal, modern and easy to wear everywhere you go. It's unique and effective energy jewelry that directly mitigates EMF radiation and includes added energies for even more health support to the body.

Pure Light Pendant
Ageless Skin Care

3. /Ageless Skin Care Set

Healthy skin is a beautiful gift. Did you know that most of the skin care you use contains ingredients that bog down and work against your skin's natural ability to restore and regenerate itself? With Ageless Skin Care, we've left out all the nonsense and combined best-in-class ingredients with our proprietary bio-resonance energies to support and energize your skin at the cellular level so it can do what it's designed to do - be naturally beautiful every day.

4. /Carbon+ EMF Chip

Everyone has a cell phone, and everyone needs a Carbon+ EMF Harmonizer anti-radiation sticker for it. Cell phones are one of the largest emitters of EMFs in most of our lives, and we have it with us everywhere and always. The Carbon+ Chip will neutralize the EMFs coming from the phone to remove their negative health impact.

EMF Chip
Aura Protection cube

5. /Pyramid, Aura Protection Cube, Desktop Harmonizers

Beautiful to behold, these magical gadgets emit harmonious energy into your personal space and turn negative, chaotic vibes into a peaceful calm atmosphere. The Pyramid works on an entire room and the smaller harmonizers work more close in, like on a desk or side table. They make great gifts for anyone who values a zen-like atmosphere in their home or workplace.

6. /Harmonizing Water Bottle

An essential must-have gift for everyone on your list. Made of durable and insulated stainless steel, the Harmonizing Water Bottle makes all your water energetically perfect. That means it tastes better, goes down smoother and is more easily absorbed by your body. Everyone in your household needs one - including you!

Water Bottle
Citrine gemstone energy bracelet with silver clasp

7. /Success Bracelet

We all want to feel successful - yet everyone has a different definition of what that means. With the Success Bracelet, your jewelry becomes more than a beautiful accessory, it helps you pursue your goals and dreams according to what resonates with your Higher Self and the Highest Good which is the secret to living a meaningful life. There isn't a better gift than that.

8. /EMF Starter Bundle

EMF protection is essential in today's modern world. We've combined our two best-selling EMF protection products that everyone needs to get started on their journey to greater health and well-being. Everyone needs EMF protection and this kit is the best place to start. The kit includes a Pure Light Cuff and a Carbon+ EMF Harmonizer Chip for cell phones.

EMF protection starter kit
Energy Disc

9. /Sound Asleep Energy Disc & Spray

Great sleep is important for health and well-being but with all the stress in our daily life, it can be hard to come by. Our Sound Asleep Energy Disc and Spray is a natural, holistic remedy to tweak your energy so you can more easily downshift and coast into sweet slumber.

10. /Health & Harmony Bracelet

Our signature energy jewelry, the Health & Harmony bracelet brings four compelling energies into your biofield to help you manage stress, keep your immune system strong, balance your energy, and protect the body from negative energetic influences, including EMFs. This is truly giving the gift of health and harmony to the ones you love the most. Best part? It's super stylish and easy to wear. 

Harmony Bracelet