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Pretty and feminine

I wear this pendant with another emf-hamony pendant and a wrist band. These pieces got me through 2 airports, lot of people and time zones with minimal stress and discomfort. This pendant is pretty and feminine and works well with the other pieces.

Functional and beautiful

This bottle is good size for a pack or a purse as long as you are not too far from a water source. It seems to make water taste better although I am not an aficianado, per se.

Goes with me everywhere

My Pure Light Cuff is on my wrist everywhere I go. I travel a lot and it’s the one piece I never leave at home. I ordered the 14k version and will have it forever. LOVE!

Packs a punch

I love this necklace holder, especially because I can interchange energy tokens as needed. I recently got the no worries token to add to my collection to help me manage stress better. I thought I was doing pretty well until I started wearing it. Then it hit me- my reference point was completely off! Things that I can’t get done during the day don’t rattle me, and I can let go much more easily. These tokens are like having my own personal assistant! Actually, more like an energy team that packs a mighty punch!

Greatness in a tiny bottle

Excellent product, but all of your products are 5 STAR


I feel the peace that I get in the necklace. I know when I wear it the bad rays are not on me. Plus, it's beautiful. Everyone that sees the necklace loves it. I get to tell them what it does and where to buy it. I love all the products I have bought.

It’s a name changer

This review isn’t completely fair, because I pretty much have every product life harmony energies offers. It all started with the sound asleep spray I got for my mom who has been bed ridden for 5 years after a botched surgery. It worked, and I got her off of ambien. Now, the being well spray is making her stronger and she’s able to reduce her Hydrocodone. Her emotional well being has significantly improved. Her other health issues have significantly improved. All the sprays, harmonizers and jewelry have a powerful synergistic effect. Especially when applying the guru tips, and using the products consistently. I went all in quickly because of the situation I’m in, so, if you’re hesitant, don’t be. They should be called Life Saving Energies!

How magnificent! Such a blessing to hear this and we're so grateful for the positive effects for you and your mom.

Ageless Skin Care Set
Julie W. (US)
Best Skincare Ever!

I love all three of these products and have not been able to find anything better on the shelves! All natural and very clean with no harmful ingredients. Has helped to clear my skin from redness, bumps, dark spots, and fine lines. The oil-based products leave my skin silky smooth with a natural looking glow. So happy to have finally found high-quality skincare products that make such a difference. Please consider making a face wash too, I would be forever grateful.

That's so wonderful to hear! We're all obsessed with the skin care, too! And good news.... the perfect gentle cleanser is coming! Thank you for sharing your experience. We appreciate you!

Really settles down the room

I am electrosensitive and was suffering from fatigue and headaches when near the wifi router. Put one on and the room is much calmer and settled. Just like you can't see viruses and bacteria, you can't see the EMF waves but they do exist and affect our cells. It takes about 10 years for the science to settle but don't wait that long to suffer until the public finally recognizes the ramifications of all this electro smog we are surrounded by. Look up mitochondria and calcium efflux (overload) and niric oxide.

Yes! You hit the nail on the head. So happy to hear you're feeling the good changes!

EMF safe

I love the design and how it looks it's all very flowing together so nicely it's a perfect gift for any loved one

I love my bracelet, it’s just hard to use the clasp

It’s a beautiful bracelet. Less than a day and I’m already starting to feel the effects. I live in a heavy EMF household with 50+ electronic and wireless devices on at any given time because it is a smart home. I couldn’t figure out why I felt angry and anxious whenever I came home. I think my sensitivity to energy might be the culprit. It looks great and feels great so far! My only complaint is I have a hard time using the clasp to get it back on after the bath/shower etc. Hopefully that means it won’t fall off or break easily!

Thanks for sharing your experience with the new Luna Link Bracelet! We're so glad to hear it's helping you! We haven't had any reports of the clasp not working properly but if you do conclude that there's a problem with your clasp, please reach out to us at We're happy to help!

Success Bracelet
Rei K. (US)
Highly recommend

The order was processed quickly, and I received the bracelet with a 3-day manifesting ritual card. The bracelet is not only beautiful but powerful, almost magical. Thank you, Life Harmony Energies!

Love this bracelet

I have been in the rabbit hole of EMFs for a few years now. I am always looking for ways to protect myself, my family and my clients. When I saw this bracelet and did some digging, I ordered it. It is very comfortable to wear. Any protection we can get to help mitigate the effects of the EMFs is so important.

That's great to hear! We love this bracelet, too, and are excited to hear you decided to try it and are loving it. Thank you for sharing!

It’s gorgeous

I received this as a 32nd birthday gift. After purchasing a couple of items for my phone and headphones, I was impressed with the company and asked for a bracelet for my birthday. It’s beautiful, and I can feel the grounding effect after just a few hours of wearing it. I’ll take good care of it… but I don’t think I will be taking it off much! So thankful for a classic piece of jewelry that also benefits my energetic body. Thank you!

love this!

i absolutely love my life harmony bracelet! not only is it so cute and goes with everything, it helps protect me again emfs that i am around everyday!

This Energy Disc is awesome

The Energy Disc is easy to take with you and it’s compact. It definitely works and makes you feel better. It helps with food, drinks and jewelry. It’s a must to buy.

This bottle is amazing

This bottle changed the way the water taste and it helps you to drink more water. The taste is refreshing

That's wonderful to hear! We take it with us wherever we go! It's a must-have for sure and we're happy you're loving it too. Thank you for sharing!

So cute & classic! I wear this everyday

Loved and lost

I loved it! I lost it taking it off to shower and swim on vacation but because I loved it so much I’ll be ordering another one and one for my boyfriend too. The discount code I was sent in my email doesn’t work anymore so hoping to get at least 15% off to repurchase the same thing again plus spend over $300. Thank you!!

Love this bracelet

I've been looking at EMF protection items for a while and finally decided to get this one. It is of course very cute (which many are not:) but the company seems like a great one -- especially compared to other options out there -- so I felt confident in buying here. I really do think I've noticed a difference since wearing the bracelet, and even if it's a placebo effect, I'll take it!

The rebloomer

I could never get my orchids to rebloom. But the happy plants spray fixed that! It also brought back a spath I accidentally drowned. Pretty amazing stuff!

Beautiful bracelet

I ordered the silver tone braclet and I love it! It's versatile so it can easily be paired with other jewelry. It gives me wonderful piece of mind while wearing it and I feel safe. I take my braclet off at night before going to bed and then it goes right back on again first thing in the morning.

Meditation booster

I’ve noticed a huge difference in the quality of my meditation practice. I can “get there” much faster. Before using the spray I would linger in no man’s land struggling to focus until I gave up. I used to occasionally use adderall to help me meditate, and it gave me a sharp focus. This spray is interesting, my focus has an enveloping quality, more like an embrace- rather than an arrow. I love it!

Health & Harmony Bracelet
Deborah D. (US)
I like it

Really nice looking. Although, I got the wrong size. A little hard to put on with arthritis with holding the clasp and trying to get it on. Yet, once it is on looks great and I feel so much better.

Harmonizing Water Bottle
Deborah D. (US)
Worth it!

Nice bottle. Not too heavy. I like the size. I am happy I bought it.