Health & Harmony Bracelet - Men's

EMF protection energy bracelet

Health & Harmony Bracelet - Men's

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Our best-selling bracelet for men. We’ve combined four energetic frequencies in an easy-to-wear bracelet to support you from a physical, emotional, and spiritual perspective.

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There’s no other bracelet quite like a Health & Harmony Energy Bracelet. It’s easy to wear and stylish and no one will ever know you're wearing wellness around your wrist. Enjoy balanced health and a feeling of wellbeing from four energetic frequencies all in one beautiful bracelet. Includes EMF protection. 

  • Relaxation & Stress-Relief – Takes the edge off the anxiety that comes with your hectic life, which also sets the stage for sounder, more restful sleep.
  • Energy Balance & Boost – A balanced energetic state helps to maintain stability and serenity in your life, as well as keeping your energy replenished so that you don’t “run out”.
  • Health & Immune Support – Provides life-supporting biophotons to charge the energy in your cells, which is the foundation for good health and a strong immune system.
  • EMF Protection – Helps your body manage the stress and minimize the negative health impacts from exposure to electromagnetic radiation from your cell phone, WiFi networks, 5G towers, and countless other sources.


  • Advanced bio-resonance technology 
  • Total health protection you can wear 24x7
  • A favorite accessory that looks great with all your outfits

HOW IT WORKS. As the bracelet encircles your wrist, the bio-resonance energy it holds spreads into your meridian system and circulates throughout your body. The bio-resonance energy approach is an age-old but highly sophisticated way to heal and change your life from the energetic level, which is the very foundation from which it manifests.

+ The Health & Harmony Bracelet is ready to use when you receive it.

+ Open the magnetic clasp, place the bracelet around your wrist, click the magnet back together.

+ As the bracelet encircles your wrist, the bio-resonance energy spreads into your meridian system and circulates throughout your body.

+ Comfortable enough to wear all day and even while sleeping. We recommend that you do!

High-quality leather. Magnetic stainless-steel closure that snaps onto your wrist. Water-resistant.

8.9" in circumference when closed.

Proprietary bio-resonance energy. The energy lasts indefinitely and doesn't wear out or need to be recharged.

Clean with warm water and mild, natural soap. Please don't use harsh chemical detergents.

Q. How do I clean my jewelry?
A. You may clean the bracelet and the necklace with warm water and a mild, natural soap. Please do not use harsh chemical detergents on them. Please do not immerse the wood medallion of the necklace in water.

Q. How long will the energy in my jewelry last?
A. Its energy will last indefinitely. It does not wear out or need to be "recharged".

Q. Can I use my bracelet or necklace with other Life Harmony Energies products?
A. Yes! Feel free to use it with any of the other products, including our jewelry, harmonizers, or energy therapy discs or pearls. If you are using multiple energy stories (e.g. Health & Harmony, No Worries, My Way, etc.) we recommend starting with no more than 3 at a time, and if that feels good then add up to one more for a total of 4 at once.

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