Harmonizing Water Bottle
Harmonizing Water Bottle
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Water takes on all kinds of negative energy on its way to your faucet. The Harmonizing Water Bottle gets rid of all that bad energy, making your water perfect again. It makes your water easier to drink and easier to absorb in a few magical seconds. Of course, it’s not really magic, it’s just the power of energy.

Water Harmonizer Bottle

Product Details

  • Rugged stainless steel
  • Insulated to work for cold or hot liquids
  • Completely non-toxic and tasteless
  • Lid with silicone ring is leak-proof and durable
  • Fits in purses, backpacks, & cup holders
  • Holds 17.5 fluid ounces

Restores any water to its most beautiful energetic state so you can have better water wherever you go.

The Harmonizing Water Bottle will harmonize and vitalize your water, returning it to its natural energetic state and removing any negative energy it has absorbed. The beautiful crystalline structure of water in nature is restored, so your body is better able to assimilate and utilize its beneficial, health-promoting properties.

And the added benefit – your water tastes much better! You'll notice a smoother, more pleasant texture and a pure taste that better satiates your thirst. People rave about how much easier and more enjoyable it is to stay hydrated with harmonized water.

    Tap Water vs. Harmonized Water

    Water is arguably the most important nutrient you put in your body. Proper hydration with clean water is the very foundation of your well-being.

    Water found in nature has a crisp, beautiful, crystalline structure that your body evolved to assimilate and absorb to meet its needs. But the tap water most of us drink has been damaged by destructive energetic influences as it's cleaned and processed with chemicals and transported to our faucet (see example below). When you drink this water, you drink the destructive energy, absorbing it into your body and its biofield.

    tap water harmonized by the harmonizing water bottle

    The world-renowned Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto pioneered the microscopic analysis of water crystals using high-speed photography. In his book “The Hidden Messages in Water” he famously documented how the molecular structure of water is influenced by external energetic factors such as human emotions, EMF radiation, pollution, etc. Shown here are pictures taken using Dr. Emoto’s technique that show regular tap water compared to tap water harmonized with the Life Harmony Energies bio-resonance process.

    Healthy and unhealthy water differs in the way it forms crystalline structures. The more clear and crisp its crystal structure, the easier it is for a living organism to assimilate it into its cells. The crystalline structure also allows more energetic vibrations to be stored in the water and positively influences its surface tension.

    Learn more about how the Life Harmony Energies bio-resonance process influences water crystal structure on our Research page.

    + Fill the bottle with water. Within 30 seconds your water is harmonized, vitalized and restored to its natural energetic state.
    + Insulated to work for cold or hot liquids.

    + Insulated stainless steel
    + 17.5 fluid ounces
    + Lid is stainless steel and food-safe rubber. BPA and PVC-free.

    The Energy.
    Proprietary bioresonance energy. The energy lasts indefinitely and doesn't wear out or need to be recharged.

    + Hand wash with a natural dishwashing liquid. Don't put in dishwasher.
    + Depending on the quality of your water, the inside of the bottle may get residue accumulations. To remove these use a bottle brush to clean your bottle or take a wet, soapy dish towel and slowly twist it down into the bottle, then twist it back out and rinse the bottle.
    + To remove lime scale or other tough stains from the bottle, fill with water and 1 to 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and let it sit overnight, then wash thoroughly as described above.

    Q. Can I use the bottle with other liquids besides water?
    A. Yes, you may use with any liquids, hot or cold.

    Q. How do I use the bottle with an Energy Disc?
    A. Set the bottle on top of the disc for 60 seconds to bring the energy from the disc into the water.

    Q. How long will the energy in the Harmonizing Water Bottle last?
    A. Its energy will last indefinitely. It doesn't wear out or need to be "recharged".

    Q. What else can I do to harmonize my food and drinks?
    A. We highly recommend pairing the Harmonizing Water Bottle with our Harmonizing Plate, which you may use to harmonize any food or beverage.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews
    Elisa-Ruth P.N. (Ashburn, US)
    The Magic Touch: A Refreshing Take on the New Bottle Design

    The new bottle design has truly been a game changer for me. The water tastes exceptionally smooth and invigorating, making hydration a delightful experience. There’s an undeniable “magic” to this bottle; it;s as if it transforms ordinary water into a healthful, tantalizing treat. I’ve found myself reaching for refills more often!

    Kathy M. (Fort Wayne, US)
    Harmonized Water Bottle

    Love this bottle I can taste the difference of my water when poured in to it. It's got a smoother taste and I can drink it. I am not a big water drinker but it does have a much better taste to it.

    George S. (Bryn Mawr, US)
    My new favorite water bottle!

    I have purchased many water bottles over the years, including ones with crystals, stainless steel, borosilicate glass- and the Life Harmony bottle is my favorite. I have the older glass version, and I recently got the stainless model. I like both! The new one has the thermos feature which makes it more versatile,(hot and cold).
    I used muscle testing-kinesiology to compare different water bottle and the Life Harmony Bottles test the best. Yours truly, George S.

    Andrea S. (Prescott, US)
    Love my bottle!

    Water tastes better and smoother. The bottle keeps liquids cold (haven’t tried hot yet, but maybe in winter). I take it everywhere: work and even my European trip to Czech Republic.

    We're happy to hear you're loving your water bottle and it's become a trusty travel companion! We take ours everywhere, too!

    Anonymous (Detroit, US)
    Very nice drinking bottle

    I love this bottle it's not to big or to small. It's a very well made bottle and I love drinking out of it. It good to know that my water is being harmonized the moment I pour water in to it. It's just so fresh and tasty. Thank you for a great product.

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