EMF Harmonizers for today’s technology.

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Everyone needs EMF protection.

EMF protection is vitally important to your health and wellbeing. Our new Carbon+ EMF Harmonizers - made from pure energized carbon - are the latest cutting-edge solution for staying healthy in today's high-tech lifestyle. 

Why protect yourself from EMFs?

20+ years of scientific studies have documented the negative health consequences of exposure to man-made EMF radiation including:

  • Damage to DNA. Due to an increase in free radicals and oxidative stress.
  • Declines in immune response. Decreases in white & red blood cell counts.
  • Changes in hormone levels. Including melatonin & reproductive hormones.

Works on all your tech.

Protect yourself and family from dangerous EMF and RF radiation coming from your cell phone, laptop, and other wireless devices as well radiation inside your home and car.

Carbon+ EMF Harmonizer Chip
Carbon+ EMF Harmonizer Chip
Sale price $89
For all your gadgets. Protects you from harmful effects of EMF radiation from your cell phone, laptop, tablet, WiFi router, baby monitor, smart meter, and more.

EMF Protection Sticker for Cell Phones and Wireless Devices

EMF protection is a must-have in today’s modern world - and we have the technology to keep you safe.

New & Innovative Carbon+

We’ve been making EMF protection products for the past 20 years and now we’ve innovated our best-selling EMF Harmonizer to be made of energized carbon. Why carbon? Not only is carbon a sleek, efficient holder of energy, it has natural grounding properties, making it an even more robust tool for your healthy lifestyle. 

Benefits of Carbon+ EMF Harmonizer Chip:

  • Neutralizes the negative health effects of all forms of EMF and RF radiation coming from cellphones (including 5G enabled devices), Wi-Fi routers, Wi-Fi extenders, laptops, bluetooth, microwaves, and more
  • Lightweight, durable, scratch-resistant, and grounding carbon
  • Dual-protection technology proven to work
  • Thin 1.2” diameter with adhesive backing
  • Can be removed and reused on another device 

How many do you need?

The beauty of the Carbon+ EMF Harmonizer Chip is it works for all your devices. Simply use one or two chips depending on the EMF-emitter you want to neutralize:

  • Cell phone - 1
  • Laptop - 1
  • iPad / Tablet - 1
  • Wireless speakers, TVs, small appliances, etc. - 1
  • Baby monitor - 1 on each side
  • WiFi router - 2
  • WiFi extender - 2 for each extender
  • Microwave - 2
  • Induction cooktop - 2
  • Smart meter - 2
  • Smart home hub - 2

How does it work?

Learn more about EMFs and how the Carbon+ Chip protects you.

How to install?

Get installation instructions for the Carbon+ EMF Harmonizer Chip here.

Powered by our dual-level technology.

#1 - Directly neutralizes dangerous EMF radiation you're exposed to so it's no longer stressful to your health. #2 - Adapts to your energetic needs, giving your body beneficial energy and your cells invigorating biophotons which further support your health.


Proven to work.

The figure shows measurements taken with a HeartQuest heart rate variability (HRV) device and shows the effects of using a cell phone with and without our technology.
EMF protection study HRV test with cell phone

Real results.

"I have these harmonizers everywhere, in my home and now in my truck. I couldn't be happier with the results I've noticed in my mood and energy. I've noticed a significant improvement. It took me a few weeks to really start to tell the difference. I have been less lethargic, and more motivated in my daily tasks. The longer I go using the products the better I feel."


Carbon+ Car EMF Harmonizer
Carbon+ Car EMF Harmonizer
Sale price $99
Essential for today’s high-tech cars. Supports your health and wellbeing as you're exposed to electromagnetic radiation emitted by your vehicle and from sources outside of it.

EMF Protection for Cars

EMF protection while in your car is a must-have, especially with advances in automobile electronic technology. We have the technology to keep you safe.

New & Innovative Carbon

We’ve been making EMF protection products for the past 20 years and now we’ve innovated our best-selling Car EMF Harmonizer to be made of energized carbon. Why carbon? Not only is carbon a sleek, efficient holder of energy, it has natural grounding properties, making it an even more robust tool for your healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of Carbon+ Car EMF Harmonizer:

  • Neutralizes all forms of EMF radiation coming from gas, hybrid, and electric cars
  • Supports your health and well-being as you're exposed to electromagnetic radiation emitted by your vehicle
  • Lightweight, durable, scratch-resistant, and grounding carbon
  • Dual-protection technology proven to work
  • Thin 2" x 3" plate with optional adhesive backing
  • Can be removed and reused in another car

How many do you need?

  • gas vehicle - 1
  • hybrid - 2 (one in front driver's area, one in back seat area)
  • electric vehicle - 2 (one in front driver's area and one in back seat area)

How does it work?

Learn more about EMFs and how the Carbon+ Car Harmonizer protects you.

How to install?

Get installation instructions for the Carbon+ Car EMF Harmonizer here.

You may be wondering...

1. What are EMFs?

EMFs are electromagnetic fields of radiation swirling all around us but invisible to the human eye. Some EMFs come from natural sources (like the sun) while others are human-made. Human-made EMFs are now so pervasive, no matter where you look, you’ll find something that emits EMF radiation. Outside you’ll find power lines, cell phone towers, smart meters, and electric cars. In your home your microwave, TV, WiFi router, and laptop are all emitting EMFs into your environment. And your gadgets? Indeed… cell phones, wireless earbuds, smart watches, and fitness trackers all radiate EMFs into your body.

2. Are EMFs affecting me?

EMF protection has never been more important because we’re surrounded by EMF emitting devices no matter where we are. EMF radiation is dangerous and is affecting everyone living in our modern world as discovered by thousands of scientific research studies that have demonstrated negative health effects from EMF radiation exposure. More and more people are taking steps to protect themselves from EMF radiation because they’re realizing it may be why they’re experiencing fatigue, headaches, ringing in the ears, sleep disturbances, lack of concentration, dizziness, depression, anxiety, and more. If you’re noticing these symptoms and haven’t found a definitive explanation or solution, you may be suffering from electronic pollution in your body, your home, or your environment and not even know it.

3. How do the Carbon+ EMF Harmonizers protect me from EMF radiation?

Our EMF Harmonizers are made with a safe and effective technology that does two things. First, it directly harmonizes the damaging energetic frequencies of the EMF radiation you come in contact with so the impact is minimized. Second, as you continue using the harmonizers, the energy adapts to your body – supporting your cells as they’re stressed by all forms of EMF radiation and boosting their energy to an optimum level for good health. This dual-level approach is what makes our Carbon+ EMF Harmonizers so unique and effective.

4. Do these Harmonizers really work?

Yes. The Carbon+ EMF Harmonizers use the same bioresonance technology we developed in Europe and have been using successfully for over two decades. The effects of our technology in protecting human health in the presence of EMFs has been demonstrated in a host of studies. Bioresonance may be unfamiliar to you and seem unconventional and that’s because here in the USA, a holistic approach to health such as ours is not yet mainstream. Yet millions of people just like you are experiencing how powerful holistic modalities can be for their health and wellbeing. Read below what our customers say about our EMF protection technology.

5. How will I know if it’s working?

The real beauty of our EMF Harmonizers is there’s no way it cannot work. As long as you’re using it on your devices, it’s working. Even so, you may not "feel" it working. Some people do and some people don’t. It all depends on how sensitive you are, the health of your body, and the state of your biofield (energy system). Even if you don’t feel it working, the Carbon+ EMF Harmonizers are neutralizing dangerous EMF radiation and protecting your health. The best way to know how it’s helping you is to measure your health before, during, and after using the Harmonizers in the presence of EMF radiation. To do so, we recommend working with a naturopath or other holistic healthcare practitioner.

6. What are the results?

While we can't say for sure what results you'll experience, customers who use Carbon+ EMF Harmonizers have reported:

  • Better sleep
  • Fewer aches and pains
  • Less numbness and tingling in hand and arm when holding cell phone
  • No more headaches 
  • Improved mood
  • Less tiredness, more energy
  • Improved blood pressure

Results from the use of our products will vary from person to person.

From our customers


People really notice how "peaceful" or "tranquil" the house feels when the come inside.


I installed the Kit 1500 at my house and slept better immediately that night! It's been over two months now and I have to say a general fog has been lifted from my mornings. I have had better lucidity in my dreams, and have been waking up more refreshed than I have in a long, long time!


I put it on the outer in the office. I can feel a big difference. Less tired. It is amazing.


I recently purchased 2 for my hybrid car. i switched cars with my hubby & he has an electric car & i noticed i was really tired while i was driving, then it hit me that he doesn’t have these harmonizers, so i’m here today to buy them for his car bc i’ll be using it more often these days since we are letting our teen use my car.


As most I was skeptical but I noticed that just after the first day, I was less tired and achy. I was having an issue with my hand tingling after holding my phone...That is completely gone!


EMF Harmonizer for vehicles and for Cell phone has been helping me a lot. Have purchased bracelet and full house EMF Harmonizer. Can't explain it, but I do know and understand why my mother was complaining about EMF, and wish I knew about EMF Harmonizer when she was still alive.


It’s a great feeling knowing I’m protecting me and my family from EMF’s. We are surrounded by smart phones, tvs, computers, microwaves, etc. Thank goodness there is something out there to protect you from the dangerous side effects!!

Carbon+ Home EMF Harmonizer Kit
Carbon+ Home EMF Harmonizer Kit
Regular price $429
Harmonizes EMF radiation inside your home. Balances negative and positive ions creating better air quality and a high-vibe feeling in your home that feels good.
Choose kit
  • Free shipping

Whole House EMF Protection System

Make your home an EMF protected zone that feels good and IS good for everyone within it.

    Which kit to order?

    If you have access to the fuse box, add up the total amount of square footage the fuse box services and order as follows:

    • Kit 1500 – up to 1,500 sq. ft. (1 large & 4 small plates)
    • Kit 2600 – from 1,500 to 2,600  sq. ft. (1 large & 7 small plates)
    • Kit 3700 – from 2,600 to 3,700  sq. ft. (1 large & 10 small plates)
    • Kit 4800 – from 3,700 to 4,800 sq. ft. (1 large & 13 small plates)

    To calculate the correct square footage, add up all the area serviced by the fuse box even if you aren't using those areas. Include every room, basement, attic, garage, outbuildings, etc. that are serviced by your electricity. The Carbon + Home EMF Harmonizer Kit works by harmonizing the entire electrical network throughout the total area covered by the fuse box. If you have an area larger than 4,800 square feet, you'll need to purchase one of the Home Harmonizer Singles for each additional 400 square feet.

    If you DO NOT have access to the fuse box, you will purchase a number of Home Harmonizer Singles based on the size of the area to be covered:

    • Up to 1,000 sq. ft. – purchase four Singles
    • For each additional 375 sq. ft. – purchase one additional Single

    How does it work?

    Learn more about EMFs and how the Carbon+ Home Kit protects you.

    How to install?

    Get complete installation instructions for the Carbon+ Home EMF Harmonizer Kit

    Endorsed by Healthcare Professionals

    I have so many patients that had no idea how sensitive they were to EMFs until they started with the bracelet and cell phone protector. They noticed that "they didn't feel the electric" when walking into stores or areas with heavy WIFI use. Life Harmony Energies provides protective devices that work great and keep people on their journey to achieving better health.

    Melissa Dyer Fredrick, RN, BSN
    Covenant Natural Health Care

    As a health practitioner I see the effect this technology has on my patients. They're always blown away by difference it makes for them. Less fatigue, more stamina, better blood sugar regulation, better sleep, better cortisol balance, less adrenal burnout, are just some of the improvements I and others have noticed.

    Joseph Strickland, B.S., A.C.N.
    Better Body Clinical Nutrition

    I've been researching and utilizing EMF protection devices for over 15 years. The Life Harmony Energies technology has the most profound effect on optimizing the salivary pH (lymphatic acidity) and improving the heart rate, blood pressure and adrenal response to stress. I evaluated all the above factors on three test patients. The results were amazing, and at the end of the testing ALL results of the evaluation had improved in all three participants.

    Dr. Scott Storrie, D.C., L.Ac., P.C., N.E.
    Ancient Healing Wisdom

    After extensive research and studies I found these products to work on supporting the body and harmonizing the EMF radiation from the phone, computer etc. They bring the body into optimal balance proven with each of my studies. My patients always report noticeable differences with using these products as well. I am so grateful for these benefits as they help bring my patients to optimal health!

    Dr. Elena Morreale, DC, DABCI, DACBN
    Body Focus Innovative Health Care

    Words of wisdom. (We agree!)

    "We can’t control the amount of EMF exposure that we are inundated with, but we can do something to protect ourselves in order to keep our organs and systems as happy as possible in order to have long life and sustainability. "

    Melissa Dyer Fredrick, RN, BSN Covenant Natural Health Care

    The science behind EMF jewelry: How does it work?

    Wondering if our EMF jewelry really works? Read more about the science behind our technology.

    Legal Disclaimer: Life Harmony Energies products are not designed to treat or cure any disease or health condition, or to create any specific change in your health. Any statements in customer reviews are related to that person only, and results from the use of our products will vary from person to person. Read studies demonstrating results from using our products, including a double-blind study from a third party research institution. For returns and exchanges, read our return policy.