The science behind EMF jewelry: How does it work?

by Marty Grosjean

How EMF protection jewelry works

The EMF jewelry collection from Life Harmony Energies is a potent safeguard against the damaging effects of extremely low-frequency electromagnetic field radiation, which scientists believe can have long-term negative health impacts on the body from extended periods of direct exposure.

Symptoms can range from nausea, fatigue, and headaches to potentially hazardous carcinogenic impacts and increased electromagnetic hypersensitivity, all of which are still being studied and analyzed today due to the increased risks associated with consistent exposure to the increase in sources of EMF radiation that surround us every day.

Protection is vital for keeping ourselves safe from the ever-present growing threat of EMF radiation and that is why we have created a line of stylish and effective jewelry that uses our proprietary bioresonance technology, specially designed to offer multiple layers of protection against the harmful consequences of EMF radiation exposure.

This technology has been in use in Europe for over two decades to create holistic healthcare products as a means for healing and protection. Similar in theory and practice to traditional healing techniques such as reiki, qigong, and energy therapy, all of which have been around for centuries, the bioresonance technology that goes into every piece of our EMF jewelry interacts with the body's energy field (aka the biofield) and the energies around us that pose a threat to our health and well-being.

All of us are made of Life Force Energy, which creates our biofields and influences the physical and emotional energies that drive us. This energy also has a tremendous impact on our spiritual health and emotional well-being.

But what does this mean and how can it make a positive difference in your life? Let's explore the science behind our EMF jewelry and why it works:

A Word about Quantum Theory

First a bit of background to better illustrate the methodology behind the science of bioresonance technology. The basics of quantum theory point to an energy field that exists at the sub-atomic level, particles that are incredibly miniscule yet remain measurable as physical matter.

For decades, scientists and researchers have pinpointed a connection or a junction where quantum theory and human biology meet, and this intersection of the two has been studied to understand the real-world applications of targeting this connection for practical solutions to improving health and wellness. This research and experimentation has led to findings that our biology can be directly affected by activity within the quantum energy field.

These studies into the healthcare applications of quantum energy and bioenergetics are now more commonly referred to as Biofield Science. As further discoveries and revelations have emerged, this field has grown more influential as the basis for developing a wide range of technologies that emphasize the sub-atomic energy field for utilizing alternative yet highly effective and consequential therapies to treat illness and strengthen immunity. Where conventional therapies have shown little success or failed entirely, scientists and researchers have turned to sub-atomic energy research to unlock the possibilities of healing at the cellular level.

Bioresonance Technology and You

Our proprietary bioresonance technology has been developed on a solid foundation of the theories and findings of quantum theory and its impact on human biology. The idea that the quantum field is made up of particles of energy that give off vibrational frequencies has been part of the driving force that has unlocked the ways in which bioresonance technology can offer a reliable and long-lasting defense against extremely low-frequency EMF radiation.

Our technology has been created as a way to manipulate the particles in the quantum field. The influences on this energy from the frequencies of our bioresonance technology embedded in the materials of the pendants, necklaces, and bracelets in our line of EMF protection jewelry interact with the biofield in your body.

These frequencies disrupt the negative energy from the radiation of the electromagnetic fields emanating from the sources surrounding your body while fortifying the positive energy vibrating at a cellular level within the body.

Using the energetic frequencies of the biofield and our bioresonance technology as a safeguard against the rise in EMF radiation is just one of the many new and exciting therapies that have emerged as we learn more about the biofield and the ways in which cellular healing can have a dramatic effect on our health and wellness.

Twice the Protection with Bioresonance Technology

Our proprietary bioresonance technology is the main component that provides our EMF jewelry with the efficacy and results that customers are seeking. Why? Because it works on two levels - neutralizing or harmonizing the negative energetic influences of EMF radiation that can cause health damage, while boosting and supporting the internal positive cellular energy that protects our health from being damaged.

It breaks down like this, the bioresonance technology that goes into every pendant, necklace, and bracelet that has been crafted and designed to protect you from the prevalent menace of EMF radiation uses a one-two punch of Direct and Adaptive technologies. Emanating energetic vibrational frequencies targeting both the external and internal energies that can affect your biofield.

Direct Technology

This component of our bioresonance technology targets the external influences. The EMF radiation that is constantly emitted from a wide range of sources from our smartphones, tablets, laptop computers, WiFi routers, even those giant digital billboards capable of spreading intense light pollution for miles are sources of extremely low-frequency EMF radiation. The Direct Technology aspect of our bioresonance energy targets the damaging frequencies from the potentially hazardous radiation and harmonizes it, thus drastically reducing the harmful impact on your body and lowering the risk of symptoms that can develop and impact your health and wellness. To put it simply, the bioresonance energy emitted from the jewelry greatly neutralizes the harmful effects that can occur without protection.

Adaptive Technology

This component of the bioresonance technology inside every EMF jewelry piece we offer works to strengthen and enhance the healing energies already within the body by boosting cellular energy and fortifying the biofield to increase the protective properties in your natural vibrational frequencies. This is where the similarities can be found between the protective qualities of our products and the traditional medicines that have been in practice for centuries – both present a healing and immunizing influence on the biofield. These are non-invasive therapies that are designed to manipulate the bioenergetic vibrations of the body to promote healing and recovery, all of this taking place at the sub-atomic level.

Dual-Level Protection against EMF Radiation

In both instances, the energy is altered, manipulated, and influenced by energy information that has been embedded into the materials of the jewelry. This dual layered protection offers twice the safety and stability for a modern world that is growing all the more dependent on electronic devices, networks, and apparatuses that we've only just begun to study and understand with respect to long-term negative consequences on our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

While the experts in these fields learn and discover more about the potential harm of EMF radiation, you can turn to our collection of EMF jewelry and decide how much protection you need based on the area where you live, the EMF radiation that you have brought into your home, and your reliance on the devices that emit these potentially harmful EMFs.

We are here to help protect you and your family. As it becomes tougher to move away from the areas where EMF radiation has increased, protecting yourself has never been more important.

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