Research on our Bioresonance Process

Since the bioresonance process that powers Life Harmony Energies products happens at the level of quantum energy (aka Life Force Energy), it's not possible to measure it with traditional scientific instruments. The only way to document the effectiveness of the products is to measure changes in their target environment (for example water or the human body).

Throughout the 20 years that our bioresonance process has been in use we've done many tests and studies with such measurements that have indeed documented these changes. Below are the first studies and tests on the Life Harmony Energies products (more are currently underway that will be published here as they become available):

Double-Blind Study on No Worries Biofield Therapy

A third party research institute in Europe conducted a study on the calming / relaxing effect of the No Worries Energy Pearls, one of the Biofield Therapy products from Life Harmony Energies. This study uses the gold standard for such research - a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled methodology.

The study is based on extensive statistical analyses of 5 health measurements taken on 12 test subjects in 2 different testing scenarios - with the real product and with a placebo product. The report concludes that the product "influenced the vegetative nervous system in a calming (relaxing) manner while raising the tone of the somatic system".

The study involved the test subjects drinking water from the Life Harmony Energies Harmonizing Water Bottle in which the No Worries Energy Pearls had been dissolved. After a period of 30 minutes enough of the health parameters being measured had a statistically significant change compared to the placebo case that the evidence was conclusive that the calming / relaxing effects were in fact demonstrated.

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BION Institute No Worries Energy Pearls Water Bottle Research Study


Water Crystal Analysis

The world-renowned Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto pioneered the microscopic analysis of water crystals using high-speed photography. Water is directly influenced by the energy it is exposed to, as is all matter (including humans). Using water crystal photography, we can directly observe the effects of positive or negative energy on water by plainly seeing its crystalline structure (or lack thereof).

Life Harmony Energies commissioned a laboratory in Switzerland to use Emoto-style water crystal photography to take pictures of water that had been exposed to the various energy stories in its products. Below is an example image of water from the tap and water that has been harmonized by the Life Harmony Energies Home Water Harmonizer.

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Life Harmony Energies Water Crystal Analysis


Beneficial Cellular Effects from My Way Energy

(Please note: this research also pertains to the Success energy found in the Success Intention Bracelet which is the same underlying energy as My Way Energy so the same results would be expected)

A third party research institute in Germany did an analysis of the effects on human cells in vitro when mixed with water that had been energized with the My Way energy story from Life Harmony Energies. The results were based on a comparison of the energized (informed) water with water from the same source that had not been energized.

The study examined three aspects of cellular health - basal cell metabolism, cell regeneration, and endogenous generation of radicals. There was a statistically significant difference found in all aspects. The report concludes that based on the results of the analysis, the energized water could be used "to increase individual vitality and performance, to shorten recovery phases after physical burden/overload and to improve well-being".

The purpose of this study was to demonstrate that the bio-resonance technology from Life Harmony Energies has a physically demonstrable and positive effect on human cells. This is to counter the arguments that the effectiveness of our bio-resonance technology is all "in the head" or based on a placebo effect. This study was not to demonstrate that the My Way energy story is effective in accomplishing its goals, which is another type of study altogether.

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Bioresonance Health Effects Study