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Bioresonance is a bio-energetic approach to health developed in Europe that's been used successfully for decades. Once our products are infused with our bioresonance technology, they emit specific energetic frequencies designed to interact with your food, water, atmosphere, and your personal biofield to support beneficial changes in your energetic state, and thereby in your health and wellbeing.

The basis of our technology is the ability to collect, store, and transmit “information” to the human biofield. This information is essentially energy of a certain vibrational frequency, which will then interact with and influence the human body through the biofield – which also consists of vibrating energy.

This entire field of bio-energetic research is of course still controversial in the realm of conventional science because it's not measurable or explainable with classical scientific methods. It is, however, used every day in every corner of the world in practical application for supporting human health, generally in the realm of alternative medicine. This is changing though – as in the example of the now widely accepted healthcare treatment of acupuncture, which is based on bio-energetic principles.

Please see the details on how the bioresonance process works.

The real beauty of our EMF Harmonizers and EMF Jewelry is there’s no way they cannot work. As long as you’re using the Harmonizers on your devices and wearing the jewelry daily, the technology is working. Even so, you may not "feel" it working. Some people do and some people don’t. It all depends on how sensitive you are, the health of your body, and the state of your biofield (energy system). Even if you don’t feel it working, the Carbon+ EMF Harmonizers and the EMF Jewelry are neutralizing dangerous EMF radiation and protecting your health. The best way to know how it’s helping you is to measure your health before, during, and after using the Harmonizers and/or wearing the jewelry in the presence of EMF radiation. To do so, we recommend working with a naturopath or other holistic healthcare practitioner.

You can read documented results from numerous studies on our Research page.

This depends on how sensitive you are to subtle energy, the amount of negative energy you're exposed to on a daily basis, your general state of health, and many other variables. So in short, you may or may not feel any effects from using the products. Whether you feel anything or not, they'll be protecting and optimizing your biofield which in turn benefits your health and wellbeing.

Regarding the EMF protection products, a common question is will I feel it working? People who are sensitive to EMF radiation may feel a difference - and as you read the reviews on the product pages you will see many examples of that - but that's not always the case. Many people do not notice a difference, mainly because most people are not sensitive to EMFs. However, just because you don't notice the effects of EMF radiation does not mean that it does not damage your health, or that our EMF protection products are not helping.

It may be compared to taking a nutritional supplement. When you first take a new supplement you do not “feel” different, but it nonetheless has measurable benefits to your health, especially over the long run. Likewise, although you may not “feel” the effects, our bioresonance technology is supporting your body’s health, as has been documented in a number of studies (see the Research page on our website). Whether you are sensitive to the effects of electromagnetic radiation or not, they do damage your health with long term exposure.

Please note that Life Harmony Energies products are not designed to treat or cure a specific symptom or existing health condition that you may have. Even if a symptom is caused or contributed to by EMF radiation, any number of variables may impact its ability to be reduced - such as the strength of the radiation, your underlying health and energy state, other toxins in your environment, etc. Regardless of whether any symptoms you feel change, your health is being protected by our products.

Research has shown that EMF radiation exposure may contribute to a variety of health issues, but it is seldom the only cause, so you should not expect "healing" or "curing" simply by using the products. EMF radiation is an environmental toxin and it is important to support your body's health from its negative effects, especially over the long-term, and that is what Life Harmony Energies products do.

The energy within the products last indefinitely and do not wear out or need to be recharged.

Our Energy Pearls have an expiration date of approximately two years from when you receive them. One bottle will last for 6 weeks with regular use, or 12 weeks if using two stories at once.

This depends on what you're trying to accomplish. If you have a specific issue you want to address like poor sleep, anxiety, health support, or simply improving your personal energy, then the Personalized Energies are ideal. If you want to harmonize your home and the food, water, and other drinks you consume then the Food & Home Harmonizers are appropriate. If you want to protect yourself from harmful EMF radiation you can wear our EMF Protection Jewelry. our use our EMF Protection Kits Or to harmonize and improve your personal energy wearing our Energy Jewelry and using Energizing Skin Care is ideal. Of course to really optimize the energy in your life it’s great to combine the products!

Our Energy Jewelry and our Harmonizing Water Bottle are always a great place to start. Or check out our curated selection of products perfect for beginners: Where to Start Collection.

The products are infused with active energetic frequencies using our proprietary bioresonance process at our energy lab in Europe. From then on they emit that energy into their environment, be it your home, water, food, or body. Each product has a unique energetic frequency to accomplish its purpose.

The majority of the materials come from various countries in Europe. The effectiveness of the products comes from the energy they contain, not the materials of which they are made.

Yes, and it’s a great idea! Just a few notes about this though:

1) When combining different energy stories, start with no more than 3 at a time. If you feel good, you can go to 4. And it's fine to change around from day to day and use one combination one day and another the next, so you can use more than 4 stories in this way.

2) Don't combine more than 2 stories using Energy Pearls at once. No problem adding another story or two with the energy jewelry or an energy disc though.

3) Don't combine the Right Size Me energy story with Being Well or Sound AsleepRight Size Me is a complicated energy, so it's just an exception to the normal rules.

This depends a lot on your personal energetic state. Many people will notice a difference within a couple of days, but it takes a couple of weeks for them to reach their full effectiveness.

The pearls must be dissolved in the bottle, as they depend on the harmonized water to function effectively. Once they're dissolved you may put the water in other containers to consume.

They're made of Xylitol, a natural sweetener. You use so few that it doesn't noticeably change the taste of your water. You can learn more about Xylitol here.

No, since the products work at the energetic level, they will not interfere with medications, which are operating at the physical level. If anything, they are likely to make your other treatments more effective.

Please visit our navigation menu and go the page for your product, then scroll down to look for the How to Use section, which contains all of the necessary information. Please let us know if you have additional questions.

Company FAQs

Our U.S. headquarters are located in Boulder, Colorado. We don't have a storefront at this time, the products are only available for purchase on our website.

Our company has been doing business in Europe under another brand for over 20 years. We began selling in the United States with our EMF Harmony brand of EMF protection products several years ago. In 2021 we launched the Life Harmony Energies brand to bring even more of our exciting bio-resonance products to the United States.

We started the company to bring our bio-resonance energy harmonizing products from Europe to the United States so we can help people improve their lives. The energy in and around you plays a huge role in your health and happiness, and our products will harmonize and vitalize that energy to help you create the life you want.

Our mission is to help you optimize and vitalize the energy in your life so that you manifest the best life possible!

You can find tests and studies of our products on the Research page of our website.