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    Modern EMF bracelets that protect you from the harmful effects of EMF and RF radiation - everywhere you go.

    6 products

    The Pure Light Cuff is the stylish, versatile, and effective way to protect yourself from the harmful consequences of long-term exposure to EMF radiation. If you're not sure whether or not you need this type of protection, consider how often you use your cell phone or laptop, work in an office or home environment with Wi-Fi routers, or use a microwave oven to heat up food on a routine basis.

    Chances are you use these and many other wireless and electronic devices, appliances, and routers throughout the course of your normal day. Every day. Therefore, you are constantly surrounded by an ever-present and increasingly potent amount of electromagnetic radiation.

    Our Pure Light Cuff EMF bracelets offer dual-level technology protection to boost your health and harmonize the EMF frequencies that can damage your physical and psychological well-being in a stunningly elegant piece of jewelry to fit any occasion.

    Pure Light Cuffs - EMF Protection Bracelets You Can Count On

    You can rest assured knowing that once you slip the Cuff on your wrist, the energy is already hard at work because the materials, whether they are made of pure 14K gold or 18k gold-plated, have been embedded with our proprietary dual-level technology.

    The frequencies being emitted from the Cuff are harmonizing the EMF radiation and neutralizing it's unhealthy impacts on your physical body, your mind, and even your DNA. Reducing the potency of the radiation and increasing the health of your cells to boost immunity.


    EMF radiation represents an increasing risk to your overall health as we cling tighter to our electronic devices and continue innovating their capabilities to operate faster, more efficiently, over greater distances, and with higher quality of functionality.

    Experts have determined that prolonged exposure to these sources and forms of electromagnetic radiation can cause serious, long-lasting, and irreversible negative consequences to the most basic facets of human biology. The damage has been found all the way into our DNA, lowering our immunity against diseases as white and red blood cell counts have been reduced, and changes in our reproductive hormones have also been determined as a significant and realistic threat.

    Simply put: the more we depend on our mobile devices, the more we subject ourselves to the EMF radiation they emit. As a result, our quality of life begins to suffer and we are soon living in a world dominated by EMF radiation with no hope in sight of containing or curbing the dangerous consequences of our unintended actions.

    Doctors, scientists, academics, and researchers continue to debate the health impacts of EMF radiation on humans through long-term exposure. People who are experiencing symptoms of fatigue, insomnia, headaches, dizziness, anxiety, lower immunity against illness, and a lack of energy but cannot get a reliable diagnosis or a clear understanding of the reasons why they are experiencing these issues may be suffering from the effects of EMF radiation.

    Life Harmony Energies has developed a collection of EMF protection jewelry that safeguards your body from the unhealthy consequencs of long-term EMF exposure. Case in point: the Pure Light Cuff, a bracelet that you put on your wrist to maintain your health and well-being in the face of exponential increases in the sources of this type of radiation.

    Available in 18k gold plated, Silver-rhodium plated, Hematite plated, and pure 14k gold versions, the Pure Light Cuff is an ideal solution for protecting yourself against the EMF radiation that only continues to surround us in rural communities, urban centers, just about anywhere you decide to live, work, and travel.

    No matter which type of Cuff you decide to purchase, the materials from which it has been manufactured are infused with Life Harmony Energies' proprietary, dual-level EMF protection which offers two active methods for keeping you healthy:

    Direct Technology

    The first level of protection is designed to directly neutralize dangerous EMF radiation. The energies that your Cuff emit are extremely useful at rendering EMF frequencies harmless without interfering or disabling the devices in the immediate, surrounding areas.

    Adaptive Technology

    The second level of protection uses energies that adapt to your body and what it needs to fortify itself against the negative and damaging effects of EMF radiation. The energy from the Cuff becomes absorbed and engaged through your meridian system to give the body an enhanced, beneficial energy that circulates through you and energizes the cells to support good health.

    This all depends on how highly sensitive you might be to the presence of energy around you. Not every individual has the same experience when wearing one of our Pure Light Cuffs and receiving the energetic frequencies that are needed for protecting your body and mind from EMF.

    But the bottom line here is that you may not feel any immediate changes at first, or at all. This is due to the fact that people are all very different from one another and some have a higher sensitivity towards the energies that surround us. The condition of your health also plays a role and just because you don't feel any shift in your well-being doesn't mean it's not working. We recommend monitoring your health before you wear the bracelet, during, and after to get a more precise gauge on how well the Cuff has worked for you.

    While we are always updating our products to be as effective and efficient as possible, you can rest assured knowing that any LHE bracelet you purchase will provide 24-hour protection against 5G and EMP radiation in all its forms in your home and your surrounding environment.

    Therefore, our products are considered future-proof in that you will not need to replace your bracelet in a few years to remain fully protected against new devices and technologies that may hit the market at some point down the line.

    No. The energy contained in our LHE bracelets has been developed as a sustaining source of protective energy to keep you safe from EMF's and 5G technologies. It has been designed as a constant energetic influence to safeguard your health and neutralize the external effects of radiation that exist all around us. You do not need to recharge or re-energize the bracelet in order to continue enjoying the benefits of our products.

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