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    Shop our beautiful energy necklaces, delivering special energies directly to your personal energy field. Choose from EMF protection and self-development/spiritual evolution. Take your pick!
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    Negative energy is all around us. But you don't have to let it affect your mind, body, or spirit with Life Harmony Energies' collection of energy necklaces.

    The Life Harmony Energies Collection

    Whether you're seeking guidance in your journey towards spiritual evolution and development or you want proven protection against the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation that permeates our modern world, you can find it in our beautiful energy necklaces.

    Designed to guide your progress into the human being that you were always destined to be. Our Everlasting Charm Necklaces come in 18k gold plated or silver-rhodium plated variants with a reversible pendant and four individual charms that provide specific energies for promoting self confidence, inner strength, and the courage to find the wisdom to be more trusting and forgiving of yourself and others.

    Wearing this energy necklace means you are ready to take the first step towards self-discovery and realization through a multi-level evolution to a better, stronger, and more complete you.

    The Pure Light Pendant is dual-level EMF protection technology proven to work against all of the most intense sources of electromagnetic radiation. The health benefits of wearing an energy pendant are undeniable for those individuals who are subjected to long-term radiation exposure from cell phones, laptops, smart watches, power lines, electric vehicles, any and all forms of harmful EMF radiation including 5G technology.

    Soothing Energies to Support Change in Your Life

    When your Life Force Energy is receiving complete support from the various energies coming from the four charms on your necklace, your natural energies are working to protect you in mind, body, and spirit. The path of your ascension towards enlightenment and clarity of peace and wisdom to calm the mind and cure the soul is fully supported by the energetic frequencies from the four charms as they adapt to your inner energy.

    The charms support your body's inner life force energy to guide your spirit and consciousness to achieve greater levels of wisdom, fortifying your spiritual foundation so that you are ready to open your mind, heart, and soul to growing as a human being with a kind and forgiving spirit.

    Life Harmony Energies is Ready to Help You Get Started

    It's time to take the first step towards discovering the real you. The one who you are truly intended to be in this world.

    Put the Everlasting Charm Necklace around your neck and start to gain the clarity of self and acceptance of others and live the life that you were meant for and wear the Pure Light Pendant to protect your body at a cellular level from damaging EMF radiation that only continues to grow more pervasive and powerful as modern technology evolves.

    It may not be a simple journey free from strife and self-doubt but a life of positive energy awaits. These are not healing necklaces that we offer to the public, but instead, positivity necklaces that allow you to see the world and your path through it more clearly and more confidently. They provide energetic support to embolden your resolve for making necessary changes in your life.

    Are you ready?


    The charms represent various forms of positive energy in all the ways they can guide your evolution to find balance and live a fuller and more satisfying lifestyle.

    But like anything else that is intended to give us inner peace and power, the benefits of these charms and the energies they provide can only be unlocked through a gradual process of ascension. Developed by Dr. David R. Hawkins, pioneer of energy and consciousness research, the four charms of the necklace are not meant to be worn together all at once from the start.

    Instead, the four charms should be worn in stages. Adding one at a time to the pendant in order to enjoy the maximum benefit of each energy and ultimately transcend your current energetic state by finding your true inner wisdom.

    The charms' energies align together to support you higher consciousness through the energetic frequencies that are being emitted from the necklace. This abundance of positive energy is designed to encourage and sustain your personal growth for as long as you wear it on your body.

    Charm #1: Courage to Grow

    The first of the charms signifies your willingness to accept positive energy into your world with the courage to embrace change for a better life. You have a self-empowered outlook on the world around you and passion for life. Your approach to adversity is never defeatist and you are eager to take on new challenges and obstacles.

    The future is bright and while everything is not perfect all of the time, you view every opportunity to persevere with optimism and excitement.

    Charm #2: Trusting the Path

    The second charm offers an energy level where you feel positive and confident about the world, your place in it, and the direction of your path ahead. You may even start to give off positive vibes that people around you will recognize as laid back and relaxed. You let the small stuff slide and find yourself less judgmental of the decisions and behaviors of others.

    This path is bringing you closer to the ascension you seek and your worldview is happy and uplifting.

    Charm #3: Willingness to Give

    The third charm commences the level at which you feel joy and appreciation of life and these energies are inspiring you to help others through generosity of your energy, love, and gratitude. The energy of the third charm in conjunction with the power of the energies alongside the first two previous levels shows that what you put out in the world comes back to you as a result.

    This supports your inner wisdom and creates more happiness in every facet of your life.

    Charm #4: Living in Harmony

    Adding the fourth and final charm to the pendant indicates that your life is all about good vibes, unconditional love, and true inner peace with all of the energies working in combination to support your outlook on the future to come. Life is full of challenges but you are ready to meet them head-on as you live in balance and harmony.

    This pinnacle of your journey signals that you are now connected to the full potential of your body's Life Force Energy and living your life according to the Highest Good.

    The Pure Light Pendant protects your body from the harmful impacts of EMF radiation that are constantly surrounding all of us., the necklace and pendant on which the charms are meant to be hung are intended to protect your body from the damaging consequences from EMF's.

    EMF radiation is emitted from all of the electronic devices that we use every day. Cell phones, tablets, smart watches, wi fi routers, and the like are sources for low-frequency electromagnetic radiation that can start to inflict damage on the body through long-term exposure over extended periods of time.

    Since we use our electronic devices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, these otherwise low-frequency emissions can start to have a serious negative impact on the body and the mind. But when you wear the chain and pendant of the Everlasting Charm Necklace, you are protected against the dangers of EMF as the energies in these components of the necklace support the cells in the body when they become stressed from the impacts of EMF. These supporting energies have been embedded in the material from which the chain and the pendant have been manufactured.

    Neither the energies in the charms nor the ant-EMF protection energy in the pendant or necklace chain will ever expire, weaken, or fade out after a certain period of time. Our proprietary dual-level technology has been embedded into the materials themselves and will never lose potency, nor do they or will they ever require you to recharge them to keep enjoying their benefits.

    Not everyone will feel a difference in their physical health or emotional well-being once they begin to wear the necklace. This is because each and every one us has a different response to the energies that are contained within the charms, the pendant, and the necklace chain.

    Those who are particularly sensitive to the energies around us may experience some defined shift in the way they feel, others may feel no discernible response at all - but keep in mind the results are still very apparent and you will reap the benefits that come from our jewelry.

    This is true for the energies that come from the charms and the protective energies found in the chain and pendant. The beneficial energetic frequencies in the Everlasting Charm Necklace resonate with your body's internal energy system and your body will respond in whatever way is possible and needed, given your current state of energy.

    The results may vary from one individual to the next but they will always be evident.

    The bio-energetic technology in our necklaces will protect you against any type of device that emits EMF radiation, whether it's currently on the market or might be devised three years from now. That makes our necklaces “future-proof” so you can feel comforted knowing that you won't need to replace your necklace to ward off new technologies and devices that become commonplace in the years ahead.

    All LHE necklaces will continue working to protect against the dangers of EMF radiation without the need for recharging or energetically cleaning them. That's because our proprietary bio-energetic technologies are designed to be a consistent source of protective energy against EMF's. These technologies have been in use in a wide variety of healthcare devices and applications throughout Europe for the past two decades.

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