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“Wow, this place has really good energy!” That’s what people say about a home that is harmonized with the Harmonizer Pyramid from Life Harmony Energies. Bring a feeling of balance, security, lightness and atmospheric purity to your entire house or apartment. Simply place this attractive decorative piece in the center of the largest living area and feel the difference!

The Harmonizer Pyramid stabilizes the energy field in your home, clearing out negative energy and removing blockages. It creates a sense of sanctuary permeated by harmony, clarity, and safety. The bio-resonance process emanates the beneficial energetic frequencies that accomplish this, filling your home with a feeling of “good energy” – similar to what you feel when in a natural environment like the woods or the beach.

It is a square pyramid measuring 13 inches high and 7 inches each side on the bottom, made of attractive American Chestnut wood with an elegant Swarovski crystal on top. The spiritual qualities of American Chestnut include abundance, relieving worry, and transforming karma. Inside the pyramid are two ceramic elements to carry the energy to the crystal on top, which then projects it out into the home.

Your home is your sanctuary, and you spend more time there than anywhere else. So create a feeling of comfort and peace in your haven, confident that you are in a secure and harmonious environment. A balanced and protected energy field is optimal for the flourishing and thriving of all the inhabitants of your home – people, pets, and plants.

The ideal location for your Harmonizer Pyramid is in the largest room in your home where you spend the most time, and the closer to the center of the home the better. It is not critical that it is exactly in the center, however, as it will spread its harmonizing energy through an area up to 2,500 square feet.

If you have a very large home and/or two rooms where you spend a significant amount of time, then you may want to consider a second unit for even more harmonizing energy.

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