Anti-Aging Hype from a Man’s Perspective

by Marty Grosjean

why we don't hype anti-aging in our new energized skin care

The anti-aging movement is a $5 billion dollar industry that includes beauty care products, cosmetic surgery, spa treatments, supplements, and countless other ways to spend money fighting the physical toll of time. Although there are some products and marketing geared towards men, it’s primarily aimed at women. Why is that?

Well, it’s another example of our culture gone awry, and it’s low energy - bad energy! - through and through. Lots of low vibrational people trying to make a buck by sending negative energy into the minds of others. It’s downright insidious from this guy’s perspective.

But the good news is there’s a better way. So let’s reframe aging. Because there are soooo many good reasons to embrace it – including the changes it engenders in one’s appearance…

Congratulations, you’re aging! (That means you’re living.)

If you’re at the age where “young” is no longer a word that applies to you, you’re also at the age where you’ve probably realized there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, everything is right with that! Aging is actually the goal, right? To live means to age. And aging brings a whole host of gifts:

Age is Beautiful

Real beauty comes from the inside out. Regardless of your physical appearance, it’s your inner energy that shines through you, making you attractive. And if you’re living right, you’re growing and evolving yourself in mind, body, and spirit, and your energy is going up and up and you’re getting more beautiful all the time.

Age is Wise

There’s a LOT to be said for wisdom. It makes life easier. And just better. With wisdom, you have a higher perspective and you realize that so much of what you worried and fretted about when you were young is just not important.

Age is Freedom

Because the kids are older or out of the house, or you have more financial resources, or your job is more rewarding, etc. You likely have more time for yourself and for doing the things you love to do. Plus you care less about what other people think of you which is priceless!

Age is Connection

As you age, your relationships get stronger and more meaningful. Your connections to your dearest ones grow deeper as time goes on. And you let go by the wayside those whose energy doesn’t resonate with yours. Deep connections are full of love and satisfaction and are a big part of what makes life worth living.

Age is Joyful

Because if you’re doing it right, your energy is going up as you age. And good energy unquestionably brings joy to your life! Part of what wisdom gives is the recognition that energy is everything. When you’re mindful (something the young are not so good at) you fill your life with good energy and you vibrate at a higher level, and things just seem to go your way as you watch your joie de vivre get stronger all the time.

Skip the anti-aging hype.

So if you want to keep filling your life with good energy, then pay no attention to the anti-aging hype which is so prevalent in our culture. “Anti-aging” is just another way to focus your attention on what you lack. It preys on your fears and only lowers your vibrational energy and makes you feel bad. Instead aim your attention higher. Gratitude is an automatic energy-raising process that makes you feel good inside. You have soooo much to be grateful for (including aging!), and a few minutes every day spent counting your blessings and saying thank you to the Universe will serve you very well.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best as you age. But it’s important only because of what it means to you, not because of what others think. When you look in the mirror you want to be happy. But there’s nothing wrong with some wrinkles and gray hair and a bit of sagging here and there. It’s how the Universe works, and it works that way for a reason, so you can embrace it.

Aging is a side-effect of living.

Everyone and everything ages - it’s part of the miraculous flow of life. An old tree, an old dog, and yes even old people, all have a beauty that shines forth from within. It’s a beauty that comes from having seen the years pass by. And there’s no other way to get that beauty.

Sure, you were once young. And of course today’s youth will soon not be. So don’t look at the marketing images and think “if only.” We all have our seasons. And as long as we live each one to its fullest, then we’re living a good life filled with good energy.

Ageless Skin Care

You may have noticed at Life Harmony Energies we have a new line of skin care. Let us make it very clear that they are not about fighting aging. These amazing products are about using the power of good energy to help your skin be its healthiest and look its best. Because beauty is timeless and has nothing to do with age. That’s why we call the product line “Ageless.”

If you want to try some remarkable skin care products, we would encourage you to give our Ageless Skin Care a try. The entire collection is made in Europe of only the purest natural ingredients that work magic on your skin. When we say magic we don’t mean it erases all signs of aging so you no longer look like yourself. That would be weird! No - the magic in our skin care is that it helps your skin be its absolute best.

Three things that make Ageless Skin Care different:

  1. Allows your skin to breathe & thrive. Most skin care is loaded with chemicals and filler ingredients that are not only harmful to your skin (and the ecosystem) but make your skin lazy. Your skin knows what to do! Our skin care unlocks your skin’s natural energy-making process so it can stay in tip-top shape.
  2. Ingredients go deep into the cells. Our skin care brings ingredients deeper into skin layers so your skin gets nourished and balanced at the deepest levels.
  3. Bioresonance energies truly enhances effectiveness. Our exclusive formulas give you something no one else can - our proprietary bio-energetic information that improves your skin’s cellular vitality and amplifies the effectiveness of the ingredients even more.

Happy skin is beautiful skin.

When your skin is healthy, it's happy and you don’t have to spend time and energy worrying about how it looks or trying to "fix" it. It's naturally beautiful.

It’s not about fighting aging. It’s about loving yourself and taking good care of yourself - whatever age you are. Because let’s face it - it’s a blessing to age! We’re here to help you live life to the fullest and embrace the skin you’re in.

Till next time,

Chief Energy Guru

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