Are EMF Necklaces Effective? A Deep Dive into the Research

by Marty Grosjean

Are EMF Necklaces effective

EMF exposure is all around us. The electromagnetic radiation emitted from our cell phones, tablets, 5G towers, wi-fi routers, and the devices upon which we rely, day in and day out, is ever present in our lives.

While this form of EMF radiation is within the low-frequency range, recent findings identify the potential for a significant correlation between long-term exposure to EMF and harmful effects on the human body, including carcinogenic and reproductive harm, as well as cardiovascular and hormonal changes.

EMF protection products in the form of wearables such as necklaces provide support and protection against the consistent and continuing threat that we currently find ourselves facing as our dependence on modern technology increases and the by-products of these innovations remain a mystery.

Effects of EMF Exposure: The Risks to Health and Well-Being

The effects of EMF on the body and the potential risks to our collective health and wellness continue to be under scrutiny and extended exposure can bring about symptoms of increased electromagnetic hypersensitivity, punctuated by symptoms of migraine headaches, and feelings of nausea and fatigue.

These impacts are alarming enough as short-term consequences but the growing concerns over the long-term consequences of electromagnetic fields on our tissues from cell phone radiation have garnered the attention of the scientific community who are becoming more worried about the high risk that comes with exposing ourselves to electromagnetic radiation all the time.

A wide range of studies from various sectors of the medical and holistic communities have found cause for alarm in the findings that demonstrate the short-term and long-term harmful effects in children and adults and the components of the body that sustain the most damage.

In addition to headaches and fatigue, prolonged exposure to the microwave radiation emitted from mobile phones and electromagnetic fields radiating from the various towers and technologies that are required to make these cell phones work properly, have been shown to cause cognitive impairment, inability to concentrate, and a reduction in learning potential in children.

Further research has found that the impacts of consistent, routine exposure to electric and magnetic field radiation can have a cogent biological impact on altering and influencing the metabolic processes of the cells in our bodies. Electromagnetic radiation presents a capacity to alter the chemical structures of human tissue and this elevated saturation of RF radiation and electromagnetic energy can directly affect and disrupt the natural electric current present within our bodies.

The World Health Organization, through the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), released a comprehensive study in 2011 showing a connection between the growth of malignant brain cancer and exposure to radio-frequency radiation. At one time, this low-grade form of radiation had been previously categorized as harmless, yet continued research into the negative impacts of RF radiation on the human body determined there were real dangers associated with the rapid heating of biological tissue. So, if nothing else, this supports the research community's dogged approach to continue monitoring and studying the effects of the stages of EMF exposure as technologies and research methodologies change and evolve.

The Best EMF Protection Products and How They Work

What if protecting yourself from the harsh and damaging effects of EMF was as easy as putting a stylish pendant around your neck? At Life Harmony Energies, our eye towards research and design combines an effective safeguard against the negative impacts of electromagnetic radiation with a collection of sophisticated and attractive necklaces that have been infused with our proprietary bio-resonance technology that works at a cellular level to ward off the dangers of EMF in our modern world.

But exactly what does that mean and how is one necklace providing any type of benefit for keeping you free from the effects of electromagnetic radiation? It starts with our life force energy. You have it, we all have it. You can’t see it but this energy has a strong influence on our physical energy and emotional energy. This energy feeds into your biofield and there is a whole division of scientific study that has been exploring the effects of the biofield on our emotional and spiritual wellness as well as our physical health and well-being.

The life force energy that feeds and supports the biofield has become a topic of much intense debate for the past two decades as researchers are now beginning to understand how that energy influences and supports the main aspects of our existence. This has opened the doors to the development of devices and treatments, many of them rooted in the ancient remedies of traditional Chinese medicine that target our natural bioenergetic frequencies to promote health and wellness.

So what does that mean for protecting yourself from the dangers of EMF exposure by wearing a necklace? It’s all happening in the biofield.

The Role of Quantum Energy

The field of biofield science has become a discipline that has garnered more acceptance as a means for understanding how the energy in our bodies can be utilized to improve our lives and protect our health.

The basic premise behind the theory of quantum energy is that an energetic field, made up of extremely tiny and minute particles that are too small to be seen by the naked eye but maintain a measured density to still be considered particles of physical matter, exists on a subatomic level in our bodies.

It is at the crossroads between this energy and our human biological structure that lies new and inventive methods for preventing and treating illness in the healthcare space.

Through waves of studies hypotheses and experimentation into the complex intersection of human biology and quantum theory, the scientific community has been developing groundbreaking and innovative healthcare and medical applications that are designed to implement influences in the vibrations of quantum energy and bioenergetic frequencies that comprise the biofield that each one of us possess.

The possibilities are endless as more research is performed into the capabilities of the biofield and the keys to quantum energy and bioenergetics unlock more effective, alternative therapies for not just treating illness but preventing it through boosting our immunity on a subatomic level.

How the Biofield Can Help Heal and Protect

When you use your cell phone, there is energy emitted from the device in the form of extremely low-frequency EMF radiation. Much like that cell phone, there is an energy in your body that flows freely from you and helps to regulate the necessary, important functions that allow you to exist, thrive, and maintain a healthy quality of life.

But when those two energies interact, cell phone radiation can have a disruptive effect on various components of your body to reduce your health and immunity. You may not see all of these actions taking place with your own two eyes but you may feel the effects of this interaction through the litany of symptoms we've already discussed above, from minor fatigue to overwhelming headaches or nausea. The long-term consequences may be felt further down the line.

The bioenergetic frequencies in our bodies are vibrating energies that exist in our cells. The atoms that make up these cellular structures are always in motion, creating vibrational fields that bring together all of the important functional systems and connective tissue of the human body. These energetic fields comprise our physical and psychological makeup and contribute to the structure of our biofield.

The science that has evolved in the study of the biofield is nothing new it’s all predicated upon healing treatments that have existed for thousands of years. These include disciplines for healing and recovery like acupuncture, herbal remedies, tai chi, qigong, and other ancient methods for treating everything from pain and inflammation to chronic diseases to calming the mind and spirit.

Taking many of the same healing remedies and disciplines from centuries ago and applying them to today’s ailments and illnesses, the same holds true in the power of energy healing and protection against EMF exposure that is everywhere around us.

Remember the example above about the energy coming out of the cell phone and the energy within you that is being negatively affected? Now let’s introduce a third element into the equation: an EMF necklace.

EMF Protection in the Biofield

Biofield therapy, as a way to protect against the hazards associated with electromagnetic radiation, uses non-invasive forms of biofield manipulation to not only restore the body from within but to protect it from external dangers caused by all of the most impactful types of EMF and RF radiation.

The same theories of using energy to heal and support proper bodily function that have been trusted and effective for thousands of years form the basis of the bio-resonance technology that has been developed for protecting the body from EMF radiation.

An EMF necklace that you wear every day gives off an energy not unlike that vibrating in your cells, creating a biofield aura around you, and similar in its delivery to the energies that are coming from your cell phone.

The difference, however, is that your EMF necklace is giving off a protective energy, designed to support your health while the cell phone is giving off negative, damaging energy that your EMF necklace energy is neutralizing when the two come into contact with one another.

While the bio-resonance technology coming from your EMF necklace is harmonizing or neutralizing the damaging energy of the electromagnetic radiation, the biofield is absorbing and conveying the information from the necklace to the areas of your body that need to be supported to ward off the negative impacts of EMF’s.

How Bioresonance Technology Protects from EMF Radiation

The bio-resonance technology that is embedded into every EMF necklace from Life Harmony Energies is built upon extensive research into quantum energy and the capabilities that exist for influencing human biology.

Remember, quantum energy is composed of millions of infinitesimal energy particles that vibrate. The development of our bio-resonance technology as a way to protect from the harmful effects of EMF is based on the ability to manipulate and influence the particles in the quantum field.

The bioenergetic information contained within the necklace interacts with the biofield to interrupt the negative energy of EMF radiation and enhance the positive energy that is vibrating within your cells.

The effect is a dual-level potency that works both inside and out whenever you are wearing the necklace on your person or if you have it in your immediate vicinity, so you are always enjoying the benefits of the energetic technologies being emitted from the product. The energy from the necklace interacts with your body’s energy field and the harmful EMF radiation and negative energetic frequencies that are everywhere, in our homes, in our cars, in our cities, surrounding us every day.

The Dual-Level Potency of Our EMF Protection Products

The bioenergetic technologies contained in our EMF necklaces are designed to work in two ways at once. The first is by harmonizing the external sources of EMF radiation that you are going to encounter and directly interact with on a routine basis throughout your day. You’re always using your cell phone, your wi-fi router is always active to ensure you have a powerful internet connection, your smart TV, even your electric car - all of it is a never-ending source of electromagnetic radiation.

The second is by fortifying and strengthening your body at the cellular level for an immunizing effect against the negative influences from these constant sources of EMF radiation, to offer increased protection for your health and wellness.

We call these our Direct and Adaptive Technologies, designed to address the energies, both internal and external, that impact the biofield and safeguard your health and wellness from the proliferation of damaging by-products of modern innovation.

Direct Technology Protection

This level of EMF protection is designed to protect from the external sources of EMF radiation from your electronic devices and routers to the towers and blue light screens that you are likely to interact with throughout your day. The Direct technology bio-resonance harmonizes the extremely low-frequency electromagnetic radiation that is emitted from all of these sources in a constant barrage that can impact your health.

The energy from your EMF necklace reduces the dangers of that impact by harmonizing the energy from the device and minimizing its potential for harm.

Adaptive Technology Protection

This level of EMF protection focuses energy on the body, fortifying and strengthening the cellular energy and increasing the healing effects of your biofield to make the protective aspects of your cells’ natural vibrational energy more effective for warding off the damage from EMF radiation exposure. Much like you would benefit from the energetic healing and effects of traditional Chinese medicine, the energy found in our bio-resonance technology is a non-invasive form of healing that promotes healing and support of the biofield by targeting the subatomic energy fields in the cellular structures of the body.


The research provides a wealth of information that helps to inform and educate about the efficacy of EMF necklaces as a protective measure against all EMF radiation. But judge for yourself, once you start wearing an EMF protection necklace you may ask yourself what took you so long to safeguard yourself from the dangers of electromagnetic radiation that continue unabated in our society.