Are You on a Spiritual Journey?

by Marty Grosjean

2 lessons on your spiritual journey

Yes. You most definitely are. Or perhaps you could call it an energetic journey. Your life’s journey is all about raising your energy. 

We’re here to increase our energetic vibration and become lighter – lighter as in less dense energy and more divine light.

Your soul is on a spiritual/energetic quest, that’s why you’re here. And the same goes for everyone else too. Every single person on the planet.

You may be wondering how we can possibly know that? Well, there’s a lot of “data” out there that corroborates this conclusion. First, from the sages who’ve been contemplating and meditating on the issue for thousands of years - sages from every corner of the planet who had no contact with each other, but who all found the same answer. And you can add to that the experiences of those who have crossed to the other side and come back (i.e. had a near death experience). And then there are those who have crossed to the other side and then channeled their messages back to someone here on earth. It happens. And the message is always the same.

The message is, “You’re here on Earth to evolve your soul and raise your energetic vibration.” Your soul came from a lighter, divine plane outside the physical world, and that’s where you’ll return to. In the meantime you’re here to learn and evolve and enlighten yourself. And before you were born you chose this life and everyone and everything in it because you thought it was the best path for you.

Whoa! So what does that mean for how you should be living your life? Have you ever thought about that? It’s worth doing, because the really good news is that the more progress you make on your journey, the better your life becomes. In fact it’s the best and really the only way to manifest the most rewarding, joyful life possible.

We talk about it all the time here in our Energy Talks. Raise your energy and watch the magic unfold. Watch your relationships improve. Watch your fears and anxieties melt away. Watch your money problems and career challenges dissolve. Watch unexpected synchronicities just pop up out of nowhere, bringing beauty and happiness into your life. It’s just how it works. And it’s all about improving your energy.

And so how do you improve your energy? Well you can start by reading all of our Energy Talks. 😊 But here we can give you some ideas to think about.

Lesson #1: Learn Who You Really Are

Here’s a hint: you are not your physical body and all the thoughts and emotions rambling around in your head. You are an energetic being. The real you is your energy. It’s what you were before you came into this body, it’s what you are now, and it’s what you will still be when you leave your body. Just your energy.

Of course for some reason we’re wired not to see it that way very easily here on earth. The earth is full of dense energy, and the mind is programmed to live in it. So our “default” state is to think of ourselves as the body, and to experience the world through our physical and mental perception of it. But here’s the thing, what you experience through your perception is really just an illusion.

An illusion? Yes. Not that the world is an illusion – it’s very real. But the way you see it through your body and mind is an illusion. It’s clouded by all your history and karma and energy and environment and even the collective consciousness. It’s not reality.

Just remember that everything you think and feel is nothing but a bunch of chemical and electrical activity in your brain. That’s it. Just a dense blob of flesh that manages to create thoughts and images and feelings out of chemicals and sparks. Is that who you really are? Nope.

You are the energy/spirit/soul that lies behind all that. What happens on this energetic level is what manifests your life. Nothing your brain does affects the course of your life or your level of happiness. In fact it’s just the opposite. The busier your brain, the less you can pay attention to your energy, so the slower your journey progresses.

That’s the first lesson. Remember who you really are. You are energy. So plan your life accordingly.

Lesson #2: Love Who You Are

Whatever you do, don't worry about what other people think of you. After all, if someone is judging you it’s just the chemical and electrical activity in their fleshy blob of a brain that’s clouded by all their history and karma and energy and environment. How could that possibly matter? It doesn’t. If someone judges you as something less than beautiful and miraculous and perfect, they’re clueless. And sad to say, so many people are clueless.

But you know better. You are a divine energetic being here on your journey and all that really matters to you is making progress on that journey. And while you’re doing that your life is getting better all the time. So that’s what you care about. Not what anyone else thinks.

And of course this applies to you too. You don’t judge anyone for anything. You recognize everyone else is also a divine energetic being on their journey, and they’re most likely in a different place on their path than you. That path is going to influence how they act. Their energy may or may not resonate with yours. If it does, you like them and you hang out with them. If it doesn’t, you just avoid them, but you don’t judge them.

Here's how it might look in the real world. Two bystanders with different energy levels are watching two people having a fist fight outside a bar. One bystander is mad and upset because these people are disrupting his life and they’re terrible and evil and they should be punished to teach them a lesson. And the other bystander looks at them with compassion and she feels empathy for them because they’re obviously struggling on their journeys and are not in a good place in their lives.

The upset one starts to absorb the negative energy of the fight, because his negative energy is resonating with it. And so he gets even more upset. The compassionate one is sending good energy to the fighters with her empathy, and so the negative energy from the fight doesn’t influence her at all because she's “above” it. Guess which approach is the right one? Guess which bystander has a higher energy level? Guess which one is happy?

So that’s the second lesson. Love yourself as the beautiful energetic being that you are and don’t worry about what others think. Just keep filling yourself with positive energy and you’ll see the world in a positive light. And watch how happy you can be.

Stay tuned here and we’ll send you some more ideas soon. In the meantime just keep remembering who you really are and loving it. It’s all about energy…

Till next time,

Chief Energy Guru 

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