3 side effects of meditation. (You won't find these in a book.)

by Angela Swanson

Reading about meditation versus practicing it

I’m a book lover. Books are like a food group in my world. They’re stacked on my kitchen table, on the floor beside my kitchen table, on my coffee table, in bookshelves, on my bed stand. Don’t even talk about my desk. They’re literally everywhere.

The books I love the most are ones that teach me something. These books have been like friends on my journey and I can’t part with them! So as much as I love reading my books there’s just one problem.

At some point, I have to do it. Like, do what the books say to do.

Take meditation for example. Meditation is one of my passions. I’m literally in love with meditation. What I know for sure is no amount of reading about meditation will ever give me the benefits that meditating will.

Seems obvious, I know.

We here at Life Harmony Energies are always talking about Life Force Energy and how to connect with it and work in harmony with it. Meditation is one of the tools we use and we want to share the practice with you so you can establish a good strong connection with Life Force Energy and then experience the good “side effects” that daily meditation brings.

The following good “side effects” of meditation are real (and well documented) but just so we’re clear, you won’t get them from reading books about meditation and then not actually doing it:

Side effect #1: Less stress, more peace, and a permanently calmer mind. 

Meditation dissolves stress from your nervous system that’s been building up over your lifetime. It’s like brushing your teeth. All that plaque that would be on your teeth if you didn’t brush every day? Yuuuuk. Meditation gets rid of accumulated stress so peace and calm become your daily default mode.

Side effect #2: Being fully present and productive. 

Meditation trains your brain to help you stay in the present moment which is great for you, especially if you tend to ruminate on the past or worry about the future. You can also focus better which helps you do one thing at a time and get more accomplished instead of habitual multi-tasking and burning out.

Side effect #3: Feeling as good as you can so you can do as good as you can.  

Meditation puts you in touch with your True Self; who you really are and what you really want. You stop waiting for "someday" and settling for less. You show up for life right now with confidence and more self-love so you can make a bigger impact in your family, workplace, and community.

So on those mornings you’d rather sleep in than meditate, or when you’re tempted to read — and then read some more — about other people’s experiences with meditation (and their opinions) instead of practicing it yourself, remember this one thing:

Knowing about meditation won’t help you. Doing it will.

Do you need help getting started with meditation? Or making it a daily habit? Finding a good teacher is a great idea. Or you can download an app that will help you learn the basics and give you some guided practices that are easy to do.

Happy meditating!

Till next time,