Clearing Negative Energy from Your Home

by Angela Swanson
Clearing Negative Energy

A happy home is a healthy home and a healthy home is free of bad vibes and negative energy.

We spend so much time planning and making decisions about the interior décor and furnishings of every room in the house, but we often fail to put that same level of care and attention into clearing negative energy from inside the home for a calm and serene atmosphere.

The home should be a place of peace, tranquility, and positive vibes. When negative and bad energies are allowed to hang around inside of your home, that stagnant energy can impact your mood, your mental clarity, and lack of enthusiasm for the things you used to enjoy, eventually leading to ill health and diminished well being.

The way to clear negative energy does not necessarily involve obscure cleansing rituals or fragrant smoke from burning sage or incense. Life Harmony Energies offers a collection of harmonizing products for removing negative energy from your home that are proven effective at keeping negative vibes from having a detrimental impact on the balance and harmony of your private domain.

Wallowing in negative energy can lead to frequent negative thoughts that can affect your attitude and darken your spirit. Removing negative energy from the home is crucial for achieving success in every facet of your life.

Life Harmony Energies aims to promote positivity in all things and we are eager to inspire our customers to reach their maximum potential without setbacks in the form of negative emotions and pessimism.

Get rid of negative energy that threatens to dull your spark and place only obstacles in your path to spiritual happiness and personal success.

Negative Energy Can Come From Anywhere

You won’t always detect negative energy around you but you will encounter multiple sources of negativity wherever you go, throughout the day.

Some situations are obvious - you interact with a friend or even a stranger with negative emotions, you visit a location or address that is associated with negative events, or you find yourself involved in a negative incident of some kind that results in some level of physical injury or emotional trauma.

But those situations which may not be so obvious are areas where a tragedy in the past occurred and someone or a group of individuals passed away or you enter or pass by or in some way interact with areas underground or above the surface that are interfering with the Earth’s natural vibration. These are areas where you can absorb negative energy that exists and take it with you, bringing it along wherever you go and even introducing it into your own home.

What about that old antique desk you bought at an estate sale or the flat-screen television you got for cheap from a consignment shop? Everyday objects can hold and transfer negative energy as well, particularly a used item with an unknown background. You don’t know how it found its way to the place where you discovered, purchased, and decided to transport it to your home.

Any negative energy that might be contained or associated with that item has now been invited into your home with you.

The fact is, there are so many opportunities for negative energy to enter your life and affect you in ways that might catch you entirely unaware, but make no mistake, these negative and bad energies can be unhealthy for you and your family.

When you are ready to clear the negative energy from your home it can be tough to identify when, where, and even how these vibrations of negativity entered your environment but you will start to feel their effects.

That’s when you know it’s time to clear bad energy from your home, the place where you are supposed to feel safest. The way to clear bad vibes and negativity is to take a wide-ranging comprehensive approach to reinforcing only peace and positivity.

Harmonize and Neutralize the Negative Energies That Pose a Threat

Prevent negative energy from compromising your emotional well-being and impacting your health by restoring balance and harmony in the home with effective methods that you can trust will work.

The Harmonizer Pyramid: Stabilize the Good Energy in Your Home All Around You

Removing negativity throughout the home allows for the good energy to remain and empower you to live in harmony. Utilizing the power of high vibrational energy, the Life Harmony Energies Harmonizer Pyramid “deep cleans” the negative energy in your home and stabilizes the energy field in your environment to remove barriers and blockages to positive energy as you and your family enjoy the beneficial energetic frequencies of our proprietary bioresonance process.

The Harmonizer Pyramid creates a properly balanced and protected energy field to imbue your home with the feeling of comforting, pleasing energy not unlike that found in many natural outdoor environments known for reducing stress and promoting a sense of calm.

Wouldn’t you prefer to have a stress-free mental state that only a day at the beach can provide? Now with our Harmonizer Pyramid, you can enjoy the positive vibes and vibrational frequencies of spending time in the sun and sand without actually setting foot along the shore.

By stabilizing the energy field in the home with frequencies that are emitted from the Pyramid, you can start to begin to make major changes in the energy of your surrounding environment.

How Does the Harmonizer Pyramid Work?

Simply place the Harmonizer Pyramid in a central location of the largest room in your home where you spend the most time. The Pyramid’s vibrational frequencies will spread out in all directions across an area of up to 2,500 square feet.

The vibrational energetic frequencies that come from the Pyramid target the Life Force Energy that permeates everything within and around you, from the physical and emotional to the spiritual energies that make up who we are and define our being.

The Life Harmony Energies Harmonizer Pyramid works to harmonize and vitalize the energy that swirls and surrounds us to enable good health and harmony of the mind, body, and soul.

How Quickly Does the Harmonizer Pyramid Work? Will there Be a Noticeable Difference?

It may take upwards of a couple weeks for the harmonization process to take effect and have a significant impact on stabilizing the energy field in your home. But once it reaches maximum levels of performance, you should notice a significant difference in the energy all around you, your family, even pets and plant life. You will find a marked change, a more balanced, peaceful, positive, and relaxed energy swirling through every room in the home.

Will this Stabilized Energy Remain or Does the Energy in the Harmonizer Pyramid Expire?

Due to our proprietary bioresonance technology process, which is a source of the harmonizing frequencies that work to stabilize the energy in your home and restore peace and balance, there is no finite supply of this energy. The Pyramid will continue to clear negative energy from your home for as long as you need it to do so.

The energy lasts indefinitely without the need for recharging or replacement. We do recommend using two Harmonizer Pyramids for living spaces that are larger than 2500 square feet.

Energy Clearing Spray: Remove the Negativity You Have Accumulated

Clearing your home of negative energy and bad vibes is only part of the solution to a larger and more pervasive problem. As we’ve discussed earlier, negative energies can come from a wide array of unexpected and unknown sources.

People, places, and things, all of these can be significant sources of negative energy. While the reasons behind the negative attributes of the energy will likely vary, leaving your home for work, errands, or leisure time, can result in the acquisition, absorption, and accumulation of negative energies from many sources.

Before you know it, you’ve brought this negativity into your home and it will have a detrimental effect on your happiness and tranquility.

Our Energy Clearing bioresonance energy spray can clear away the negative influences that you have picked up and latched onto throughout the day. This spray has been developed and formulated to restore balance and harmony.

Just a few pumps can remove negative energy that might be present on you or your personal belongings or items that you have been carrying with you. Ideally, the best rule of thumb is to avoid the negative influences that are all around us.

When that is not a reality the next best option is to spray it on your body and any objects that have come into contact with negative forces. If you suspect that you or your belongings have encountered any sources of negative auras, these must be cleaned before they can enter your home.

How Does the Energy Clearing Spray Work?

The efficacy of the spray is determined in different ways as to how it’s applied. When you spray it on yourself, you are fortifying the energy of your own biofield which supports free energy flow through your body’s meridian system. The result is a restored sense of harmony and balance in your body and a centered well-being.

You can also spray it into the air in any room that needs the bad energy cleared out in order to allow positive, good energetic frequencies to prevail unhindered. A few sprays around the room brings in light and renewed serenity as the negative energies are eliminated.

Finally, use Energy Clearing Spray on any object or item that may have negative vibes emanating from it. You can apply it as a preventative measure for older objects of an unknown background or origin and you want to take precautions before allowing it into your home. Maybe you’re already aware that a negative aura surrounds the object and you want to neutralize the vibrational frequencies of the negativity that have gathered upon it.

How Much Energy Clearing Spray Should You Use?

That decision is entirely at your discretion. Anytime you feel like you want to neutralize the negative energies that you have encountered throughout the day, the spray can be applied to clothing, objects, personal belongings, even your own body to remove the negative vibes that you feel, for whatever reason.

If you have a hunch that you need to apply the spray or something doesn’t feel quite right in the air, whether it’s in your home, your garage, or in your hotel room when you’re on a trip, a few pumps of the spray can give you peace and restore balance and harmony to the mind and spirit.

Do the Effects of the Energy Clearing Spray Wear Off?

When sprayed on objects that you have just recently acquired, the effects should last indefinitely. If applied to yourself, the effects of the spray will remain until you encounter more negativity and those detrimental energies have canceled out the effects of the spray. In that instance, you will need to reapply the spray to clear the negative energy again.

The contents of the spray bottle will not lose their potency if left in there for too long. There is no “Best By” or “Use By” date where the bioresonance process expires and the bottle should be discarded.

Clearing Your Home of Negative Energy

The negative energies that find their way into your home can be disruptive and destructive. Always trust your instincts when you suspect that you are being adversely affected by an overabundance of negative thoughts and emotions. These can lead to detrimental health outcomes and, without even realizing it, you have ignored the tell-tale signs that you should have acted sooner.

Negative energies in the home should never be allowed to remain for very long and we expect you will find these and other Life Harmony Energies products effective at removing the negative energy that are keeping you from living life to the fullest - free of distraction, discouragement, and frustration.

Trust your intuition at all times. And trust Life Harmony Energies to protect you and your loved ones by working to remove negative energy from the home and replace stagnant energy with renewed purpose and inspiration to embrace a bright and exciting future.

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