Don't forget you're here to play.

by Marty Grosjean

Don't forget you're here to play

There are a lot of ways to pass your time – working, worrying, daydreaming, running errands, doing chores, sulking, distracting yourself, judging, preaching, staring at your phone, opinionating, bossing… Think about how much time you spend every day on such things. If it adds up to most of your day, then there’s something missing. Something very important: Play.

We were hanging around the water cooler here at Life Harmony Energies the other day chatting about life – as we’re wont to do – and it occurred to us that one of the main purposes we’re here on this planet is to play. Yes, that’s right, plain and simple, aimless and purposeless, joyful and uplifting – play. And then we thought, well, energy is all about playfulness. So we should talk about that!

How Energy Operates

Life Force Energy is nothing but waves of the fundamental stuff of the Universe vibrating at different frequencies and interacting with each other to manifest the physical world in which you live. The frequency at which the energy around and within you vibrates – high or low or in between – and how it comes together when it collides / combines / bounces / swirls / flows / dances, is what determines how your life manifests.

High energy meeting high energy creates beautiful things in your life. Low energy meeting low energy creates not so beautiful things in your life. Sooo, certainly you want to create a world of high energy around and within you, no?

Yes. And don’t forget that high energy always attracts more high energy, and low energy attracts low energy. So by mindfully and purposefully filling your life with positive, high energy you will automatically attract more of it.

And when high energy meets more high energy they combine to create even higher energy! And the higher it’s vibrating when it comes together, the more joyful and beautiful and wonderous and miraculous is the stuff it manifests. The stuff of your life!

How Energy Plays

So what does play have to do with all this? Well, it seems playing is the best metaphor for what happens when high energy meets high energy. Clearly there’s no work or worry or doing involved. Those are low energy states. You want your energy to manifest your life in a playful way – playfully colliding / combining / bouncing / swirling / flowing / dancing. That’s what creates beauty.

Since playing is always a joyful, loving, high energy state, if you can remember to play while you live you’ll attract positive energy and foster it coming together to create beauty in your life.

Here are some things to remember about play:

  •   It’s mindless (it doesn’t involve your intellect or ego)
  •   It’s purposeless (you’re not accomplishing anything)
  •   It’s simple (there’s nothing complicated about it)
  •   It’s joyful (you’re happy while you do it)

So think about some ways to pass your time that meet these criteria. Dancing, painting, writing, meditating, connecting (with those you love), walking in the woods (with an empty mind)… You get the idea.

But it’s not distraction. Mindless entertainment that involves staring at a screen is not playing. You have to be living in the moment to play. Interacting with the world around you, interacting with people around you, being right here, right now and connected to the energy surrounding you.

It’s easy to fill your life with non-playful activities. You can create this complicated mess of things to do and worry about and accomplish. But that’s not why you’re here. If your soul chose to come into this life as the sages say it did, then clearly it wasn’t to get a lot of stuff done. Clearly it wasn’t to collect the most toys / money / followers as possible. It was to play. To enjoy your time here surrounded by high energy and the beauty and magic it manifests.

So forget about what has happened in the past. Forget about what might happen in the future. Live here in this moment playfully. You can bring playfulness into every aspect of your life if you put your intentions toward it, including your work and your chores.

Life doesn’t have to be so serious.

Because the Universe is not serious. So don’t be so serious. Be playful. There’s plenty of high energy and the love it engenders floating around you right now.

If you’re not seeing it, change your perspective. Whatever doesn’t carry positive energy doesn’t serve you. So be on the lookout for it and put it out of your mind. You’re the boss of your mind, and most importantly your heart. Take charge of them and manifest a dreamy, joyful, playful life.

You’ll find plenty of tips around our website to help you. Read up, and practice. And play…

Till next time,

Chief Energy Guru