Embracing Change

by Martin Grosjean

Energy tips for embracing change

Change happens. Why does it have to be so scary?

Hint: it doesn't.

Let's start with two important rules about change and how it affects you.

Rule #1: the Universe is in a constant state of change, nothing is ever the same from one moment to the next. This, of course, automatically includes your life.

Rule #2: if you align your energy with the Universe, the change it manifests in your life will always be positive. So you needn’t worry about change, you can simply embrace it with joy and confidence.

But wait! Change can be so stressful...

...Especially for some of us. And honestly all of us spend too much time fretting about the future, which is really just a symptom of worrying about change. Your emotions about change have a strong influence on your happiness, so the right perspective is key.

First of course you must accept that change will happen, and no matter how comfortable you may be at the moment, your current situation is not going to last. But… there’s nothing wrong with that! Why? Because if you align your energy correctly things are going to change for the better!

Aligning your energy correctly means working with Life Force Energy of the Universe, not against it. That’s not as hard as it sounds. Life Force Energy is about love and light and positivity and unity. If you're mindful of filling your life with these, you'll automatically align your energy with that of the Universe.

Here are 3 tricks to help you out:

1. Practice loving-kindness

To all people and all beings. From your family to your co-workers to your pets to perfect strangers. Always be kind, regardless of what energy you may receive from the other.

2. Remember the Universe is taking care of you

That’s right, you're perfect just as you are, and the world around you and the entire Universe are perfect just as they are. Things may not look perfect to us because of our limited perspective. But believe it or not... it’s all perfect and unfolding just as it should.

3. Pay attention 

Once your energy is aligned with the Life Force Energy, be watchful and notice how things keep getting better. Over the long run they most certainly will, despite how things look from a short-term perspective. Being mindful of the positive changes in your life will only reinforce your alignment with the Universe, leading to yet more positive change.

Yes, your life is full of change and always will be. And that’s wonderful! And that’s nothing you need to worry about.

You needn’t fret about the future and spend your time planning and stressing over possible scenarios that will never unfold. Your mind likes to do that, it’s an instinctual human habit, but you can just ignore it. Instead, spend your mental energy on visualizing positive energy – towards yourself and towards others and towards the entire Universe.

And then, your life will change alright, but always for the better! A life lived in alignment with Life Force Energy is a life that keeps getting better – month after month, year after year, forever and ever. Even into future lives beyond this one…

Till next time,

Chief Energy Guru