EMF Kits For Beginners: What You Need to Know

by Marty Grosjean

EMF kits for beginners

An EMF kit is a comprehensive strategy for protecting yourself and your loved ones from all of the sources of EMF radiation in and around your home. Have you experienced sudden migraines, fits of nausea, and fatigue despite getting a good night's sleep, and can't understand why? Consider the number of electronic devices that you use in and around the home on a daily, even hourly, basis and the significant levels of EMF exposure and microwave radiation that are emanating from them.

That might explain things, as recent studies have shown increasingly alarming results about the harmful biological effects these EMF sources are causing to our health and well-being.

Sources of EMF and the Dangers of Long-Term Exposure

Think about everything we use, every day, that counts as an EMF source. Wireless devices like a cell phone, tablet, or laptop, along with your wifi router and portable hot spot ensure that all of these devices are connected.

You may have smart appliances in your home, but these are also giving off varying degrees of EMF levels, like your television, and your microwave oven, even today's modern refrigerators have components that are sources of extremely low-frequency EMF radiation. If your home is located near one or more cell towers or within very close proximity to power lines, you're living in a widespread electromagnetic field that is constantly bombarding your home with intense energy.

The more we sew these devices and cell towers into the fabric of our daily existence, the more difficult it becomes to find a way to reduce exposure to these powerful and hazardous sources of negative energy on our health.

The impacts of EMF exposure on the body and its natural functions continue to be studied as more research is conducted. Symptoms of intensified electromagnetic sensitivity in the form of headaches and nausea, as well as cardiovascular impacts, potential carcinogenic risks, and long-term effects that impair learning ability, cause difficulty concentrating, and reduced learning capacity in children due to EMF radiation from cell phones and other ubiquitous technology, are a growing cause for concern.

The consequences of EMF exposure in the short and the long term on human tissue have begun to push the scientific community toward a more comprehensive approach to studying these effects and how much damage this form of radiation is doing to our bodies.

The fact that so many devices are in use and the radiation by-products to which we are exposed are becoming increasingly more intense, what might have been considered harmless five, or ten years ago may now be far more damaging to human tissue and human psychological wellness simply because there are more sources of EMF radiation present.

The impacts of these intensifying sources of electromagnetic fields and the radiation hazard levels in their current advanced forms of technology are still being studied as negative health results are becoming more apparent.

But you don't have to continue to suffer the ill effects of electromagnetic field radiation on your physical and psychological wellness.

Now is the time when it might be worth investing in an EMF kit. These kits offer a multi-faceted solution to protect you and your loved ones from the dangers of radiation exposure from electromagnetic fields, RF fields, 5G towers, and all of the other most prevalent and potentially harmful sources of EMF radiation that are omnipresent and only continue to proliferate at a growing rate.

Take Precautions and Measure EMF

You may not be aware of how many EMF sources and RF fields are in and around your home. Before you purchase an EMF kit that will best protect you and your family, get an EMF meter. These are excellent ways of detecting how much EMF exposure you are receiving and which electronic devices and appliances are the worst offenders.

EMF meters are also helpful for determining which EMF kit is best suited for your home and the number of EMF sources that are giving off the most electromagnetic radiation. Some of them can also measure RF fields that may be contributing to the ill effects on your health.

Since EMF kits come in multiple sizes to offer the proper protection against all types of EMF levels and RF fields, getting an EMF detector to measure your daily exposure is a good idea.

EMF Kits: How They Protect You

To put it simply, an EMF kit builds an EMF-proof perimeter around your home, the office, and even your car, that offers you and any other occupants contained within that perimeter, effective and long-lasting protection from radiation from the electromagnetic fields and radio frequency (RF) fields that can pose the most serious health risks.

At Life Harmony Energies, we are always developing new ways to target the harmful influences of our electronic devices and these EMF kits represent some of our most innovative and effective solutions to date.

The Technology: How it Works

The EMF kits you can purchase for use in your home, your office, and your electric vehicle have all been manufactured using our proprietary dual-level technology that has been developed to target the two most important factors for protecting you from all sources of electromagnetic radiation and levels detected by an EMF reader.

This dual-level capability refers to Direct and Adaptive technologies found in the energetic frequencies that are embedded and resonating from every component of our EMF kits.

Direct Technology

The frequencies of the Direct Technology in Life Harmony Energies EMF kits target the external EMF radiation energy that is emitted from all of the sources in and around your home. These frequencies harmonize the negative aspects of EMF radiation to drastically reduce its hazardous effects on your body.

Adaptive Technology

The frequencies of the Adaptive Technology in these kits target the internal cellular structures of the human body. The energetic output from the components in the kit boosts the energy of the human tissues at the cellular level, strengthening their resolve and offering improved immunity against the already harmonized EMF radiation that surrounds you.

Together, the benefits of the Direct and Adaptive dual-level technology that goes into every EMF kit we sell create a strong opposition to the potentially long-term damage that comes from your electronic devices and any radio frequency fields in the vicinity.

EMF Kits Do Not Block Electromagnetic Fields

They harmonize EMF, they do not block it entirely. There is a difference. The bio-resonance frequencies that are embedded in the components of our EMF kits work on a subatomic level.

What does that mean? It refers to the size of the particles in the Direct and Adaptive technologies that go into protecting you and your family from electromagnetic and RF fields. These particles do not have the structural integrity to block EMFs and so they are not strong enough or powerful enough to act as a Faraday cage in that regard.

But you wouldn’t want the kit to perform that task since it would disable all the electronic devices in the vicinity and your cell phone, laptop, wi-fi router, smart appliances, you name it, become rendered inoperable. Instead, the bio-resonance technology in the kit focuses on supporting the cells of the body to fortify their well-being while reducing the negative effects of EMF in all forms.

What is Included in our EMF Kits?

Anyone looking for EMF kits to use in the home or office should purchase the Carbon+ Home EMF Harmonizer Kit. It offers effective and powerful dual-level protection over a series of carbon plates that are to be affixed in various rooms around the home or office.

The first of these plates measures 2” x 3” and should be placed on the fuse box, specifically the inside of the door. Then, depending on which size kit you decide to buy, you get a series of smaller plates measuring 2.25” x .5” that are intended to be placed all around the home on outlet covers in various rooms.

These plates are made from carbon which has been infused with our proprietary bioresonance technology. Each plate comes with an adhesive backing for easy and thorough placement throughout the home.

When all of the plates in your kit have been placed and attached in the proper locations, your home is now properly protected from the harmful effects of EMF and you and your loved ones can enjoy a life free from constant bombardment with EMF radiation.

Measuring Your Home or Office to Determine Which Kit to Order

Which EMF kit is best for your space? That’s easy to figure out, but you will need to measure the area where you intend to use the kit first. For those who have access to the fuse box in your home or office, simply open it up and check to see which rooms to which the fuse box is connected.

Measure the square footage of all the rooms connected to the fuse box, add it all up and you have your answer. Life Harmony Energies offers four size kits:

  • Kit 1500 – Protects up to 1,500 square. ft. and contains 1 large & 4 small plates.
  • Kit 2600 – Protects from 1,500 to 2,600 square. ft. and contains 1 large & 7 small plates.
  • Kit 3700 – Protects from 2,600 to 3,700 square. ft. and contains 1 large & 10 small plates.
  • Kit 4800 –Protects from 3,700 to 4,800 square. ft. and contains 1 large & 13 small plates.

When adding up all of your square footage, be sure to account for every room that has live electricity running through it. Even if you don’t plan to be in those rooms or don’t ever use them for whatever reason, they still need to be included as part of the tally, or else you won’t have maximum protection from EMF.

No Access to the Fuse Box?

That's okay, you can still enjoy the most reliable EMF protection you can buy today. Purchase a single Carbon+ Harmonizer plate separately to create a protective barrier in any area. You will first need to measure the square footage of the space you wish to outfit with the EMF protective plates.

For the first 1,000 square ft. of space, you will need to purchase four single plates. For any larger space, you will need to purchase an additional single plate for every 375 square feet that is connected to an electrical current.

Pure Protection Inside and Out

Your EMF kit, whether purchased as one of the four pre-packaged sizes or compiled among separate plates purchased together, offers complete and total protection against all of the EMF sources inside your home or office as well as the surrounding external sources outside of your space.

That includes external power lines, cell phone towers in the area, any neighboring EMF sources that exist in homes or businesses in the immediate vicinity, and just about anything else that emits EMF radiation near your residence or place of business.

EMF Kits for the Car

We also offer EMF kits for use in any motor vehicle. However, the type of vehicle you own will determine how much coverage is necessary. There are all kinds of electronics in your motor vehicle and the more recent the model, the more likely you will need a greater level of protection as today’s cars contain more EMF-emitting electronic components than ever before.

The EMF Harmonizer for Cars is a metallic plate measuring 2.5” x 3” in size that can be placed anywhere in the vehicle from the middle console between the front seats to the dashboard or even underneath the driver's seat. This will provide maximum protection for everyone in the vehicle.

Electric Vehicle Owners

If you are driving an electric vehicle or hybrid, EMF protection is going to be particularly important for you and your passengers as there are even more components that are emitting EMF radiation and microwave radiation.

For maximum protection, two plates will be required. One is affixed near or under the front seats of the car, and a second is affixed near or under the back seats of the car.

The Choice is Yours

Now that you beginners understand how EMF kits work and the protection they offer through bioenergetic frequencies to preserve health and wellness, you can purchase with confidence. Consider how many electronic devices are significant EMF sources in your home or office and decide how much protection you need to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy from the pervasive threat of EMF radiation.

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