Energy & Intentions: Are you Heading in the Right Direction?

by Angela Swanson

The power of intentions is real. Whether you realize it or not, you're manifesting your experience through the thoughts you think, the beliefs you have, and the actions you take - all of which come from your intentions. If you haven't been mindful about your intentions, you can start right now.

Think of your intentions as your aim - where you're heading. The truth is... now is the future in the making so everything you're thinking, believing, and doing right now is taking you in a certain direction. Is this a direction you want to go?

If not, maybe it's time to set sail in a different direction. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to help you mindfully set new intentions:

What do I really want? Why is that important to me?

What is my ideal destination, outcome, or experience? Why is that important to me?

Do my intentions include the Highest Good? 

After a bit of reflection, finish the following sentence:

It is my intention to...

Of course, we can’t talk about intentions without including the wind that fills your sails - Life Force Energy. The ever-present source of creative power that brings about everything - absolutely everything - in your life. 

It’s helpful to think of you and Life Force Energy in a cooperative partnership. (That sounds kind of dry… so why don’t we call it a dance.) You and the Universe are co-creating your experience step-by-step, every second, minute, hour of the day. While it’s true this co-creative process is always happening, we aren’t always aware of it. Yet, it’s happening nonetheless.

When you bring awareness to this fact, it opens up more possibilities for you and hopefully eases any burden you feel that you have to manage this all by yourself. You don’t! Remember… You have a perfect dance partner!

And just like dancing, when you’re tuned into your partner, it’s effortless, elegant, and mysteriously beautiful. 

This is the goal. Tune into Life Force Energy, set your intentions, trust your Perfect Partner, let go of control, and sail across the dance floor of your magnificent life. 

Till next time,

Chief Energy Fairy

PS: A critical part of this process is something most of us don’t do very well - letting go of control. This simply means letting go of the attachment you have to the outcome and realizing you are not the “doer.” Life Force Energy is the doer and the one who has the whole picture in mind. So you can relax and let go of believing you have to make things happen and that you’re in control of the outcome. Now take a nice big exhale. Whew. Doesn’t that feel better? 

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