Four magic words for control freaks

by Angela Swanson

Four magic words for control freaks

For those of us who like to be in control of our lives and pursue our heart's desires - I’ve got a hot tip for you.

When you find yourself wanting something, yes by all means pray for it, and then add:

“This or something better.”

Saying these words will help you acknowledge you're not in control... because let's face it, you're really not. And it allows you to surrender to the Highest Good. Doing this gives the Universe more energetic space to bring you what's best for you. Maybe it's what you prayed for and maybe it's something better - an UPGRADE - which will really blow your mind if you just relax and let it happen.

Looking back, I'm so very grateful I didn't get certain things, jobs, relationships, etc. that I really wanted because I ended up with something so much bigger and better than I ever even hoped for. The Universe is amazing that way! 

Saying these words, "this or something better" is now a regular practice for me and has made my life pretty magical. Try it for yourself and see! Let yourself off the hook - you don't have to be in control all the time. Relax... let go... and let yourself receive.

Till next time,

Chief Energy Fairy