Healing from Trauma

by Martin Grosjean

energy talk healing from trauma

We’re all going to face trauma in our lives from time to time, it’s just part of the human journey. From the loss of a loved one to the loss of a job to innumerable other unexpected events that shake our heart and soul, none of us go through life without a few of them. The good news is when you look at and manage the trauma from an energetic perspective, it can be much easier to cope with.

As with many other aspects of life, the non-human beings on our planet (like animals) have an advantage over we humans because of an instinctual behavior that helps them cope with trauma. They literally shake it off, take a few deep breaths, and let it go. Then they go on with their lives. What are they shaking off? The energy related to the trauma. If you haven’t seen it, watch this well-known short video showing this behavior in action.

Of course we humans can do the same. That’s what a good bout of sobbing is really for. You’re shaking out the traumatic energy and releasing it and all the stress associated with it. Unfortunately due to our “advanced” mental capacity, we don’t always let it go for good. We often keep some of the energy stored in our being, which can lead to emotional and even physical disturbances down the road.

But when you look at a traumatic experience from the perspective of energy and your journey through the Universe, it’s much easier to let it go for good. Here are some ideas on how to do that:

That past is gone and no longer exists

In the world of energy there is no time. This is a fundamental principle of quantum physics, which deals scientifically with the world of energy. It’s also been talked about by spiritual gurus since the dawn of humankind. And really a better way to put it is there’s no past and there’s no future, there’s only now.

Anything that’s happened in the past is gone forever, it doesn’t exist. The future of course also doesn’t exist, it’s only a mental concept that we humans are obsessed with. In reality there’s only now, what’s happening to you at this very moment.

Of course the important part for managing trauma is the past is gone forever. Once a traumatic event is over, it’s no longer a part of your life - because it no longer exists, and because your life is happening now. So the important lesson here is to let it go and live in the moment. The past is not part of your life now, so don’t keep reliving a traumatic event, Let it pass forever into the non-existent past…

Nothing happens without a purpose

In the world of energy there are no random events. Nothing happens by accident. And nothing in your life is the result of “bad luck”. Your life in the Universe is a miraculous process of Life Force Energy manifesting into events in your life that affect your energy, and then your resulting thoughts, emotions, and actions sending energy back to the Universe.

It’s a joyful play of energy manifesting and unmanifesting, but always with the purpose of moving you through your life’s journey for the highest good. You may be wondering… how can you call a traumatic event joyful?

Well, the trauma itself is of course not joyful. But where it leads you is. What we humans can’t see is how all the events in our life – the seemingly good and the seemingly bad – shape who we are, allow us to grow, and all come together to make us the perfect being we are. We don’t have the mental or spiritual capacity to see the big picture. Except perhaps at the end of our life when we look back on it. But we’re not there yet… 😊

So the important lesson here is we’re always growing, always perfecting our energy and our being, and everything that happens in our life happens for that purpose. The older you get the easier it is to remember this, because you have more experiences you can look back on and say “oh, that wasn’t much fun when it happened, but I can see now it was for my highest good.”

From the ashes you shall rise

Another truth of how energy operates in the Universe is what seems like the bottom will quite often turn around and take you right to the top. It may happen quickly, or it may take some time, but this is also a phenomenon that’s been recognized since the dawn of humankind.

A contemporary example you may have heard of is the story of Eckhart Tolle, the author of the book The Power of Now (please read it if you haven’t yet). He had a swift and dramatic spiritual enlightenment event that literally took his life from the depths of despair to a wondrous new perspective on life.

Things aren’t always quick or dramatic, but way more often than not, a traumatic event you think is unfair and meaningless will soon take your life in a new, better, more joyful direction. You lose a loved one and it brings your family closer together. You lose your job and you end up finding your dream job. You break up with your significant other and then you find your soulmate. It happens over and over in your life – and as mentioned earlier, time and wisdom will help you see the pattern.

So take heart. Remember how energy in the Universe works. Today’s trauma is part of the long, wondrous journey of your soul. Shake it off, let it go, and remember the big picture of Life Force Energy. It’s all part of shaping you into the beautiful, perfect, miraculous being you are.