How Energy Manipulation Helps Your Mood and Health

by Marty Grosjean
Energy manipulation improves mood and health
“Energy manipulation” may sound like something out of a science fiction movie, but it actually exists and can do wonders for your mental and physical health. Likely, you've already tried some form of energy manipulation without knowing you were doing it. If you've tried positive affirmations, visualizing your success, meditating, or mindfulness, then you've already attempted energy manipulation!

To begin, it's first important to understand what type of energy we're talking about. In the science field, energy typically takes the form of thermal, chemical, or nuclear energy. However, the energy we’re talking about is called Life Force Energy (or subtle energy, or quantum energy, or Chi, or Prana…) and is classified as “alternative medicine” and works under the assumption that all things (including humans) are essentially made of energy.

This Life Force Energy is the underlying energy field of the universe and it works at the sub-atomic level, meaning that it's even smaller than atoms and is therefore not measurable or observable. Yet this type of energy has been verified to exist in advanced theories of quantum physics. It has also been recognized and used for healing purposes in cultures around the world going back thousands of years.

How does Energy Manipulation work?

Practices that influence your energy have been shown to produce positive mental and physical effects such as improved moods, lower stress, better performance, and a stronger immune system. There are thousands of scientific studies from well-respected research institutions and universities that have documented a host of benefits on the mental, emotional, and physical level. A small sample can be found at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, one of many research institutions exploring energy and health.

You can influence your Life Force Energy with the power of your mind by using strategies like intention, visualization, affirmations, and concentration. This process is called energy manipulation, and it aims to balance your energy by replacing negative energy with positive energy, or bad thoughts with good thoughts. This practice can be done by yourself through meditation or positive thinking, but it can be made easier with energy harmonizers or energy healing experts.

How can Energy Manipulation help my mood?

Energy manipulation tactics like meditation can benefit your mood by reducing feelings of anxiety, stress, and sadness. By combating negative thoughts with reassuring affirmations, calming breathing techniques, and encouraging words, you can help balance your energy and improve your mood. Other techniques for balancing your energy include mindfulness, movement (walking, running, yoga), and writing down your thoughts or feelings to ground yourself. Overall, energy manipulation can help improve your mood by reducing negative thoughts, worries, and sorrow.

How can Energy Manipulation improve my physical wellbeing?

According to the Mayo Clinic, positive thinking can lead to better physical and emotional well-being, including cardiovascular health, a stronger immune system, and lower rates of depression. Regular energy manipulation can provide better coping skills during hardships, which can prepare you for dealing with stress and negative emotions more effectively in the future.

Stress has been proven to take a toll on your immune system, so reducing it with energy manipulation (in addition to healthy eating and exercise) can improve your resistance to the latest bug going around, including the common cold. Stress and anxiety also harms your physical health over time, so practicing positive thinking can actually lengthen your lifespan in addition to your supporting your mental health.

How does Life Harmony Energies help?

If you're not achieving the results you want with regular meditation or mindfulness practices, then using energy harmonizers can definitely help. Life Harmony Energies offers several energy harmonizing products that help clear negative energy from your home, food, or water. These products stabilize the energy field in your home to promote feelings of lightness, security, and clarity. This can help make it easier to combat negative thoughts with energy manipulation.

We also offer energized jewelry that works with your body's internal energy system providing you with energy specially formulated to help you lower your stress, boost your immune system, sleep better, manifest your intentions, strengthen your health, and protect you from EMF radiation. When you wear our Energy Bracelets and Energy Necklaces you get the beneficial energies all day long.

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