Calming the Pangs of Desire and Making Space for Something Better

by Angela Swanson

How to calm those pangs of desire and make space for hope

Have you ever witnessed a toddler having a meltdown in the candy aisle of the grocery store? Oh - that was you? Don’t worry about it… we all have longings and cravings to have something more. 

Sometimes wanting what you don’t have feels downright painful. Seeing someone else get the promotion you’ve been working so hard for. Being in love with someone who wants to be “just friends.” Wanting more money, respect, success, so you can finally feel like you’ve made it. Even wanting to advance on the spiritual path and become more enlightened. All these desires…. I. want. more.

I mean… why do we have such strong desires for something if we can’t have it? Did God, the Universe, make some kind of mistake designing us this way? There are very few of us - like zero people! - on the Earth who have no desires at all, so your desires are okay and it’s normal to have them.

Yes, desire is a perfectly natural consequence of being human. But the impatience, the entitlement, the suffering? It's a waste of your energy.

Kind of like toddler-mentality.

As we grow up, we mature into people who know that our desires are often coming from our small “s” self, also known as our ego, which means they might not be in our best interest. Desires from the ego tend to lead us astray. But again, it’s no problem because detours are ultimately just more opportunities for you to learn, grow and mature. Making you into a more evolved version of yourself, your big “S” Self, which is a good thing. (It’s the whole point, actually.)

So how do you deal with those nagging desires that gnaw at you from inside?

Feel gratitude for what you already have. 

Gratitude is attractive. The Universe will bring you more of whatever energy you’re giving off. The key here is you have to FEEL it in your body. Which means you probably need to slow down a bit and be present, and really reflect on the goodness right in front of you that you might be overlooking because you’re too busy wanting something else. Ahhh…. doesn’t that feel better when you love and appreciate what you DO have?

Trust the Universe knows best. 

Because I promise you it does. But how can you know? Same as above. Be still. Plug yourself into Life Force Energy, your best source for wisdom, Love, and assurance. Take some time to go inward and reconnect to your inner Wise One. She’ll remind you that you’re in good hands, all is well, and if there’s something you want that you don’t have yet… it’s either not the right time or there’s something even better in store for you.

Four powerful words.

I’ve found these words to be very helpful when I’m tempted to spiral into a mental meltdown.

Repeat after me…

“This or something better.”

Saying these words will help you acknowledge what you DO have so you’re not focused on what you don’t. (A much better use of your energy). And they allow God/The Universe to give you something even better - an UPGRADE - which will really blow your mind if you just relax and let it happen.

There you have it. 2 energy practices and 4 powerful words to interrupt the pouting party and make space for this or something better.

Till next time,

Chief Energy Fairy