Do negative feelings attract bad things in your life?

by Angela Swanson

Blog Do negative feelings attract bad things in your life? 

*I found this meme saved to my desktop. I don’t know the original author but whoever it is - I’d like to acknowledge their work. 

When I read this meme, I felt uncomfortable.

So I'm curious... how does this concept of energetic frequency land with you? It’s pretty powerful stuff… saying your feelings - all of them - carry energy that attracts more of the same into your life including “negative” energy like fear, guilt, shame, etc.

Does this make you feel uncomfortable, too? 


Right now however you feel is good. Yes, I know this sentence seems to be in direct contradiction to everything stated in the meme, since the meme is basically saying don’t have any negative feelings or bad things will happen to you… but hear me out.

It's true that your energetic vibration is the “thing” that attracts everything into your life…

And it’s also true that your feelings carry an energetic vibration…

And it’s also true that we all have a range of feelings, including negative feelings like fear, guilt, shame, etc., on any given day (depending on our mindset, what news we pay attention to, how we’re being treated by others, the circumstances we find ourselves in)...

And it’s also true that you must feel your feelings and not ignore them…

Doesn’t that mean negative feelings are bad and I shouldn’t have them because then I’d be a magnet for more negativity to come into my life?

Like get fired from my job? Or lose my lover? Or get sick? Or worse?

No, grasshopper. It does not.

Negative feelings are just as valid as positive ones. The key is to recognize, acknowledge, and fully experience the negative feelings because if you don’t, you’re in resistance. And as the saying goes… “what you resist persists.”

When you ignore and deny your feelings, you’re suppressing the energy of the feeling - in other words storing it - in your nervous system. It becomes sticky and icky and accumulates. Consequently adding to the very negative frequency you DON’T want to be vibrating at which is exactly what this meme is talking about. 

When you acknowledge and feel your negative feelings, that low-quality energy can move and change. Plus, when you step back and notice your negative feelings, you can actually make better decisions because you’re not instinctively reacting in a way that creates a mess you have to clean up later.

But… feeling negative feelings isn’t fun. 

Sitting in the discomfort of your feelings is much easier said than done. I don’t know anyone who enjoys the process! The good news is your feelings do pass and the negative energy does move and change if you give it some time. This is vitally important because doing so creates mental and emotional space for the higher frequency energies like joy, love, and abundance, to move in and create the magic in your life you’re hoping for.

This conversation about the range of emotions and energy is a deep one. Today’s energy talk just scratches the surface. We here at Life Harmony Energies are going to be talking more about the levels of energy and their corresponding emotions, what power they give you (for better and worse), and how you can transmute your low, negative, dense energy into higher levels so you’re attracting what you want more of in your life - the good stuff.

And as you might expect… we’re not just talking about it. We’ve also created new energy products loaded with positive energetic frequencies to help you take your energy and your life to the next level.

Stay tuned for more on this topic and our new collection launching early November.

Till next time,