How to tame a crisis (and shift your energy) with a question.

by Marty Grosjean


how to tame a crisis and shift your energy by asking the right questions

As you journey through life you will undoubtedly find yourself from time to time in an “existential crisis.” Some event will happen, or something may shift in your energy and suddenly you’ll find yourself in mental and emotional turmoil. It happens to everyone. Depending on your energy, your personality, and your personal path, it may happen frequently or every once in a blue moon. Regardless, it’s helpful to view such crises from an energetic perspective to help you manage them.

Maybe you lose a loved one, maybe you lose a job, maybe someone is mean to you, or maybe something seemingly negative happens in your life that you just can’t wrap your head around. Regardless of the trigger, you’ll likely end up asking yourself “Why?” Why did this happen to me? Did I do something wrong? How do I process this? How can I get through this?

A crisis can derail you but the good news is, if you’re asking these questions then you’re on the right path.

An existential crisis relates to your energy because it’s ultimately a reflection of chaos in your energetic state. Whatever the trigger was, it took the balance, equanimity, and peace out of your energetic state and threw it into chaos. And again… this is natural and it happens to everyone. The trick is to step back, ask the questions, and be open to the answers. In other words, put it in perspective.

Because it’s not really a crisis, it’s a question.

Asking the questions and being open to the answers is how you’ll reconnect with Life Force Energy and help your energy settle back into a healthy state. So let’s take a look at some of these questions and come up with some ideas that may help you:

Why did this happen to me?

This is probably the easiest one to answer (although maybe not the easiest to accept). It happened to you because the Universe decided that you needed it. Yep, you needed it. An important rule in the world of energy is the Universe always brings you what you need. And specifically, what you need to grow on your personal energetic path. And as uncomfortable as it is, crises are always, and that means always, beneficial to your growth.

Another accepted fact in the world of energy / spirituality is without tests you cannot grow. If your life is always a flat line, it means you’re going nowhere fast. So when the crisis comes you don’t wring your hands and wail about how cruel and unfair the world is, you acknowledge that Life Force Energy is at work in your life and you have an opportunity to grow.

Did I do something wrong?

Maybe or maybe not. This is where you need to do some soul searching. If you have the same crisis repeatedly, then yes you’re probably doing something that needs to be corrected. Instead of beating yourself up about it, see it as an opportunity to figure out what it is you need to learn. If the crisis comes out of left field, totally unexpected, and never happened before, then it’s likely the Universe saying “it’s time to grow friend, here’s a nice challenge for you to overcome.” All you can do in either case is to embrace it and keep asking the questions.

How do I process this?

The most helpful approach here is to surrender and accept the crisis, and then reframe the question as “How do I use this to learn and grow?” As mentioned, if it’s a repeat crisis, then look carefully at what could be driving it and try to make some changes. But in all cases surrender is in order, because you realize that indeed the Universe brought it to help bring about a positive shift in your life.

The “how do I use this to learn and grow” question may not be answerable in the short term. In many cases only time will show you the answer. Which is again where surrender and acceptance comes in. You will ultimately realize in hindsight why it happened and where it took you and think “ah yes, I’m so glad the Universe brought me that crisis, I’m in such a better place now”. It’s not always easy to embrace this notion in the heat of the crisis, but if you believe the Universe is a benevolent place (which it very much is), it helps a lot.

How can I get through this?

Did we mention surrender? To a certain degree, surrender means don’t spend too much energy trying to figure out why. It may come to you, and it may not. Listen to your inner knowing and ask your higher self. If you get an answer then great, but if you don’t then just let it go. The more mental and emotional energy you spend on hashing through the details of the crisis the longer your energy will remain stuck in the problem and the longer it will go on. So the easiest way to get through a crisis is to acknowledge it, look closely at it, and then let it go.

Of course the mind/ego loves a good crisis, so it’s not going to want to let go. That’s helpful to remember also. You may reach the point of acceptance and your energy will start to calm down – and then boom, the mind jumps up and starts reliving everything and asking all the why questions again. So then you just step back and think “relax mind, you’ve already been over all this and dwelling on it is not serving me”. Because indeed the Universe didn’t bring you the crisis to try and keep you in a state of energetic chaos. Just the opposite in fact – it brought it so that you can learn how to overcome, how to grow, how to surrender.

So yes, the crisis is really a question. Or perhaps a bunch of questions. And of course a lesson. So look at it, try and learn from it, don’t dwell on it, and let it go. And then you will grow. And that’s what you want. And then you can thank the Universe – now or later (ideally both) – for giving you the test, with full confidence that it was exactly what you needed when you needed it, and it’s all in your highest good.

Till next time,

Chief Energy Guru

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