Levels of Energy. (Plus a secret.)

by Marty Grosjean

Blog levels of energy and map of consciousness

Did you know… everything has a certain energy level which can be objectively measured? Yes, everything - from people to places to things to historical time periods. Any being in the present or past, any material object, any area like a city or a country, even our world as a whole, can have its energy level quantified. Including, of course, you and your energy level.

Wow! You’re already well aware of positive energy and negative energy, and how everything in existence is made of energy. But who would have thought it could be measured and compared?

This radical concept of measuring and mapping energy was popularized by Dr. David Hawkins, one of the most enlightened masters of the modern era.

In his book Power vs. Force he outlines the method of calculating the level of consciousness (aka energy level) through the technique of muscle testing (also called kinesiology).

We won’t go into all the details of the technique here, but if you haven’t read Power vs. Force, please add it to the top of your reading list. It’s a mind-blowing work about energy levels and spirituality that will change the way you look at the world. And it provides an intriguing glimpse into the life of David Hawkins, which was astounding to put it mildly.

What we’re going to discuss here is the scale of energy levels that Dr. Hawkins and his team of researchers developed. The scale goes from zero to 1000 – zero being basically dead and 1000 being an enlightened avatar like Christ, Buddha, or Krishna. It’s a logarithmic scale, so as you move up the levels they grow exponentially. What this means is level 500 is not 500 times higher than level 1, it’s something like 5,000 times higher.

The energy of most people in the world falls somewhere between zero and 500, and only a handful of those living have a level above 600. Level zero to 200 is considered the range of negative energy, and above 200 are ever increasing levels of positive energy. Sadly, around 85% of people alive fall below level 200 – squarely in the realm of negative energy – which explains the many challenges our world faces today. Dr. Hawkins outlines the various psychological / emotional / spiritual characteristics of people at different levels and provides fascinating insights into why people and the world are as they are. It’s all based on their level of energy.

So why are we talking about all this in the Life Harmony Energies blog? Well, because we want to let you in on a little secret –

We’re getting ready to introduce a beautiful and powerful piece of energy jewelry based on the levels of energy outlined by Dr. Hawkins.

And the most wonderful part is this jewelry is designed to support you in growing your personal energy level.

To be sure, we’re not promising to whisk you to level 1000 simply by wearing a beautiful bracelet. But what we are offering is a gorgeous piece of jewelry that will provide you with the energy from nine ascending levels of consciousness to help you incorporate them into your personal energy and into your life.

Our new Everlasting Charm Bracelet will provide you the opportunity to elevate your energetic state and make meaningful changes in your life through the support of a new energized charm each month. It’s an invitation to grow personally - evolving your energy and awareness into higher states for your unique purpose.

Each charm contains energetic information corresponding to nine levels of consciousness from level 200 to 1000:
Charm #1 - Courage to Grow
Charm #2 - Trusting the Path
Charm #3 - Willingness to Give
Charm #4 - Living in Harmony
Charm #5 - Wisdom & Knowing
Charm #6 - Love is the Way
Charm #7 - Living Joy
Charm #8 - Pure Serenity
Charm #9 - I AM

The intention of this bracelet is to open your mind, heart, and soul to the possibility of reaching higher, more powerful levels where you gradually become more creative, more connected, and more confident about who you really are. As you progress through the stages, you will begin to align more and more with Life Force Energy, discover where your true purpose in life lies, and learn how to use it for the highest good.

Eventually, after receiving all nine charms, you’ll have had the opportunity to transcend your current state of consciousness by connecting to your inner wisdom through the support of the bracelet’s energetic frequencies.

Stay tuned for more information on all the levels of energy and how they impact your life. Plus... more on each of the nine upper-level energies contained within the charms. We invite you to take a beautiful spiritual journey with us and with the help of a stunning bracelet that will grace your appearance and your energy. 

Till next time,

Chief Energy Guru