Levels of Energy - Levels 3, 4 & 5

by Marty Grosjean

Levels of energy 3, 4, 5 blog

In our last couple of Energy Talks we introduced the concept of levels of energy. We also introduced our new Everlasting Charm Bracelet based on these levels, designed to help you open your mind, heart, and soul to the possibility of reaching higher, more powerful levels where you gradually become more creative, more connected, and more confident about who you really are. We then looked at the first three levels of energy in detail – and now we’ll look at the next three.

As a reminder, for our Everlasting Charm Bracelet we have defined nine levels of positive energy. They are based upon the work of Dr. David Hawkins*, and the goal is to provide you the knowledge – and the energy – to help you work your way up the levels to an ever more positive life. Whether you have the Everlasting Charm Bracelet or not, an understanding of the levels and their characteristics should be helpful to you in your energetic/spiritual journey.

Levels three through five are where life really starts to get interesting.

At these levels you’re firmly in the realm of very positive energy and your heart starts to lead your mind, rather than the other way around, which tends to be the case at lower levels. You begin to realize the important aspects of life happen beyond the physical world – which is the result of connecting more easily and frequently with Life Force Energy.

Level 3 – Willingness to Give

As you enter into this level you are thoroughly enjoying your life and are so grateful for it you want to return the favor. You want to help make the world a better place and help your fellow beings who inhabit it. Here’s  the affirmation we developed for this level:

Life is good and I enjoy giving back to the Universe by supporting the happiness and fulfillment of my fellow beings. The world is a positive place, and I will contribute to making it so.

Here are some terms that characterize life in the Willingness to Give level:












Ease of Life


Cheerful and helpful

Benevolent & humanitarian

Gateway to higher levels of awareness

“Do unto others as you have done to you”

“Like goes to like”

Life now becomes a positive energy feedback loop, because you realize the more you give the more you get. You send good energy and you get good energy back. You send love and you get love back. You’re happy to help others because the more you do the better you feel. That’s the beauty of expressing your gratitude to the Universe – it always reciprocates by giving you even more gifts!

Level 4 – Living in Harmony

Here your whole life is “in the zone.” You see the big picture all the time and nothing ruffles your feathers. The affirmation for this level:

I am at peace with the Universe and accept it as it is. I live in tranquility and harmony with the world around me.

Here are some terms that characterize life in the Living in Harmony level:





Emotional calm





Expanded experience

See the big picture

Balance, proportion, appropriateness

Self-discipline & mastery



Realistic objectivity

When your energy is vibrating at this level you’re guided by equanimity and are at peace with the world and all beings within it. You realize all is as it should be, and you accept life’s trials and tribulations because they are part of this “all” too. It doesn’t mean that your life is perfect, but that doesn’t matter because you accept that everything that happens is always for the highest good – whether you can see it at the time or not.

Level 5 – Wisdom & Knowing

At this level you become what’s often called a sage. You acquire knowledge not for the sake of knowledge, but to nourish your wisdom. Here is the affirmation for this level:

I am committed to truth and to moving beyond mind and emotion. I use my intellect to pursue wisdom and not simply knowledge.

Here are some terms that characterize life in the Wisdom & Knowing level:







Intelligence & rationality

Linear & factual

Classification oriented

Commitment to truth

Subjugation of emotions by reason

Spiritual truth

Moving from thinking to knowing


At this level you’re somewhat cerebral, but only because you’re developing your wisdom and inner knowing. And inner knowing is much different than factual knowledge, because although guided by facts, it’s based on the big picture and includes spiritual aspects as well as material ones. You approach life and make decisions based on intuition and the input of your higher self, not on emotions and your ego. This is a level that can be difficult to transcend for the left-brainers of the world, but it can certainly be done.

Now please bear in mind the energy levels we’re discussing aren’t fixed boxes you inhabit based on your personal energy level. Your energy shifts over time – day to day and year to year – and you will exhibit and experience characteristics of many different levels during your life.

The important thing is to work on a gradual increase in the vibration of your energy as you grow – in age and in spiritual evolution.

In our next Energy Talk you’ll learn about the highest levels of energy that humans can attain. Not many of us live permanently in these levels, but you’ll find lots of fuel for contemplation and inspiration in your journey. Stay tuned…

Till next time, 

Chief Energy Guru

*Special acknowledgement and appreciation to Dr. David R. Hawkins, pioneer of energy and consciousness research, who developed the levels of consciousness approach to spiritual evolution.