Living From Your Heart

by Marty Grosjean

Living from your heart energy talk

One of the challenges we face in harmonizing our energy for a life of peace and fulfillment is that our modern world is so focused on the mind. We’re all about science, technology, work, social media, the chaos in the world – all of the stuff that's “out there.”  Whereas spiritual masters tell us true happiness is found “in here.”

And where is “in here?” In your heart, of course.

We’re not talking about your physical heart, we’re talking about your energetic heart. Also known as your soul or your spirit. The place where your being connects with Life Force Energy. The place where you connect with others and with the world as it truly is. And the place where you live in the present, not in the past or the future.

Living in the heart and living in the mind are two very different experiences. When you live in the mind your ego is running the show. That means a constant stream of random thoughts, one after the other, jumping around with a life of their own. The ego likes drama, it likes worrying, it likes planning, it likes to pretend it’s in control. Which leads to a lot of angst and stress – not what you want if you’re after peace and happiness.

The reality is the ego isn’t in control. As we talk about so much, your life manifests from energy. The energy of the Universe – aka Life Force Energy – interacting with your personal energy. That’s where the real action happens. And if you learn to accept and embrace this truth, you can influence the direction of your life, and better yet, relax and be joyful while doing so!

How? By living from your heart rather than your mind.

Your heart doesn’t analyze things, it doesn’t stress over the future, ruminate about the past, and it doesn’t judge and form opinions. Your heart just knows. This knowing is also called your intuition or your gut feeling.

We’ve all tried to ignore that knowing from the heart and listen instead to the loud proclamations of the mind – and we’ve all seen how it doesn’t turn out so well. All the analysis and all the planning and all the stress, and then the disappointment, which of course leads to even more stress…

Try this: practice living from your heart for a while and see how it goes. 

Surrender and trust.

Tell the Universe that you will accept whatever it brings, knowing it only brings you what's in your highest good. If your mind tells you something that happens to you is bad, acknowledge it and then listen to your heart reminding you of higher truths; that you are safe, loved, and in good hands. Yes, bad things happen but when looked at through the eyes of our heart, we can trust that all things work together for good - even if we can't quite see it right now.

Connect to Life Force Energy.

Be intentional about resonating with it. You can easily resonate with the loving energy of the Universe when you imagine your love for your spouse, child, or pet. Get still and let the feelings of love be felt. Then focus on bringing more of that love into your life. Love for yourself, love for others, love for animals and nature, and gratitude for all that you have.

    It’s totally fine to wish for certain things to happen in your life. When your desires arise from your heart, you can truly influence what manifests for you. That doesn’t mean asking the Universe to give you that certain job you saw advertised, it means asking for a job that will make you happy and content and serve the highest good. It doesn’t mean asking the Universe to have Joe or Jane ask you out, it means asking for a relationship that will bring you connection and fulfillment and serve the highest good.

    Did you notice the part about the highest good? That’s very important. Because your mind doesn’t generally know what’s in your highest good, but your heart does. And the Universe will always bring what’s in your highest good anyway, so you might as well focus your intentions on that, and then you’ll never be disappointed.

    Living from the heart is easier if you bring some stillness into your life. A meditation practice is good for that, or just some simple practices to stop and connect with Life Force Energy occasionally during your day (see our Guru Tips series for some ideas on that). Stillness helps to calm the nervous system which allows your mind to feel safe enough to calm down, too. Stillness is essential for living from the heart – otherwise your inner knowing will be drowned out by the ego.

    Try it, you’ll like it! Living from the heart will change your life. And it brings a lot of joy with it, too.

    Till next time,

    Chief Energy Guru

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