This is your next must-watch movie!

by Angela Swanson

The Way of Miracles Movie

Have you ever wondered if your energy can help you heal? Prepare to be inspiried by The Way of Miracles.

I loved this thought-provoking film! It explores our “Inner Healer” and how we have within us the power to transform our health and wellbeing - through energy.

To some, healing through energy may sound far-fetched, but more and more scientists and doctors are realizing that energy is not only a real force in the Universe, but also at work within each individual. Those who accept and embrace energy as a healing force are doing what traditional medicine often fails to do - healing themselves and helping others heal, too.

The real-life stories in the movie are compelling! And the interviews with a lineup of doctors is impressive. I was deeply moved hearing how regular people (like me and you) have improved the quality and vibrancy of their lives in profound ways by working with the energetic properties of food, thoughts, and emotions.

There’s never been a better time to explore energy as a way to healing! Check out the movie website here and find viewing options.

Till next time,

Chief Energy Fairy