Natural vs. Artificial Intelligence

by Marty Grosjean

Energy Talk Blog about artificial intelligence and natural intelligence

AI – artificial intelligence – is all the rage these days. Everything is moving to AI. Get with AI or you’ll miss the boat. AI will change your life. AI is the wave of the future. And so on…

All the hubbub was accelerated by the launch of the website/app called ChatGPT. This is a “chatbot” where you type questions or requests and it answers them in a very human like way – it can even generate essays, articles, and poetry. It’s based on hundreds of gigabytes of data and some very clever algorithms that supposedly learn as they're used – hence the term “intelligence.”

Well, it’s all pretty nifty and it can perform some fun pony tricks. But will it change your life? Do you really need to get with AI or miss the boat?

At Life Harmony Energies we have some other ideas about what can really change your life. And we call it Natural Intelligence.

Energy & the Material World

You see there are two levels to life - the material world and the energy world. The material world is the shallow picture of reality that your senses perceive and that most of us live in all the time. The energy world is the underlying basis of reality and manifests the material world. Energy is the cause, material is the effect.

That, of course, is what we preach about all the time. If you really want to change your life, you need to work at the energetic level. You can spend a lot of effort making nice little castles in the sandbox, but when the Universe decides it’s time for an earthquake, it’s all for nothing. Work with the Universe – and more specifically the Life Force Energy from which it manifests – and you can tap into the power that drives it all.

Artificial is the Key Word

So yes, artificial intelligence is nifty, but “artificial” says what it means: “made by humans, especially in imitation of something natural,” “not arising from natural or necessary causes; contrived or arbitrary.” In other words, it is not intelligence. AI is humans trying to fake intelligence with a machine. It's using a computer to build easy peasy castles in the sandbox.

But real intelligence is human. And real intelligence cannot be faked. Real intelligence emerges from the mysterious beauty of the human mind, which in turn emerges from Life Force Energy. And when you mix intelligence with the power of good energy, you get wisdom. And wisdom is something very valuable, something you can really use to change your life for the better.

Natural Intelligence is the Real Thing

So, the real wave of the future is called Natural Intelligence. NI emerges straight from the Universe, the underlying cause of it all. NI is energy. And as an energetic being you can tap into the power of NI and make your life into something truly amazing.

Yes, there is sooo much power in Natural Intelligence. All the power of Life Force Energy. It's the driving force of every single thing in the world, every experience you have, everything in your life. Imagine harnessing that much power. It’s not nearly as hard as it sounds.

Tapping into Natural Intelligence

The key to tapping into NI is to connect with Life Force Energy. We talk a lot about how you can do that in our Blog and Energy Talks. We won’t repeat that all here, but please read through them if you haven’t. 

It’s important to know that when you connect with Life Force Energy, your personal energy becomes more positive and your life gets better. That’s because you’re connecting with the natural intelligence of the Universe. And that’s the real thing intelligence!

Think about how intelligent the Universe is. It can grow a beautiful tree, which is totally unique, unlike any other tree, that changes gracefully through the seasons in utter serenity. And it creates bazillions of them!

It can create a puppy with all its joy. It can create a mountain range with all its splendor and magnificence. It can create stars a bazillion light years away to twinkle in the sky – and a bazillion galaxies full of these stars we can’t even begin to wrap our heads around.

And of course Natural Intelligence can create a human being. Wow! A little hanky panky and nine months later you have a human!? How amazing is that? And how amazing is the human body, with bazillions of cells and electrical signals. And the mind, and emotions, and consciousness…

Yes, this is real intelligence. Compared to this, AI is like a child’s toy. It kind of resembles the real thing, but it’s just a toy. It doesn’t really do anything. It’s just entertainment. And in the grand scheme of the Universe it is meaningless.

But in the grand scheme of the Universe you are meaningful. Yes, your body takes up an infinitesimally small space in it, but the real you – your energy – is connected to and inseparable from the entire Universe. Your every thought and action have consequences that reverberate through the ultimate field of energy called Life Force Energy. 

That’s exactly how it works. Life Force Energy is nothing but waves of subtle energy interacting with each other that emanate from the infinite number of beings in the Universe. And this energy operates on different levels, good and bad, from angelic to evil. And you get to decide which level of energy you interact with.

Fill your life with good energy and tune into the frequency of love, and your life will be magical. Fill your life with bad energy and… well, life will not be so fun. So choose which level you want to operate at. It’s a pretty easy decision. 

Get with Good Energy 

Everything has energy – the places you spend time, the food you eat, the people you hang with, the shows you watch, the books you read… And of course you have energy. When you improve the energy of all these external influences in your life, it also improves your internal energy.

Here at Life Harmony Energies we specialize in helping you improve the energy of you and your world. Our products are powered by Natural Intelligence. We take NI from the Universe and we put into our products as energy information. And that energy emanates from the products and into your body, your food, your home, your water, etc.

We can’t guarantee your life will be angelic, but we can sure make it easier for you. You must think about energy at all levels of your life – physical, environmental, emotional, and most of all, spiritual. Use all the tools and all the practices you can. It all adds up. Try it and watch what happens. You will be very happy you did.

Till next time,

Chief Energy Guru

P.S.  We’re working on a new NI app called KnowingLFE. You put a thought into it and you listen to the intuition from your higher self and it gives you an inner knowing to guide you through life. Okay, kidding. It’s not an app. It’s how you already work.