Take Charge of Your Life's Algorithm

by Martin Grosjean

Take Charge of Your Life's Algorithm

Believe it or not, your life is a lot like your social media feed. You’ve undoubtedly heard the term “algorithm” used to describe the way social media platforms record what you watch and what you engage with and then gradually adjust what they show you so you get more of the same. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter – and the grand master of them all TikTok – they all do it. Their algorithms are complex computer programs that are trying to get you to spend more time buried in your feed and, ideally, clicking on their advertisements. And they’re really good at it, judging by the amount of time people spend using them.

Try comparing your feed with your Aunt Maisy’s sometime. Yours is all about what you like, what your friends like, and what people like you like. Aunt Maisy’s is all about what she likes: knitting, her church, Siamese cats, and of course the bingo app she’s addicted to. Same social media platform, but totally different content. You engage with your stuff and she engages with hers, and your experiences are completely unique.

Your life's algorithm is energy.

Well guess what? Your life works the same way. In your life, however, the algorithm is energy. Yes, the mysterious Life Force Energy we talk about so much is a lot like the social media algorithms – only infinitely more complex and, most especially, magical.

In our Guru Tips email series we talk about the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is a fundamental rule in the world of energy that says, in short, what you hold in your thoughts and emotions shapes your energy. And since your life manifests from your energy, what it ultimately means is your thoughts and emotions directly influence what happens in your life.

Where your attention goes your energy flows. What unfolds in your mind is what makes you who you are.

This is an absolute truth, and it can of course work for you or against you. If you harbor negative thoughts and let fear and angst rule your emotions, your life will be accordingly bleak and frightful. If you focus on positive thoughts and fill your heart with love and appreciation, your life will be light and joyful. You get to choose. It doesn’t seem like a hard choice, does it?

The key to making a better choice is awareness.

If you let your thoughts and feelings run amok they’re going to flow in a direction dictated by events in your past, by your environment, and by your existing energy state (some of which you brought into this life with you as karma). For some, those may lead to a happy life, but for most of us in this day and age they’ll tend to flow downhill into a state of negative energy. There is and always has been a lot of negativity in the world, and if you don’t actively work to avoid it then it will seep into your thoughts and emotions.

The way to actively work on it is with your awareness. That means stepping back and observing what’s happening in your thoughts and feelings. Try to take a detached, neutral position and watch what’s going on there. Try not to get involved with it, not to let it suck you in, but just observe it. You can start by doing it from time to time throughout your day, but ultimately you want to turn it into a habit so awareness becomes part of your existence.

Once you become aware of what’s happening in your thoughts and emotions you have the power to change it. And as you get started, there will likely be much that you want to change. And how do you do that? By replacing the negative with the positive.

Here's how to feed your algorithm with good energy:

Stay centered within.

First and foremost, acknowledge that whatever happens outside of you is ultimately not relevant to you. Negative events in the world, negative people around you, and negative energy you’re exposed to need not influence your energy. If you keep your energy positive, all the negativity will hit a brick wall when it encounters you.

Don't attach yourself to the negative.

Likewise acknowledge that anything negative that’s happened in the past is gone forever. The only thing that can keep it around is your attention. Take your attention away, and it’s nothing but a lesson the Universe gifted to you and you’re beyond it forever.

Look for the positive.

Remember there is much, much more love, beauty, and positive energy in the Universe than there is negativity. The negativity gets the headlines – especially in social media – but when you look at the miraculousness of your life, all the beauty in the world, and all the wonderful gifts you have, it’s easy to see that the positive trumps the negative by a zillion to one. Just look for it, you’ll find it…

Envision joy.

Think of your loved ones, of babies and puppies, of the serenity of a beach or a forest, of the many joyful moments you’ve experienced – and of course the many joyful moments you’re going to experience. Now that you control your algorithm you get to shape your life exactly how you want it to be.

Remember who you really are.

And finally, remember that you are a manifestation of Life Force Energy. And Life Force Energy is all about unconditional love. It’s always working for you, always showering you with opportunities and gifts. Fill yourself with love and send it into the Universe, and it will come back to you in spades. Love yourself and love all others (who are also manifested from Life Force Energy). Tell the Universe how grateful you are, tell it how you want your life to unfold, and tell it you want only what’s in the highest good. It will listen, and it will deliver.

So go to it. Take control of your life’s algorithm. Fill yourself with the positive, and watch the magic unfold. For unlike a computer program, life can be full of magic. Bada bing bada boom!

Till next time,

Chief Energy Guru