The 2 Biggest Wasters of Good Energy (Pt. 2)

by Marty Grosjean

Energy Talk Blog Biggest Wasters of Your Energy Pt. 2

In our last installment we mentioned there are a couple of traps to be aware of that will quickly suck away your good energy and we dove into the first of those – living for the future. Both of these traps are super common and we’re  all influenced by them to a certain extent. But by understanding them, and most importantly by being mindful of them, you can drastically minimize their impact on your life. So now let’s look at the second one…

Energy Waster #2 – Living in the Past

Yep, this trap too is caused by not living in the present moment. Only in the other direction. This is one we’re all influenced by, because let’s face it, all of us have done something or had something happen to us we wish hadn’t occurred. That is part of life. For every single person on this planet.

It’s so easy to dwell on these less pleasant past events, wondering what you could have done differently or how life would be if they hadn’t happened. And of course your ego/mind just loves to ruminate on them. It loves to be the victim. It loves to blame you for ruining things by not acting differently. This gives it something to do, because the ego/mind is programmed to spew a non-stop thought stream that keeps you distracted.

The problem is that a non-stop thought stream takes you out of the present moment, and as we mentioned in the last installment, good energy only happens in the present moment. So if you’re not in the here and now, then you can’t receive all the good energy that surrounds you. And you are surrounded by good energy, because it’s everywhere. You just have to put yourself in the right state of mind to receive it.

So, how do you overcome the ego/mind’s incessant dwelling on negative events in your past? 

Here are some tips:

First be mindful of what is going through your mind so you can recognize that it's happening.

You can’t try to change something you don’t even know exists. Practice stopping and observing your thought stream from time to time throughout the day. This works for living in the future too, or any unpleasant thoughts you may be having. First see them and acknowledge them.

Once you notice these thoughts of past events streaming in, remind yourself they are in fact in the past.

There’s nothing you can do to change them. Reliving them only gives them more energy, and it’s not good energy. As unpleasant as the past events may be, you must accept them as they are, and resolve to let them go because it’s not serving you to dwell on them.

Then... surrender.

The always important concept of surrender plays a big role here as well. You must surrender to Life Force Energy and recognize that past events came into your life for a reason. Nothing happens by accident in the Universe. Believe it or not the unpleasant events in your life serve you just as much as the pleasant ones. The unpleasant ones tend to be either or both:

  • A lesson to be learned. You acted in a way that wasn’t in the Highest Good, and you suffered as a result. This is an opportunity to acknowledge and learn so it doesn’t happen again. This is how you grow. And you are here to grow.
  • A challenge to be overcome. Perhaps the unpleasant event happened to you, it wasn’t something that you “did.”  This would be the Universe presenting you with a challenge to deal with, something to help put you in touch with your emotions and test your spiritual resilience. Letting go of and moving beyond a negative event is one of the best ways to grow. And you are here to grow.

 So yes, once again surrender is the key. And a big part of surrender is trust. You must trust that Life Force Energy brings you only what serves you – both pleasant and unpleasant. And if you can learn to surrender and trust, and therefore keep your mind free of the negative energy from negative past events, you will find your energy getting more positive.

And guess what? As your energy gets more positive you find you have more pleasant and fewer unpleasant events occurring in your life. Yep, that’s how energy works. If you surrender and learn your lessons and overcome your challenges, your energy goes up and your life gets better.

As you age this tends to become more clear. You can look back at some of the apparently negative events in your life and see how they ultimately led you to a better place. Age brings wisdom, and wisdom is recognizing that if you live a virtuous life as a kind person spreading good energy as you go, your life just keeps getting better. And part of how this happens is all the lessons and challenges you faced.

It’s clear that the key is to live in the present, and not the future or the past. Be grateful for what you have, surrender to Life Force Energy and let it work out the details. Accept the bad with the good. And recognize the Universe is on your side. It’s always working for you, trying to help you increase your energy. Clear your mind, live in the present, and let the good energy happen to you…

Till next time,

Chief Energy Guru