The Magic of Surrender

by Martin Grosjean

Energy Talk, The Magic of Surrender, How to Let Go and Be Free

How to let go of control and be carefree.

We hear a lot about the concept of surrender in the world of spirituality, but it can be a tough concept to grasp, and an even tougher one to implement in your life. So let’s take a look at how the idea of surrender works in the world of energy and how it can powerfully transform your life.

As the word implies, surrender is really about giving up. In this case, it’s about giving up control of your life, and handing it all over to a “higher power.” In the realm of energy this means surrendering to Life Force Energy from which all things manifest, including yourself. It involves complete trust. Trust that the Universe will always bring you everything you need. And trust that the Universe knows what you need – even more than you do!

The beauty of surrender is that it’s totally freeing. When fully embraced it frees you from everything that could possibly make your life unpleasant. Once you surrender to the power of Life Force Energy you’re free from worries, from fear, from endless desires, from planning for the future. Yes, truly, from everything causing you angst and stress today.

Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? Being completely confident everything happening in your life is for your highest good? So you can literally stop brooding and preparing and anticipating and fretting? Wow! 

Here’s how it’s done:

Align Your Energy with Life Force Energy

The first critical step in surrender is ensuring your energy – meaning your thoughts and actions – are aligned with the positive energy of the Universe. And the good news is, it’s pretty easy. In fact you’re probably mostly there already.

As we often talk about here at Life Harmony Energies, the current of Life Force Energy is love. So if you fill yourself with love – for yourself, for others, and for life in general – you’re automatically aligned. This means of course thinking about more than just yourself. You must also consider the highest good for all beings in the Universe.

If you accept the fact that you and all things manifest from Life Force Energy, and everything in the Universe is connected, then it’s not hard to do. You would never want to send negative energy to other beings anyway, because that’s the same as sending negative energy to yourself. If you emanate love, love comes back to you. Who wouldn’t want that?

One important thing to remember is this includes your thoughts as well as your actions. You can’t walk around with a smile on your face acting the part of a good person while thinking negative thoughts, passing judgment on others, or otherwise leaving bad energy floating around in your mind. You must completely embrace the fact that the Universe is inherently a good place, and therefore all beings manifested within it are inherently good as well.

Accept All That Comes

Once you’ve aligned your energy with the highest good of the Universe, you’re ready to surrender. It’s a leap of faith for sure, and it doesn’t come naturally to most of us. But the great news is once you’ve started, it doesn’t take long to realize it works just as advertised.

As you move through your life filled with positive energy and sending it out to others whenever you can, you very quickly start to notice positive transformations manifesting for you. And the most amazing part is all the wonderful things happening to you seem to occur automatically, completely out of nowhere. They’re not things you had to work to manifest and oftentimes they’re things you never thought possible.

Of course this doesn’t mean you’ll never have a seemingly negative event happen to you. But the key here is “seemingly.” What appears to be a negative experience is always – and that means always – ultimately in your highest good. The Universe is constantly acting in your best interest despite how hard it is to fathom at times.

This is where trust becomes critical. You have to completely trust that what’s happening is for your highest good. At the moment it can be challenging, but if you step back and remind yourself to have faith because you’ve seen this at work in your life before, then you can relax and accept whatever comes. And eventually you’ll be able to look back on any seemingly negative event in your life and see the truth of this concept.

And as we mentioned earlier, the Universe actually knows more about what you need than you do. In the swirl of daily activity and emotions it’s easy to get distracted by superficial or material things. Or led down a path that appears to be the right one, but ultimately isn’t in your highest good. But if you’ve surrendered to Life Force Energy it’s going to automagically correct your path whenever you stray, ever leading you in the right direction. You can truly, completely relax and let your life unfold…

And that’s all there is to it. Align your energy, take a leap of faith, and watch the magic start happening in your life – and you’ve surrendered! Leave it all up to Life Force Energy, trusting and knowing that it’s going to take care of you. And as all the surprising and wonderful things start to manifest in your life, it becomes ever easier to shout (to yourself 😊) – “Yes, I surrender!”