The Most Important Love

by Marty Grosjean

energy talk the most important love is loving yourself

Valentine’s Day has come and gone again. Maybe you celebrated it with your significant other, maybe it was just another day. It’s a holiday that was likely popularized by the flower industry anyway, so whatever you make of it is what it is – super special or kind of meh...

But in this Energy Talk we want to discuss the most important kind of love – love for yourself. In the world of energy, holding basic self love is essential for vibrating at a higher level and manifesting desirable outcomes in your life. Without it you will find it impossible to achieve harmony within, and without harmony within you will not be able to manifest harmony in your life.

What Love for Yourself Is Not

First let’s be clear about what self love is not. It is not selfishness. It’s definitely not narcissism. It’s not about putting yourself at the center of the Universe. It’s not necessarily even about putting yourself first all the time. So self love does not equal self centered.

Quite the opposite in fact. If you are self centered then your energy is going to be a mess. Why? Because selfishness implies a separation between you and others and between you and the rest of the Universe. It generally manifests as a “me versus everything outside of me” perspective. And since your energy is totally connected with everyone else and everything else in the Universe, cutting yourself off is not energetically healthy.

So the first step in developing a healthy self love is to recognize that you are not an island. You are a manifestation of Life Force Energy, as is everything in the Universe. Cultivating love for yourself depends upon an awareness that you are connected. You’re connected to your friends and family, connected to the strangers that you encounter every day, and you’re connected to animals and plants and all beings.

This means you must treat all others with respect – and ideally with love. But what does it mean to love a friend, or even a stranger? It means acting with loving-kindness. It means not judging. Not judging is very important. Feelings of superiority or inferiority are always going to wreck your energy. Accepting each for who they are and recognizing the Life Force Energy within them is always going to raise your energy.

What Love for Yourself Is

Acceptance is what self love is really all about. Especially accepting who you are at this very moment. Recognizing that you are a perfect manifestation of who you are meant to be – complete with blemishes and faults, and with gifts and strengths. We all have all of these. This is very important – we all have both challenges and triumphs, both warts and beauty. There are no exceptions in the Universe, everyone you ever see has them all.

Your challenge is to accept the blemishes and faults and recognize that they’re here for you to overcome, and to rejoice in your gifts and strengths and use them in their full capacity to bring joy into your life. Both the seemingly negative and the seemingly positive provide opportunities for you to grow. And growing is why you are here. Some would even say a lack of challenges in your life is a disadvantage, because overcoming a challenge is a sure way to increase the vibration of your energy to a higher level. Which again, is why you are here.

Yes, acceptance is the key. Other things that are important to accept are:

Everything that’s happened in your life serves a purpose.

The seemingly negative events in your past helped to make you who you are and bring you to where you are. The Universe is not a random series of events where some are lucky and some are unlucky. The Universe brings you what you need on your journey. Maybe you were paying back some karma, maybe it was a lesson you needed to learn. Just be patient, because the reasons for all the challenges you have faced will most likely all become apparent eventually.

You are not the doer, Life Force Energy is.

There’s no point in obsessive planning or worrying about the future, which wastes your energy. Surrender to Life Force Energy and realize it will bring you what you need, when you need it. Often not when or how you would expect it, but it will come. If your energy is in harmony with the Universe, it will manifest a magical life for you.

Focusing on what’s wrong will not serve you.

There’s plenty of negativity in the world, and probably some in your past. Obsessing and ruminating on anything negative will only create more negative energy in your life. Accept the world as it is and your past as it has unfolded. The Universe has it all under control and again, it’s not a random place. It’s all happening because it’s supposed to. Accept that if you align yourself with the good and the positive in the Universe, the Universe will bring you the good and the positive. Put your focus there because where your attention goes, energy flows!

So love yourself fully. In a healthy, unselfish way. Embrace who you are and embrace others for who they are. Accept your challenges and look for opportunities to overcome and grow from them. And whatever you do, focus on all the good in your life and in the Universe. It’s there in plain sight. Pay attention and rejoice in it. And your energy will grow brighter and higher every day…

Till next time,

Chief Energy Guru